Azerbaijan flag in favela

Baba Aghayev 01 July 2019 1173 views 1 min. read
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What is a favela? A favela is a type of low-income slum neighbourhood in Brazil that has experienced historical governmental neglect as well.

When I travel to Brazil in 2013 for the project, I took the flag of Azerbaijan. The father in the host family which I was staying saw the flag on the last days and told me to give the flag to them as a gift. I asked what they will do with the flag and explained to them that I take the flag everywhere I travel to. The man said to me: “You can find this flag in Azerbaijan very easily. Would not you like the flag of Azerbaijan to be hung in on the favela in Juiz de Fora, an unknown city in Brazil away from Azerbaijan for two continents and ocean? And each time when the guest will come, they will ask about the flag, and we will tell about the country called Azerbaijan."

 I gave the flag.

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