Best travel books of all time that travelers should read during the COVID-19

Best travel books of all time that travelers should read during the COVID-19

Aytaj Hasanova02 July 20201574 views5 min. read
Best travel books of all time that travelers should read during the COVID-19

While the fear of COVID-19 is surrounding the world, staying at home is one of the main terms to prevent the spread of the disease and limit the geographical expansion of the virus. Spending the whole day at home is challenging and tedious, especially for people who spend most of the year travelling. Then sit closer; I have good news for you. Despite travel bans and self-isolation, there is still a way for wandering, travel-loving people to explore the world. Best travel guide books that prevail travellers' understanding of time and space and share their life experiences with readers are the best way to do this. The books are one of the means and perhaps the best one that will be a real companion to us in these difficult days. I think that the travel books you will read during this period will be like a balm. So, put aside the regret of cancelled travel plans and read these 5 best travel books of all time. I think that after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, these greatest travel books will play an essential role in planning your next vacation.

Which travel guide books are best?

If it is difficult for you to decide which of the travel books is better, keep reading the blog until the end to find the books you need to read!

5. Into The Wild 

You've probably heard the saying, "happiness is only real when shared". This sentence appeared Into the Wild is one of the best travel books of all time. The book is based on a real-life story of a boy travelling the long, endless deserts of Alaska. The protagonist, Christopher McCandless, sets out to live in harmony with nature, leaving aside the socially accepted standards of living. The book describes the hero's loneliness, inner peace, and a sense of enlightenment while being in harmony with nature during this journey. The author of this one of the interesting travel books is Jon Krakauer. This masterpiece of the writer will be a good companion for you while staying at home.

4. Down Under

Many of you think of Australia as the hottest and driest country in the world. Maybe nature and wildlife here are dangerous and deadly to you. I can assure you that after reading this book, all these thoughts will disappear and you will fall in love with the country. Down Under is one of the best travel guide books written by the famous American travel author Bill Bryson. The author ignores all the dangers and goes to Australia to know the country intimately. He described all his experiences in detail in the book. The book highlights many aspects of Australia, including its geography, climate, people, unique flora, and fauna. It also includes the individual contributions of several researchers to the study of this continent. After reading this one of the travel inspiration books, you, for sure, will fall in love with Australia and include it in your travel plans.

3. Blue Highways 

I'm probably right in calling this book, written in 1982 by author William Least Heat-Moon, a masterpiece of American best travel books of all time. While reading this book, you can see the different, unfamiliar aspects of American villages and feel yourself living there. The author, at a turning point in his life, decided to travel to many parts of the country, packing his belongings in a small van. The different people he discovered in the villages he passed through during this journey, the different places reflect life in American communities in all its transparency. The title of the book refers to the forgotten and unused highways connecting American communities. By no doubt, this kind of interesting travel books is equal to experiencing the American way of life.

2. Vagabonding 

This book is one of the ten greatest travel books that can easily change your life after reading. An incredible journey, especially a long journey, can change your life for the better and give you a lot of experience. At the end of this book, you will make plans not only to travel once but also to travel continuously for the rest of your life. This travel guide book will not only encourage you to travel but also teach you how to do it well. The central theme of the book, written by Rolf Potts, is to be brave and travel the world. The idea of the book, which tells us to accept all the positive and negative events as a life experience and get rid of our fears, is simple. Travelling to a new culture, language and meeting new people along the way will surely give you precious moments. The author's description is so magnificent that while reading, you will feel as if you are living those moments.

1. City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi 

The English writer William Dalrymple is world-famous for his marvellous works that combine the history and culture of countries and cities. City of Djinns, one of the travel inspiration books highlighting the cultural heritage of the Indian capital, Delhi, is the best of them. Author Dalrymple went to live in Delhi with his wife when he was twenty-five, and this magnificent book is the result of what he has seen and experienced while living in the city. This one of the best travel guide books is so exciting and straightforward that you will stay sleepless to finish it. When you read a book that describes historical people and places, myths, and facts, festivities and banquets, pilgrimages, and ancient texts in the best possible way from beginning to end, you will not even notice how time passes. The book is full of prominent examples of everyday life. The author's writing skills are so brilliant that as you move from topic to topic, you feel like you are in a world of humour, and you live in that time.

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