Best hiking trails in Belarus

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Best hiking trails in Belarus
where is Belarus. Some even assume that it is part of Russia, but the reality is completely different. There are too many misconceptions about Slavic nations due to the popular movies. In this article, we will help you to escape from all the wrong assumptions about Belarus. We will start by looking at where is Belarus. Belarus is a landlocked country that is positioned in east Europe. It covers a total area of 207600 square kilometres and is populated by around 9.5 million people. The capital of the country is Minsk. The landscape is relatively flat and mainly comprised of marshy lands, flatlands, and forests. Three large rivers, namely Dnieper, Pripyat, and Neman, run through the country, and they played a great role in shaping Belarusian culture. Belarussia is a Slavic country, and the Russian language prevails in daily life. If you want to travel to Belarus it is a good idea to learn some Russian to the level that can help you shop. Belarusian cuisine is the thing that all Belarusians are proud of. If you have sweet teeth, get ready to embrace Belarusian sweets.  Whatever your travel reason is, make sure that you get some spare time to spend in Belarus. Nature in Belarus is extremely beautiful. 40 percent of the country's land is forest areas, and one of the most famous forests in Belarus is Belavezhskaya Pushcha. It is the natural habitat of some of the rarest animals, such as European Bizons and greater spotted eagle. Forests are great places for hiking in Belarus, as you can escape from the stress of life and be close to nature. With that kept in mind, we decided to talk about best hiking trails for this article. We will touch on many aspects of hiking in Belarus. Furthermore, we will look at what websites are best for hiking trails. Without further ado, let's get started with our topic. 

Dzyarzhynskaya Hara

dzyarzhynskaya hara Copyright: @life_love_belarus Belarus is not a mountainous country. The highest point in the country is Dzyarzhynskaya Hara. It is situated to the west of Minsk. It is easier to get, and you can take a bus from Minsk and get there within minutes. This hill is not comprised of bare rocks. The surrounding area is mostly green plants, trees, etc. Some of the rare flora species, herbals, can be found on the top of the hill.

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

berezinsky biosphere reserve You might be wondering about the extreme hiking in Belarus. There are many opportunities for extreme hiking in Belarus. One of the best hiking trails in Belarus is Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. In this old nature reserve, you can be close to nature and even come across wild animals. The hiking trails go through forests, and there is always a chance one loses track. The important thing, in this case, is to follow trails. This nature reserve is well protected by the Belarusian government and the Commonwealth of Independent States. 

Zaslawskaye Reservoir

aerial view of zaslawskaye Supposedly you are in Minsk and want to hike. You might ask, what are the best hiking trails near me? Zaslawskaye Reservoir creates an opportunity for travellers to hike without going far away from Minsk. It is only 10 kilometres from the capital city, and you can find busses that head toward this reservoir. The reservoir is also referred to as the Minsk sea due to its size. It is also a great place to watch the sunset.

Pripyatsky National Park

panorama of flooded of pripyat river Belarus is blessed with nature, forests, and beautiful landscapes. Many national parks cover forests. Within these national parks, you can find best hiking trails in the country. One of the national parks is Pripyatsky National park. It is a great spot for hiking in Belarus. You can find various types of bird species, flora, and fauna. Bird watching is popular in this park, by the way.

Lake Vtjacha

This lake is a few kilometres away from Minsk. If you are in Minsk and wonder what are the best hiking trails near me, then lake Vtjacha might interest you. It is a loop trail extending for around 15 kilometres. You can hike, ride a bike, or walk on this trail. You can relax on the lake's shores and enjoy the lake's silence and beauty. 

Volozhinskie Gostintsy

medvezhino man cycling along a forest trail We would be exaggerating if we said that some of the best hiking trails in the world are in Belarus. Volozhinskie Gostintsy is a great example of best cycling trails. It has trails that can extend as long as 150 kilometers. Throughout these trails, you will see different types of landscape, flora, and fauna. You will see nicely aligned farmsteads which will appetize you to live a countryside life. 

What websites are best for hiking trails?

man using phone black background We talked about hiking trails in Belarus. Some of them are best hiking trails in the world and can rival any of the hiking trails worldwide. Although they are not as popular as ones in the USA, they can give you a similar experience if not better. As you know, technology has advanced a lot. They occupy most of our lives. From work to daily life, gadgets, apps, websites are of great use. Nowadays, people use websites for different purposes. These advances have influenced tourism as well. From booking accommodation or flights to shopping, websites make many things easier to complete. Some websites help you to find the nearest trails. These websites give you advice on what to do and also show others reviews on the trails. is one of them. Using this website you can find hiking trails in almost every country in the world. It has easy to use interface that allows you to find trails. It has an app version for android and ios. More than 25 million people use or have used the app. More than 200 000 trails are included in the app. It is free to use, but you can purchase premium to use it even if you do not have internet or no service. is a great website for hiking recommendations, guides, etc. It has operated since 1998, and its services are not restricted to hiking trails. You can find useful information on backpacking as well. Alan Dixon founds it, and he shares his experiences on hiking via this website.  Are you interested in hiking at high altitudes, then might interest you. What is interesting about this website is the indexes for hiking. The website handles the classification of hiking trails thoroughly. Using this website, you can find great information on treks, hiking trails all over the world.  For a good hiking experience, you will need more than enthusiasm. You might need gears, equipment. There are many places that you can buy this equipment. However, without acknowledging what is needed, it will be costly. Thanks to you can get information that is needed. By using it, you will learn what is needed for a particular place. The website author Phil Werner shares his experiences in the form of blogs. The website contains so much useful information regarding hiking. For such features, it is one of the best websites for hiking.  Hiking can challenge you physically. You should be fit to complete some of the trails. is a great website to get nutritional recommendations before starting to hike. You might want to check out this website before you travel to Belarus. Reddit is one of the most popular and diverse platforms. Reddit Ultralight is a great forum that contains tutorials, videos, articles on hiking, backpacking, etc. You can look at trip reports, reviews, gear reviews on this forum as well. This forum is the most informative among all the noted websites.

How to go to Belarus?

belarus visa stamp in passport Belarus receives around 100 000 tourists every year. You can go there using various transport means. One of the easiest ways is to through international air flights. Before travelling to Belarus, one should think about the visa status. Because according to the visa policy of Belarus, nationals of certain countries are required to have a Belarus visa to visit. Getting a visa to Belarus can be challenging. It required effort and time to complete the visa procedure, but you can get your Belarus visa without a problem using our services. It only takes a few clicks to complete the procedure. To learn about our offers, check out the "Services" section of To sum up, Belarus is an excellent place for hiking. Although the country is not a popular tourist destination, it has a lot to offer. The hospitality of Belarusians is well known. They love to invite foreigners to dinner. With such advantages, Belarus is worth visiting. 

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