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Best places to visit in winter

Tamerlan Mehdiyev Tamerlan Mehdiyev 07 September 2021
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Most of us have the privilege to travel, and most people prefer travelling during summer, spring when the weather is relatively warmer. However, I am pretty sure that a considerable number of people love to travel during winter. Winter and summer tourism is different for the availability of touristic activities. Not only amenities but also destinations, facilities, landscape preferences change from season to season. During the hot seasons, people are more inclined to spend their vacations on beaches or within cities where they can explore museums, see landmarks, etc. However. in winter, they look for other things. Some seek warm winter places—others like skiing, winter resorts, nature, etc. The only thing that does not change is your visa status. As you know, movement among countries is regulated by visa regulations. Most people are obliged to have a visa to enter other countries. Pickvisa provides visa-related services. You are more than welcome to check our “Services” section to get your visa within the shortest time.

Some of you might wonder about what is the best places to visit in winter in the world. Our world can be so big to explore in a lifetime. Therefore, it is normal to not know about such places. If you are among those people and want to travel in winter, then you are in luck. Because today, we will list top 10 winter destinations where you can spend your vacation. Let’s cut to the chase and have a look at best places to visit in winter.

Zermatt, Switzerland

panoramic view of the famous matterhorn

Switzerland is a popular travel destination. It is considered to be one of the Best places to visit in winter in Europe. Zermatt in Switzerland is a small but picturesque village that is perfect for winter vacation. Surrounded by mountains almost from both sides, it is a perfect wilderness. If you are looking for warm winter places, then you should check this village out. What are the activities that tourists can enjoy in winter? Well, Zermatt offers opportunities for winter hiking and snowshoeing. What makes it so special is that the majestic view of the village and white snow-covered mountains. If you are into skiing, you will have plenty of opportunities to ski at the skirts of these mountains. You can ski at places that are as high as 4000 meters.

Bregenzerwald, Austria

snowy landscape

Austria is a Central European country. Most of the area is within the alp range. Therefore, the landscape is mostly mountainous. Austria has world-renowned skiing resorts that welcome thousands of tourists every year. Here you will find best places for winter vacation alongside the best winter tourist facilities. Austria is one of the most authentic countries in Europe. Its capital is the beautiful, medieval city of Viena. Other than this historical city which hosted some of the world’s best artists, musicians, scientists, Bregenzerwal is a great option for tourists to spend their vacations. Other than engaging in winter sports, you can also explore the culture of locals around here. Austria is rich in culture. Its cuisine is full of dishes that will warm you during the cold winter. With this and other traits, Bregenzerwald is one of the Best places to visit in winter in Europe.

Boulder, USA

vitamin cottage

There are too many great winter places to visit in USA. The city of Boulder is situated in the state of Colorado. With the magnificent Rocky Mountains and beautiful nature, Boulder is one of the best places to visit during winter in USA. It is especially good for people who love hiking. In Boulder, there are great restaurants that serve a huge variety of delicious foods. As a tourist, you will have plenty of options of activities to do in Boulder. Boulder Flatrions are among major tourist attractions. These steep Flatrions can be seen almost from everywhere in Boulder. Nothing beats the view from the top of these Flatrions.

New York, USA

new york city night

For many people living in New York is a dream. This crowded city is the best example of today’s busy settlements. The city has too many skyscrapers, and newer ones are getting constructed every day. The city is one of the best places to visit during winter in USA. How? Because of the Christmas, of course. New Yorkers celebrate Christmas in the best way. On Christmas eve, you can feel the holiday all around you. With these and other reasons, New York definitely deserves a place in our list of Top 10 winter destinations.

Savannah Ga, USA

Savannah is a city in the state of Georgia. I am sure most of you have not heard about that place. What makes the place one of the best winter places to visit in USA is its climate. In this city, there are many things to explore during winter. Forsyth Park is popular among tourists and locals. Here people can unwind within the natural environment, leaving the stress of city life behind. The city is a paradise for people who like to taste different foods. There are many great restaurants where you can enjoy local and international cuisine. During the winter it does not get too cold like other cities in USA. Therefore, it can be visited year-round.

South Island, New Zealand

lake tekapo

New Zealand might be seen as a bit far off for many people. However, once you get there, you will not regret it as it is one of the unique countries. Even though it is far away from the main continents, its tourism is ever-flourishing. Where to go in New Zealand in winter? There are many places where you can spend your winter vacations. In fact, New Zealand has some of the Best places to visit in winter in the world. One of them is South Island. This island set in a magnificent setting is one of the most picturesque islands in the world. Here you will have an enchanting day out. You will marvel at glacial valleys, shimmering lakes, rugged coastline, and flourishing flora, etc.

Queenstown, New Zealand

aerial view of queenstown

Located in the south of the main island, Queenstown is another great answer to the question of “where to go in New Zealand in winter?”. Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world. As you might guess, it is best suited to adrenaline lovers. It is home to the world’s highest cliff jump, the world’s steepest zipline, the world’s biggest human catapult, etc. Another thing that attracts tourists is the beautiful landscape and nature. Landscapes vary greatly. You can enjoy the view of the alpine or try skiing on the slopes of the alpine. If it is not for you, you can try hiking. There are plenty of other options which tourists can try. For such reasons, it is one of the best places to visit in winter.

Harbin, China


Situated in East China, Harbin is one of the biggest cities in China. However, it is mostly known as “Ice City”. Why is that? Because it hosts the world’s heaviest snow and ice festivals every year. Here you will find real size ice castles, sculptures, and many more. The popular winter destination offers more than that. It has zoos that are home to many endangered animals such as Siberian tigers, etc. For such reasons, it is one of the best places for winter vacation.

Otaru, Japan


Japan is one of the countries that receives so many tourists every year. Otaru is one of the tourist favourites. This coastal city is especially beautiful during winter. Otaru Chanel adds beauty to the city. During the winter people celebrate Light Path Festival by placing floating candles into the channel. If you are asking yourself, what is the best places to visit in winter? Otaru can be an answer. The city has a different look rather. It looks like more of a Russian city than Japanese.

Yamagata, Japan


Yamagata prefecture is situated in west Japan. It is one of the best Best places to visit in winter in the world with its winter resorts, skiing facilities, etc. Snowsports are pretty popular here. Juhyo is a pine tree that is common in Yamagata. During winter, they get different shapes with all the snow on their branches. People call them “Ice monsters”, and many tourists visit Yamagata to see these monsters.

To wrap up things, you have many options to choose when it comes to choosing where to travel in winter. Whatever your choice is, Pickvisa is always ready to handle your visa workflow. With few clicks, you can get your visa online.

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