Best time to travel to Italy

Best time to travel to Italy

Tamerlan Mehdiyev01 September 20211214 views7 min. read
Best time to travel to Italy
ancient Romans. Rome was a light in the darkness. It is no coincidence that the period that started with the collapse of Rome is called the dark age. As soon as Rome disappeared, culture, science, and art immediately fell into decline. Although they were fell into decline with Rome, they started to renovate with Italians as well. Italy, especially Florence, was home to the renaissance. This movement spread all over Europe and caused major positive changes in the continent. I would not be mistaken if I said Italy is an open-air museum. Cities like Florence, Rome, Venice, Milan, Turin, Napoli are most people’s dream destinations. To travel to Italy, you might need to go through some procedures. Depending on your nationality, you might be asked for a visa to Italy. To have more information on a visa to Italy, I strongly recommend you to check our website. Click the “Services” section of our website, and it will open up a page in which you will familiarize yourself with relevant information about visa to Italy. With few clicks, you will get your visa as quickly as possible. Italy is among the most visited countries. The Italian Peninsula has got all things necessary to be a tourist favorite destination. Rich culture, history, broad cuisine, elegant architecture, beautiful landscapes, a favorable climate, and passionate people make it famous worldwide. From south to north, you will find Italian cities that have distinguishable characteristic features. We will divide Italy into the North and South part and take a closer look at each of them. They can be divided into north and south based on their features such as Italy temperature by month. The north part of Italy has been influenced by its northern neighbors, while the southern part is strongly bound to traditions. In a sense, southern areas are more Italian. In the north, you will find Milan, which is home to many fashion giants, the leaning tower of Pisa, the city of romance Venice, and the historical city of Florence. In the north, things run more smoothly. The majority of the population is bilingual. The landscape is different from the south as the terrain is more rugged, mountainous. South, on the other hand, is full of adventure. Here you will find pristine beaches, beautiful coastal areas, enormous vineyards in the center, located in Rome, which is whole another story. So after all these, many of you got a desire to visit Italy. However, you might hesitate and ask, when is the best time to travel to Italy? It is an excellent question to ask. I believe to get an answer to this question you should first think about the climate of the country. Then you should think about how to travel to Italy as your choice of time is heavily dependent on your travel plan.

Climate of Italy

beautiful sunset As you know, Italy is located in southern Europe. Aside from being a south European country, it is a peninsula which is covered by water from the mediterranean sea from 3 sides. Therefore, its climate is characterized by the Mediterranean climate, which can be differentiated by hot and dry summers and mild, wet winters. The climate of Italy is favorable for tourists to visit it year-round. Depending on what you like, you can visit Italy in summer, winter, fall, autumn. However, the best time of the year to travel to Italy for many people is spring. During the spring weather in Italy is neither too hot nor cold. You might see little rain, but it is not like winter. You might ask, what is the best month to go to Italy in terms of weather? Although there is no guarantee that you will feel the same, for most people, it is late March and early May.

How to travel to Italy?

cinque terre How to travel to Italy and within Italy is totally up to you. However, there are certain things that you might be obliged to do depending on your nationality as nationals of some countries are required to have a visa to Italy. Depending on your travel reason, you will be asked to meet different requirements. You can have broad information on visa requirements, procedures, etc. If you click the “Services” section, you will see a page showing the extend of our services. With few clicks, you can get your visa to Italy. International travelers can enter the country with international flights or just border crossing. The distance between the north and south points of Italy is around 1200 kilometers. You can travel this distance using various transportation methods. Most convenient for many people is by high-speed trains. With this transportation method, you can make an interesting journey. The best time to travel to Italy can change from city to city. In the northern part, you can enjoy modernism and high quality of life any time of year. In Florence, you will find the most elegant art pieces of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Giovanni Boccaccio, and many historical artifacts and foundings. In the south, the most popular transportation methods are bikes and scooters. Italy temperature by month can change drastically. Therefore you should know about the weather if you want to use such vehicles.

Best time to travel to Venice Italy

trevi fountain Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This authentic, historical city has earned its reputation with its different features. It has a unique architecture. Many canals are crossing the city from different parts. Gondola had been the main transport for many years for the people in Venice, but now it mostly serves tourists. It is a great way to explore the city. Venice has been the main port for traders. Here a diverse range of products from all over the world was gathered and distributed to different parts of Europe. That is why the diversity in the city is so evident. With its street artists, beautiful architecture, imposing structures, and delicious food Venice is a popular tourist destination. Venice is particularly popular among lovers. It is among the most popular honeymoon destination. I am pretty sure that people who have visited or who plan to visit Venice have asked, what is the best time to travel to Venice Italy? In general, the temperature in Italy is favorable to travels year-round, but there are some periods that you can prefer. For Venice, the best time of the year to travel to Italy is autumn. During this season, most of the tourists leave the city. Therefore, there will be fewer congestions in tourist places. This will give you a better chance to explore the city. If you want to know what is the best month to go to Italy? I would say late September and early October can be a good option. However, you should consider rains that starts around this time.

When is the best time to travel to Rome Italy?

white boat in body of water All roads lead to Rome. This phrase was used to describe the necessity of the city in the past. Back then, Rome was the center of the world. It was a driving force in art, science, architecture, etc. Now Rome is a megacity in which the harmony of old and new is too evident. For this feature, the city is called “Eternal city”. There are so many things for tourists to see in Rome. You will find many museums, galleries in which historical artifacts, exhibits are open to the public. Restaurants in Rome are famous for their excellent vine, food, and ice cream (gelato). The prices are relatively low in contrast to northern cities. So when is the best time to travel to Rome Italy? As we already mentioned, autumn or spring is the best time to travel to Italy and Rome as well. Why? Because during these seasons there are fewer tourists in Rome. Fewer tourists also mean lower prices in hotels and even restaurants. To sum up, Italy is a great place to visit year-round. Most people ask, when is the best time to travel to Italy? We tried to mention periods that fewer tourists visit the country so that you can feel more comfortable. However, we are sure that other seasons can be great options. It is just a matter of taste. In both cases, you are welcome to contact Pickvisa to get your visa as soon as possible.

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