Best cities for Valentine day

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Best cities for Valentine day
Valentine's Day? The last month of winter, in which the notes of approaching warmth are already hovering, is eagerly awaited by all lovers. If you are already wondering where to go on Valentine's day, be sure to read this article to the end. You will be able to choose the most romantic city where you will spend unforgettable moments with your loved one and learn why Paris is a city of lovers.

Verona, Italy

romantic night It is an Italian town, where the most famous love story written by Shakespeare happened. Even if they are fictional characters, Romeo and Juliet have forever secured the status of "Verona city of lovers" for this beautiful place. The celebration of Valentines day is held here on a huge scale it begins on February 14 and lasts for a whole week. All kinds of festivals, fairs, performances, parades and concerts attract couples from all over the world. Pleasant bonuses in the form of gifts and discounts make this holiday one of the most memorable. Take a leisurely stroll through Verona's picturesque streets, be sure to visit the most famous square, Piazza delle Erbe, and then visit the house of Juliet. At the entrance, you can leave a letter with a declaration of love. At sunset, try to catch up to the castle of St. Peter – you will be amazed by the magnificent view that opens from the observation deck. What you see here will leave no doubt that Verona is a city of lovers.

Paris, France

paris Paris is one of the best romantic cities for Valentine day. Paris is also called a city of lovers. So this is the most romantic city not only on Valentine's Day. At any time of the year, people come here to declare their love and make a marriage proposal. Have you ever wondered why Paris the city of lovers? For several centuries, this place has witnessed love stories that ended happily and not very dramatically or tragically. Many heartfelt secrets, secrets and intrigues are kept among walls of ancient castles and palaces. It is customary to distinguish 3 main reasons for assigning the status of the Paris the city of lovers: 1. The Eiffel Tower. Is it possible to experience other feelings than love and happiness, looking at this city's world-famous symbol? seine river 2. The Bridge over the Seine. Traditionally, newlyweds come here to seal their union with a love lock hung on the fence of the bridge. 3. Haute cuisine. As you know, the way to the heart is through the stomach. Like no other nation, French know what to cook to make a person fall in love with this place forever. Well, do you still have questions, why is Paris a city of lovers? Probably this is a very obvious fact.

Vienna, Austria

vienna For couples who love to enjoy the beauty in each other's company, Vienna is ideal. Even if it does not claim to be the "Most romantic city", your vacation here will be more intelligent and informative for you. If you prefer a cultural program, take a look at the schönbrunn Palace, and the St. Stephen's Cathedral visits the Museum, the Opera or ballet. A delicious candlelit dinner with a glass of excellent wine in one of the many restaurants will be a perfect end to Valentine's Day. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are also activities for every taste. Walking through the city's central streets, riding a boat on the Danube, on the rides in the Prater Park or on the ice rink-such entertainment will not let you get bored and freeze.

Venice, Italy

venice The whole of Italy seems to be saturated with love. If Verona is a city of lovers, then Venice is a city of romance. This is an immutable truth. Floating in a gondola along the endless canals or retreating to a narrow deserted street, you can feel the harmony and peace of the feeling of infinite happiness to see the combination of nature and architecture of this magnificent country. Lovers love to feed pigeons in St. Mark's Square, wander on the bridges and enjoy the views and the company of each other in pretty cafes. Be sure to add these items to your list. Years later, you will have something to remember and smile about. If you are planning a trip to Venice, ask if the traditional Venetian Carnival – the festival of masks and reincarnations-is taking place here at this time. Traditionally, the Carnival lasts for two weeks, but many guests arrive in advance and stay after the end of the holiday for some time. Therefore, this large-scale action often stretches for a whole month. Take note: attending a masquerade party liberates people, so even those who don't have a date yet will be able to find one among the colourful masks.

Bruges, Belgium

bruges Where to go on Valentine's day? Go to Bruges! The most secluded, quiet and romantic town in Europe. Here you will not be disturbed by anyone so you can spend time just the two of you. Medieval houses, inviting canals, narrow streets, Instagrammable bridges – this amazing town seems to have descended from one of the illustrations to H. H. Andersen's fairy tales. Try to alternate hiking with boating – this way; you will fully enjoy the views from different angles. One of the mandatory actions in Bruges should be a visit to the Lake of Love. This is the most mysterious place with a sad history. There is a legend about a girl who was waiting for her lover to return from the war, ran away from her father, who forced her to marry an unloved man. She had to hide in the woods. When the bridegroom came back and found her, their happiness was short as a flash – the poor girl died right in his arms. On the grave of the bride, the young man erected a huge boulder that blocked the river. So this is how the lake of love was formed. Now it is home to graceful swans, which come to feed lovers. Well, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Chocolate Museum or one of the chocolate ateliers while in Belgium. You will learn the history of the famous Belgian delicacy and be able to buy it.

Sighnaghi, Georgia

sighnaghi Did you know that there is a city of lovers in Georgia? Sighnaghi is an ancient town located on the mountainside in the Kakheti region. In recent decades, it has increasingly attracted tourists with a combination of picturesque nature and antiquity. After all, it is so romantic to walk through the winding, narrow cobblestone streets, where cosy houses with red roofs are located in the style of Italian classicism. There are plenty of romantic places to relax here: small friendly hotels, street cafes and restaurants where you will be served with the famous Georgian hospitality. On one of the central squares, there is a Wedding House, where couples can register their marriage at any time of the day. It is one of the reasons why Sighnaghi is called the "city of lovers" in Georgia. The second reason lies in the fact that it is walking along the colourful alleys, a sense of calm happiness, love and harmony certainly arises in all guests. It explains the popularity of the city among newlyweds during the honeymoon period.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

saint petersburg Many people know that St. Petersburg is considered to be the most romantic place in Russia. All because of the many unusual routes suitable for lovers: the roofs of old houses, shady alleys, the embankments glowing with millions of lights are so shrouded in a romance that they make you dream, do pleasant stupid things and, of course, fall in love. Just imagine how beautiful is the city of lovers during the summer white nights! The most visited place in St. Petersburg for loving hearts is the Kissing Bridge, built in the 18th century. Legend has it that sailors said goodbye to their beloved women before going to sea and appointed secret dates for those couples who could not be together for some reason. The name of the bridge came from the inn of the same name, which was located nearby and was the property of a merchant named Potseluev. It is believed that if lovers kiss for the first time on this Kissing bridge, they will be happy and loved by each other forever.

Seville, Spain

seville Seville is the next one of the best romantic cities for Valentine day. The beautiful Seville is like a woman-flirtatious, passionate, playful, but at the same time very pious and spiritual. Here the image of the ardent Carmen and the seductive Don Juan was born. It is the birthplace of bullfighting and flamenco. This city has everything you need for a great time: picturesque landscapes, magnificent architecture and a fertile climate. Holidays in Seville will appeal to lovers of lavish festivities, and those who prefer to spend Valentine's Day in seclusion. Seville is a Spanish city of lovers. It is associated with the most famous love adventures, passions, intrigues, seductions and infidelities. Love is in the air here. Do not miss the opportunity to visit with your soulmate in this beautiful multicoloured city. Bright, positive impressions and emotions are guaranteed to you.

New York, USA

new york If you want to combine the celebration of Valentine's Day with an amazing trip, we recommend you to go to New York. What kind of romance is there in it?! - you will wonder. Don't jump to conclusions. It is enough to recall the legendary American cinema. "Autumn in New York", "The Great Gatsby" or "Breakfast at Tiffany's" - after watching these films, the already attractive city takes the form of a dreamy amorous place. By the way, Americans are very sensitive to Valentine's Day. Therefore, on February 14, the streets and shop windows are decorated with themed decorations. To spend this day truly unforgettable, you can choose to ride along the Hudson River, visit a musical on Broadway or fly by helicopter. No less attractive will be walking in Central Park, where you can spend the whole day. And we advise you to end the holiday with an Instagrammable view from the Brooklyn Bridge. It is truly an exciting sight!

Cappadocia, Turkey

cappadocia The list of the most romantic cities to celebrate Valentine's Day is completed by Cappadocia – a place that seems to be created for lovers. How can you surprise your soulmate by going to Cappadocia? Breakfast on the balcony of the cave hotel at sunrise, hot tub with fantastic scenery, a pleasant evening with a glass of hot wine in one of the restaurants with views of the Cappadocian peaks. Isn't that romantic? The hot air balloon ride and a visit to the Valley of Love will be the cherry on the cake of this magical day. The Valley of Love is the perfect place to travel together. It got its name due to the stone pillars of natural origin. Also noteworthy are the Valley of Imagination, where the rocks resemble the silhouettes of people and animals, and the Valley of the Monks also called the valley of fairy chimneys. An underground city, an open-air museum, a canyon and a salt lake – here everyone can choose an excursion to their taste. As you can see, there are a great many romantic places on the planet, and each has its charm. However, does it matter where to go on Valentine's day if the most important and dear person is nearby? Whether it's a city of lovers in Georgia, Italy, France or Russia - the main thing is that your hearts beat in unison. Any trip together will bring even more bright colours and pleasant moments to your love.

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