Brazil Permanent Visa

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Brazil Permanent Visa
challenging places to visit for explorers with its dense amazon forests and sharp-running rivers. However, thanks to the innovations from the last century visiting this beautiful country has never been this easy, but that does not mean that now visitors have absolutely no challenges during their visit. First of all, before we go any further with struggles, let us see why Brazil has turned into one of the top destinations. Brazil takes about half of the continent to its area by being the biggest country in South America, with large swaths of a jungle teeming with rare flora and animals. Brazil's imperial architecture and language all bear a significant Portuguese influence. Also, worth mentioning that Brazil is a fascinating destination because of its immensity and diversity of scenery. Brazil is the country of Carnival, a celebration that runs inside of blood of almost every single city and every soul.  Now that I tried my best to convince you to travel to Brazil, we can move to the main part of the article, where we will find answers to questions like “How to get Brazil visa?” and “How much is Brazil visa?”. Before you travel to Brazil, one of the most important tasks is to check if citizens of your home country are required to obtain a visa or not. You can check this on our website. For example, EU and USA citizens are no exception when it comes to visa-free entrance to Brazil. In particular, people from more than 93 countries do not need a visa if they intend to remain in Brazil for less than 90 days. We would not be lying if we say that there is no such thing as a Brazil visa for US citizens. However, except for these countries that are shown on the list, other nationalities need an entrance visa. Surprisingly enough, depending on the travel intent, the Brazilian government issues 14 different forms of visas. 

How to get Brazil visa?

flag of brazil One of the most recent and highly in demand types of visa is the Brazil e-visa. In November 2017, the Tourist Brazil e-visa was launched as an electronic visa to make visa approval easier for residents of qualifying countries who wished to visit Brazil for tourism. The online application for a Brazil visa has completely replaced the need to visit a Brazilian Embassy or Consulate. The online tourist visa application for Brazil used to take just a few minutes to complete. The e-visa for Brazil was valid for a variety of travel purposes, including tourism, education, and journalism, for example. Applicants were asked to fill out some personal and passport details as well as answer a few simple questions about security and health in order to complete the Brazil visa application form. Travellers from the four nations that were formerly qualifying for e-visa Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United States of America have been included on Brazil's visa waiver list since the Brazil e-visa was withdrawn in 2019. In short, we can conclude that a Brazil visa for US citizens used to consist of an e-visa procedure; however, currently, Americans can travel to Brazil with absolutely no visa if they are visiting Brazil for tourism or transit and have no intention of settling there. 

What are the Brazil visa requirements?

application form brazil First of all, to enter Brazil, all travellers must have both a passport and a tourist visa. A passport is valid for six months after the date of your entrance to Brazil. Also, do not forget that your passport must have at least two blank pages. A passport-style frame, front view with a full profile, 3.5x4.5 cm. Original signature is required on the Brazil visa application form to be presented to the consulate. Most importantly, a photocopy of your roundtrip fare, flight itinerary, or a signed letter from a travel agent with approved roundtrip bookings, which we provide you with, or evidence of your willingness to pay for your stay in Brazil, which we provide you with. Also, bear in your mind that a written consent letter signed by parents or legal guardians is needed if the applicant is under the age of 18. However, how much is Brazil visa? The cost of a visa to visit Brazil ranges from 90 to 210 dollars. However, of course, the fee can differ depending on your nationality or the country where you submit your application. A Brazil tourist visa takes 3-20 calendar days to process on average. It is dependent on the country from which you are applying for a visa.

Brazil permanent resident visa

computer and a passport Now that we have information about the most common Brazil visa types let us move to the main topic of our article, Brazil permanent resident visa. External citizens who wish to remain in Brazil for more than two years and are married to a Brazilian citizen or permanent resident, elderly people who earn a monthly pension, eligible employers or teachers, scientists or academics, or managers, businessmen, or directors of companies based in the free trade zone can be given the permanent visa which is also known as VIPER. Brazil permanent resident visa is also a great way to obtain Brazilian citizenship. A resident who has been on a permanent visa for four years may apply for citizenship. Citizenship will be given if a citizen has lived in the country continuously and can show links to the country, and have suitable Portuguese skills and understanding of the culture and history of the country. So Brazil visa requirements are as following: The applicant must fill out, date, and sign the application form. Passport must be valid for at least six months after the duration of your planned stay in Brazil, with at least two blank pages are needed. A recent colour photograph with a white backdrop measuring 3.5x4.5 cm is also one of the main requirements for the visa. A purpose of a family reunion is the first reason why people are expected to apply for this visa. Foreigners who wish to live in Brazil permanently and who are legal dependents of a Brazilian citizen aged 18 or older can apply under the family reunion group. This category also allows non-citizens who are permanent residents of Brazil to sponsor a family member. The ID for foreigners released by the Ministry of Justice is the most basic document required. Meanwhile, the other two main documents are under the penalty of the constitution; all spouses or partners must make a joint agreement on the continuation of their successful union and coexistence. The statement that the caller lives or may live in Brazil, under penalty of law. Foreign spouses of Brazilian nationals or permanent residents must present some specific documents to the Consulate or Embassy in order to qualify for a permanent visa. Original passport, valid for at least two years and with at least two blank pages. For the online application, a signed receipt is needed, which is also known as Visa Request Form Receipt - RER. One competent 2x2 picture of the face on an off-white or white backdrop, as well as a police clearance certificate. A legalized overseas marriage certificate or an original and authorized true copy of a Brazilian marriage certificate.  However, how to get Brazil visa for descendants of a Brazilian citizen? Under the family reunion group, descendants of a Brazilian citizen or permanent resident under the age of 18 or who are incapable of supporting themselves may apply for a permanent visa. The initial or certified true copy of the following relevant documentation must be submitted with the submission. Surprisingly enough, the required documents are almost the same as it is with for people who spouse a Brazilian national. The Consular authority may issue a permanent visa to a Brazilian descendent who is over 18 years old before the calendar year in which they reach 24 years old under the family reunion category, providing that the applicant is enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in Brazil or abroad, and that equal treatment will be given under the same circumstances. A judicial declaration or another credential provided by a responsible governing body should be used to justify the argument of incapacity to provide wellbeing. Even though we have mentioned just a couple of Brazil permanent resident visas, there are other and more specific visas too as the one for siblings and children or the one for ascendants and so on. In order to get more detailed information about Brazil visa requirements for a permanent visa do not forget to check our website! However, regardless of the permanent visa type you apply, some rules apply to all of them. For example:  The processing time for a Brazil Permanent Visa or VIPER is usually between 5 and 30 days. It might vary on the country from which you are applying for a visa. The cost of a VIPER ranges from $150 to $400. As it was with a time period, the price can differ depending on your nationality or the country where you submit your application.

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