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Aytaj Hasanova 15 September 2020 727 views 4 min. read

The States has many reasons to attract people’s attention, one of which is the secret areas with limited access. These hidden treasures cover a wide area, from Los Angeles and New York to some US states and even to Dallas and Seattle. Over the years, many theories were put forward about these places, and many are interested in similar questions. Why is access limited to these areas, even with hardly-earned US visas? What is there to hide so seriously? The government’s inadequate and contradictory answers to water questions did not satisfy the people, and they began to formulate different theories using various arguments. So, I decided to tell you about the top secret places in US.

10. Marshall Islands

bikini atol

Although Chernobyl is the biggest nuclear disaster in the history of the world, there are other regions where atomic tests have been conducted, and radiation levels are higher. The Marshall Islands used by the States for years as a base for nuclear tests is one of them. Although more than 60 years have passed since the last tests, a study by Columbia University in the United States found that the amount of radiation in some parts of the Marshall Islands was higher than in Chernobyl. Therefore, access to the island is prohibited.

9. Niihau Island

niihau island

There are many rumors about the secrets of Niihau island, where only the locals live. In fact, there are some endangered species, and that only 170 people live here. There are no sewage systems, electricity, shops, and restaurants on the island. Horses and bicycles are used for transportation, and they also use solar energy. The food is brought by boat from another island. Today, only authorized people having an invitation from the locals can visit the island. Although partial helicopter travel is allowed, it is strictly forbidden to approach or land on the island.

8. Fort Knox

fort knox

Fort Knox is probably the best-protected place in the United States and even in the world. Located in Kentucky behind the 22 tons of steel gates, Fort Knox is home to America’s gold reserves and historical monuments. There are rumors that it contains valuable historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carta. Famous writer Dan Brown’s book Da Vinci Code also tells a lot about it.

7. Bohemian Grove

Located is located 70 km from San Francisco, this club, which has been operating for 150 years, covers an area of 2,700 hectares. Since the US government forces protect the men’s club, access to it is almost impossible. They have temples in each state in the United States, and its symbol is a bird. About a thousand US officials regularly gather here and in other temples and hold secret ceremonies. Former US Presidents George Bush, George W. Bush and Henry Kissinger, General Collin Powel, Newt Gingrich, DOW owner Frank Popoff, and many celebrities have been members of this club.

6. NSA

national security agency

Some windowless skyscrapers in many US states belong to the country’s intelligence agencies. These buildings, like the castle built on November 4, 1952, are resilient to natural disasters. They track the phone, internet, and e-mail to gather information. Although it is not the exact number, they have approximately 30,000 employees. Today, the National Security Agency can access almost 100,000 computers around the world and install its spyware. The NSA software can access Russian military computer networks and systems used by Mexican police and drug cartels, EU trade organizations, and US allies such as Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan.

5. North Brother Island

North Brother Island

is one of the famous and secret places in the United States. The island, located near LaGuardia Airport, is currently abandoned. In 1885, a large hospital called Riverside, where the most dangerous and infectious patients were kept, was built on the island. For years, unauthorized access to the island was prohibited. Although the hospital operated until the 1930s, it was later closed. Later in 1963, it became a drug rehabilitation center for drug addicts. Some believed that the island is full of the ghosts of the sick people who once were here. So, it is horrifying to visit this place. It is alleged that the island inspired the famous Shutter Iceland film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

4. Club 33

Located in California, Club 33 is a private lounge where only selected members have access. You need to get a special invitation to join the club, and for this invitation, you need to have your person inside. The request is not enough for joining the club, and you have to pay $ 100,000 for admission. It is noteworthy to mention that you have to pay $ 30,000 annually to maintain your membership. The club was founded in 1967 as a place to receive celebrities, business people, and investors. Nowadays, what is happening in the club remains a mystery.

3. Mount Weather

The secret underground military base at the foot of the mountain may remind you of James Bond movies. Located 74 km from Washington, DC, at the foot of Mount Blue Ridge, the Mount Weather Center is known as the site of a government emergency operation. It was established for defense purposes after launching the Sputnik satellite by Soviet Russia in 1958. Even if you are the largest bureaucrat in the United States, you cannot access this center. The center is an underground and ground residential area for high-ranking officials to use in a major disaster.

2. Dulce

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The population of this small town is about 2,600 people. It is claimed for many years that the city has many weird secrets. According to some people, the city has an underground facility where high biological technologies are developed. Others consider that not only biological techniques but also various researches are being carried out before the creation of a human clone.

1. Area 51

warning signs

Are you wondering where is Area 51, or why is everyone talking about area 51? Well, Area 51 is one of the top secret places in US. The area is located in Nevada, near Lake Groom, 153 km north of Las Vegas. There is no official information about the existence of the area, and access is prohibited. A local group, Cammo Dudes, provides security. If anyone approaches the area, this group warns them to leave the area. Failure to comply with the warning will result in a fine. If those who enter the area go further, they will be killed. There are several views about the region. According to some reports, planes and enemy weapons are being investigated, and new aircraft are being tested. However, according to some, the area is used for the study of other things. According to many UFO experts, aliens’ bodies are preserved in this region with a UFO, which fell in the 1960s. According to these experts, the US government is currently researching aliens in the area. 7 out of 10 people in the States believe that there are UFOs in Area 51. The US government has not commented on the area for years. Isn't it worth getting a US visa to experience top secret places in the US?

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