Best places to visit in January around the world

Best places to visit in January around the world

Kanan Isazade02 September 2021848 views8 min. read
Best places to visit in January around the world

The desire to visit new places doesn't end year-round. One of the favourite months for tourists is January. Some of them want to get rid of from cold weather in their motherland. On the other hand, there are plenty of people who want to realize winter tourism. So, do you want to find places to visit in January? Then, you are in the right place. I pick some of the best destinations to visit during January, from warm climate destinations to high snowy mountainous areas. I collect all of them just in one place, so take a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy my blog about the best places to visit in January.


nangyuan island

It is one of the hot places to visit in January. According to most people, the best beach vacation in January is in Thailand. In winter, you can observe calm weather on the coast without rains and hurricanes, and the sea calms down. It means that the tourist season is open. Amazing tropical scenes, exotic fruits, delicious tom-yum, pad-thai, and economical accommodation opportunities make this country one of the places to visit in January in world. How much does the vacation cost in Thailand? Of course, it completely depends on your vacation plans, but, in general, we can say that the price changes between 480-960 USD for the five-day trip. Of course, you can make your voyage more affordable by staying in a hostel or an affordable hotel.


acapulco paradise

Another example of hot places to visit in January that I want to mention is Mexico. There are plenty of areas to discover during your voyage in Mexico and Acapulco is the most famous one. Actually, this city was chosen by Hollywood stars more than 50 years ago, and it still keeps its fame. During the last years, this peaceful fishing village has converted into a prestigious visitor town with all the tourist features: luxury hotels and restaurants with a high level of service, various enjoyable tours, and attractions for foreign and local tourists, etc. Reviews of travelers that were fortunate enough to spend the New Year vacations in Mexico boil down to the fact that there is totally no cooler area. Mexicans know how to have pleasure and celebrate the holidays in a big way. Also, they know how to host their guests. How much does the vacation cost in Mexico? You will spend almost 700-1200 USD on the seven-day vacation.

Breckenridge, The United States of America


Which places to visit in USA in January? There are plenty of various places to visit in USA in January. As an example, we can say Breckenridge, Colorado. It is a mesmerizing town that offers breathtaking mountain views, lively nightlife, and more to its guests. Although the most popular thing about Breckenridge is skiing opportunities, Breckenridge has an iconic street that is full of restaurants and shops. Most people agree that January is the best time to visit the town. Because during this time, slopes are covered with snow. So, all of these features make Breckenridge an example of cool places to visit in January.

Istanbul, Turkey

bosphorus view

What are best places in Europe to visit in January? Turkey is a lucky country full of wonders. It is not surprising that the country is one of the most visited countries in the world. Turkey has many worth visiting locations, but Istanbul has another place in our hearts. If you love rainy weather, you will fall in love with Istanbul in January. During January, unpredictable weather dominates in Istanbul. That is why you should wear windproof clothes, warm shoes and a hat. Do not forget to visit the famed Hagia Sophia without the crowds of travellers, visit the charming Blue Mosque, the luxurious mansions of Dolmabahce and Topkapi. How much will I spend in Istanbul? Because of the current exchange rate of USD, vacation in Istanbul is very affordable. Today, one USD is equal to 8.80 TRY. So, all of these reasons made us add Istanbul to the list of places to visit in January in world.

Goa, India

Beautiful Goa

Where to go for vacation in January? The next stop in our today's blog is Goa, India. Goa is one of the best places to visit in January, and it is not only in Asia but also in the whole world. The most economical tours at sea in wintertime and hot climate make India attractively affordable. Also, people can plan their vacations within any budget. We can divide Goa into two parts: south and north Goa. South Goa is a gathering place of families with babies, European retirees, and those who favor overpaying but live in comfort. On the other hand, the north part is for guests who are unpretentious in daily life or are used to saving. The north part of Goa also has premium hotels, but also it has a large range of economy hotels, guesthouses, and hostels where you can stay for affordable prices. I should mention that January is the high season in India and the beaches are overcrowded with people. Furthermore, there are four national holidays in January, so the period guarantees to be extremely busy.

Palm Desert, the United States of America

palm springs

If you are looking for the warmest places in USA in January, you should add Palm Desert to your list. It is an excellent resort city to run away from the cold winter. The resort is well-known for natural hot springs, luxury hotels, clubs, restaurants, golf courses, sunny weather, etc. It is not surprising that Palm Desert is the favorite winter destination of celebrities. So, while enjoying your vacation, you can come across several famous people. What is the weather during January? As we mentioned, it is one of the warmest places in USA in January. The weather is 365 days shinny, and the average temperature during January is 23-25 C. Also, it is suitable for various activities, such as hiking, lounging, sunbathing, golf, and spa pampering.

Czech Republic

castles in the Czech Republic

We can add the Czech Republic to the list of cool places to visit in January. You will remember the voyage to the Czech Republic for a long time. During the winter, cities of the country turn into cities from tales. All streets and houses cover by a snow blanket. Walking in snowy streets and enjoying the mesmerizing view that surrounds you will be an unforgettable and breathing moment. During the day, temperature ranges between -2 and +1 C. When it gets dark, the temperature falls to -3 C. Where to go for vacation in January? There are many destinations that you can add to your travel map. For example, if you are interested in winter activities, you can go to the Harrachov, the most well-known ski resort in the Czech Republic. After enjoying the charming mountain views in Harrachov, you can go to Prague, visit the Christmas tree in Old Town Square, etc.

Salzach, Austria


What are best places in Europe to visit in January? A great range of answers are suitable as an answer to this question, but the place that I want to mention is the magnificent city on the Salzach in Austria. This city is at least as beautiful in winter as it is in summer. The glorious scenes, such as the Mirabell Palace, the popular Hohensalzburg Fortress, and the old town, are waiting for your visit.

It is one of the European cities where you will feel the soul of Christmas. Undoubtedly, the annual Christmas market on Domplatz will help you to feel the Christmas spirit. Austrian delicacies, such as a juicy piece of Sachertorte or Kaiserschmarrn with a Viennese melange, will help you forget the cold outside. So, don't wait and visit Salzach and discover all of these wonders on your own.

Rome, Italy

winter in rome

As it says in the old saying: All roads lead to Rome. Regardless of winter or summer, the city keeps its breathtaking beauty and waiting for charming all its guests. The beauty of Rome will touch the deepest parts of your heart. Visiting Rome is especially advantageous and exciting for culture and history lovers. There are ten most famous historical monuments in Rome that all visitors should see. Some of them are the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Mausoleum of Helena, Basilica Ulpia, etc. Nothing can stop you from going to discover these architectural and historical wonders, even the cooler temperatures in winter. The city gains exceptional beauty during Christmas. You should visit the impressive St. Peter's Basilica at Christmas. It shines even more brilliantly than usual at Christmas.

In conclusion, today, I have mentioned some of the places to visit in January in different parts of the world. Of course, discussing all of these locations just in one topic is nearly impossible. I am sure that you will enjoy my blog, and the information you got here will be beneficial for you. What about the visa procedure of the above-mentioned countries? If you want to visit some of the countries I mentioned and need a visa, you can check the services section on our website. There you can get information about visas of all countries.

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