Visual journey or travel by watching

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Visual journey or travel by watching
movie. One of the benefits of visual travel is that it increases the desire to travel. If your financial situation, time, or current circumstances do not allow you to travel, then be prepared for a visual journey! What are some movies where they travel? Below you can find a list of travel movies that will make you love travelling even more!

Eat, Pray, Love

eat pray love book The movie “Eat, Pray, Love” filmed based on New York writer Elizabeth Gilbert’s so-called book, is about the hero who thought she is happy until she got divorced, however after divorce realized that she was not happy at all and decided to travel to discover herself and find the happiness after getting confused and despaired. The journey consists of three parts: eating, praying, and love. In the first part, she travels to Rome, famous for its cuisine. In the second part, her destination is India, well-known for its religious beliefs. The hero continues the search for love in Bali in the last part. The movie, loved by millions in many parts of the world, portrays the country so magnificently that it is impossible for the viewer not to feel the love, interest, and desire of those travelling to these countries. This movie is a must-see for the ones who want to try visual travel!

Seven Years in Tibet

seven years in tibet The main topic of the movie “Seven Years in Tibet” the biographical film based on the book of the same name written by Heinrich Harrer, is the transformation of human beings for the better. In 1939, famous Austrian climber Heinrich Harrer and his friend Peter Aufschaiter set out to climb Nanga Parbat, one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas. However, unfavourable weather conditions and the threat of snow avalanches in the Himalayas stop them. The English soldiers arrested them while the climbers were returning to the camp and took them to the captive camp. No matter how many escape plans did the friends make, all were unsuccessful. However, one day they manage to run, and to cross the Indian mountains, they headed up to Tibet. These two friends, after a challenging road, finally arrived in Lhasa, the sacred city. Although the people of Lhasa have not previously been friendly to Harrer and his friend for being strangers, they soon accepted them. The film is continued with Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschaiter’s exciting life in Tibet. The movie “Seven Years in Tibet” shows not only the adventure of these friends but also Tibet’s high altitude, dense forests, green plains, livelihoods, people, employment, agriculture, and in short, the Tibetan mysterious way of life. Therefore, “Seven Years in Tibet” has been remembered as a motivational film that will increase our desire to travel to Tibet. This film is definitely one of the best adventure travel movies.

One Week

toronto What would you do if you got to know that you have a day, week, month, or a year to the end of your life? "One Week" is an adventure movie that tells about a week of travel of a young schoolteacher Ben who has been diagnosed with cancer and has to live a maximum of two years. Ben, finding this out, leaves everything behind and travels about 4,500km from Toronto to Vancouver on the motorbike. He loses his interest in life after learning that he has cancer. One day, on his way back home, he meets an older man selling motorcycles. The motorcycle was branded “1973 Norton Commando” and attracts the attention of Ben. Ben drinks coffee in a cafe after buying the bike. On the cup’s rim, he sees a message that reads, “Go West, young man.” Ben, inspired by this, wants to take a two-day excursion and shares this idea with his fiance Samantha. She objects, arguing that he should start the treatment immediately. Ben agrees with her but feels a need for an adventure before “becoming a patient.” He asks Samantha to come with him, but she refuses. He ultimately sets out from Toronto by himself; however, he finishes his trip in Vancouver by extending his trip from 2 days to a week. In the film’s main plotline, Ben questions his life tries to understand the meaning of love and marriage. However, this adventure during travel attracts the audience. For example, jumping from a high distance to a lake, competing with road cars, watching the sunset in the mountains, etc., which increases the love of the audience for travel.


camels The movie based on the book “Tracks” by Australian writer Robyn Davidson, which describes the memories and adventures during her travels. In 1977, Robyn Davidson wanted to go to Alice Springs in the middle of the desert from Brisbane, Australia. Robyn intends to end the trip on foot without using any type of transport. Despite protests from family and friends, she began to make the necessary equipment for the journey. While preparing for the trip, family and friends’ protests affect her, and she decides to travel on a camel, not on foot. After two years of preparation, she finally manages to make a 2,700-mile trip with a dog and four camels. Travelling in the remote part of Australia is not easy. National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan joins Robyn on a journey consisting of challenges like wildlife and thirst. The film, based on an autobiographical book by Australian writer Robyn Davidson, captures the breathtaking journey with attractive views. The movie is a response to people who consider travel as pointless and a waste of time. You should watch this movie to increase your desire to travel and enjoy the visual journey!

Wild (2014)

pacific crest trail We are continuing our list of travel movies with "Wild".The hero of the film Cheryl Strayed decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, one of America’s longest, hardest and most dangerous areas, to heal from the shock of her mother’s death, to solve the problems she encountered recently, to self-discover and to find out the secret of the happiness. Cheryl Strayed continues her journey despite all the obstacles, difficulties and challenges along the way and is determined to hike the miles. As we are doing visual travel by watching the movie, we see how the Pacific Crest Trail is magnificent and how travel changes people.

The Way (2010)

man “The Way” both vital and feature film, confronts us with a plotline that questions life. The hero of the film fulfils the last wish of his son, who died because of a sudden storm while walking on Camino de Santiago. He leaves for completing his son’s journey. While travelling, he gets to know many people from all over the world and discovers the differences between the life we live and the life we choose. "The Way" is absolutely one of the best travel movies ever filmed.

The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

motorcycle "The Motorcycle Diaries" is an autobiographical film based on the book of the same name by Ernesto Che Guevara. Ernesto and his friend Alberto set off on a motorcycle from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Their motorbike collapses after many road trips, and they decide to hitchhike, as they have nothing to do. Thus, they travel, not alone, but with the people. It proves to them that Latin America is different from what they think. The bad events, the injustices happening in the continent, the suffering of the people, etc., start to change these two youth. A trip full of surprises will affect not only these two friends but also the fate of many countries. Besides being a source of motivation for the love of travel, the film also brings us the autobiographical life of Marxist, revolutionary, politician Ernesto Che Guevara. If you are looking for the best adventure travel movies, check this film out!

180° South (2010)

camino The movie “180 Degrees South”, demonstrating the nature, relief, and lifestyle of Patagonia, which is always in the spotlight, is about the journey of heroes Jeff Johnson, Yvon Chouinard, and Doug Tompkins. The film focuses on the questions of these three travellers about life, along with their adventures while travelling. Jeff Johnson’s life, who loves surfing and climbing, changes while meeting Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins, who spend their wealth to protect Patagonia after surfing in the biggest wave, they have ever seen in their lives, climbing the high mountain peaks, and preferring the wildlife.

In July (2000)

turkey Another film that will give you a great visual journey is "In July". The hero of the film is a teacher Daniel. Daniel, who has never been close to anyone, meets a girl named Juli. Juli tells Daniel that he will find his true love in a short time. Daniel believes her words and waits for that moment. One day Daniel fell in love with a Turkish woman called Melek. Daniel goes to Turkey to pursue his love. During this journey, Daniel faces about a thousand adventures. This movie will increase your desire to travel or even your will to move into another country!

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

darjeeling limited filmed Even though people come together with positive events, sometimes it may happen due to unpleasant experiences. The fathers of the three brothers, who were strange to one another, dies. A year after the incident, the brothers set off for a train trip to India. Although they argue and fall apart from each other during the trip, they finally get to know each other and become friends. While the film explains the concept of family, it also reveals the essence of the journey. Add "The Darjeeling Limited" to your list of travel movies.

Lost in Translation

universal studios Bob Harris, an ageing American movie star, husband, and father, arrives in Japan to film an advertisement for “Suntory” whiskey. At a hotel in Tokyo, he encounters sweet but serious Charlotte, a young American college graduate who came to Tokyo after her husband, a celebrity photographer. Despite the differences in age and culture, the connection between them takes them for a walk in Tokyo. During the tour, the filmmakers perfectly portrayed Tokyo’s beauty, culture, and everyday life. If you love Tokyo, do visual travel to this city by watching "Lost In Translation".

Into the Wild (2007)

into the wild filmed Let's move on to one of the best travel movies - "Into the Wild". Christopher, a graduate with high honours from a well-known university, is also a talented athlete. At the post-graduation event, he tells his family that it is not the life he wants and that something is wrong and missing. The young man donates all his wealth to charities and leaves everything he owns at home, and goes on a long journey towards a different life. Christopher’s life will be radically changed during this visit, which supposed to end in Alaska’s pine forests. During this travel, he learns about life from the new people he meets on his way and the inevitability of death.

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

filming The film, which has won many festivals, is screening the story of two seventeen years old Mexican friends, Julio and Tenoch. After their departure, Luisa, an elder friend of theirs, joins Julio and Tenoch. The film “Y Tu Mama Tambien” gives the audience a glimpse into the experiences they have gained while travelling, exploring each other, and understanding the world they live in. While watching this film your desire to travel and have great adventures with friends will increase. The film “Y Tu Mama Tambien” also introduces the heroes of the movie to each other.

Encounters at the End of the World (2007)

antarctica This interesting documentary film, made based on the personal photos taken by the film’s director and screenwriter Werner Herzog during his visit to Antarctica, will enhance your love for travel. As we know, travelling to Antarctica is not easy and  "Encounters at the End of the World" will give you amazing visual travel to these cold and white lands.

Up (2009)

up “Up” is a comedy-adventure cartoon in 3D. Carl Fredricksen, a shy and silent boy, idolizes Charles F. Muntz, a famous explorer. One day Carl becomes friends with an energetic and positive girl named Ellie. She is also a fan of Muntz. Friends of childhood desire to move the “clubhouse” - an abandoned house in the neighbourhood - to a cliff overlooking Paradise Falls. Carl and Ellie grow up, marry, and live in the restored house. Carl was a balloon salesman. The couple saves for the trip to Paradise Falls but repeatedly have to spend the money on more pressing needs. Thus, months are followed by the years, and the couple gets old. One day Carl decides to realize their dream, but his wife, Ellie, suddenly falls ill. She dies and leaves her husband Carl alone. After a while, Carl decides to sell the house. He wounds the construction worker for damaging his post box. Thus, the court decides to vacate Carl’s house and settle him in the retirement home. However, Carl looks for a way to fulfil his childhood dreams while remaining committed to his wife and comes up with the idea: to put thousands of helium balloons in the house to lift the house and carry it to the “Paradise Falls.” Russell, a young boy who wants to earn his final merit badge for assisting the elderly, joins him. They fasten thousands of helium balloons to the house, and the house starts to fly. Thus, old Carl and young Russell start their journey to Paradise Falls in the Clubhouse. Despite a thousand misfortunes, Carl and Russell put the “Clubhouse” on the cliff near the “Waterfall of Paradise,” realizing Ellie’s dream, and then they return to the city. Ad this cartoon to your list of travel movies, as this cartoon will remind you of the importance of realizing your dreams. 

Easy Rider

los angeles The heroes of the movie are Wyatt and Billy, who are freewheeling motorcyclists. They smuggle from Mexico to Los Angeles and earn huge sums of money. After getting rich, friends plan to go to New Orleans and participate in the Mardi Gras Festival. The motorcyclists are heading east to realize their dreams. Friends who do not travel directly to New Orleans first visit Arizona. In Arizona, they have lunch with the farmer’s family, visit the village and get to know the village life more closely. Then friends continue their journey to New Mexico. Here, they are arrested for parading without a permit. In prison, they meet the lawyer George Hanson in the cell. George helps friends get out of jail. Thus, the friendships between George and the friends grow stronger, and George decides to travel with them to New Orleans. They spend that night camping at the outskirt of the small town of Louisiana. The next day, they attract the attention of the people with the food they order in the Louisiana restaurant. The local girls are looking for an opportunity to get to know them. The men and the police officers who are worried about this situation are angry, but they can do nothing. Wyatt, Billy, and George decide to leave the town to avoid any problems. They again camp on the outskirts of the town. It was midnight when a group of town people attacks them while they sleep and begin to beat them with sticks and wood. The fight between the group and the trio begins. Billy reacts quickly from other friends, takes the knife, and can scare the attackers. However, Wyatt and Billy suffer minor injuries. George dies as he was seriously injured. The friends who continue their journey finally reach New Orleans. No, it is not the end of their adventure. The friends challenge thousands of problems. The movie ends with an explosion of their motorbikes, losing all their money. The friends boast of their love for one another despite being poor. Being one of the best movies about travelling, the theme of "Easy Rider" differs from other travel movies, the adventure that travel gives to everyone is vividly described. Moreover, if you travel with a friend, this can be even more fun and exciting.

The Brother Grimsby (2016)

camera The heroes of our movie - "The Brother Grimsby", Nobby and Sebastian. The siblings have been transferred to an orphanage as their parents died while they were children. The brothers are all alone, and they promise each other that no one can separate them. Later, however, a family comes to the orphanage and adopts the younger brother Sebastian as a son. Thus, the brothers are separated. The elder brother Nobby, who stays in the orphanage, begins to miss his brother. As a result, he becomes an alcoholic football fan. Twenty-eight years have passed. Nobby, with his eleven children from the marriage to Dawn, lives in Grimsby, a port town in England. The younger brother, Sebastian, has become one of the best agents in the MI16 Intelligence Service. One day Sebastian is tasked with participating in an event organized by WorldCure to prevent the assassination of Rhonda Georgey, the president of the WorldCure Health Organization. Nobby’s friends learn that Sebastian will be at WorldCure, and they inform Nobby. Nobby attends the event. At the event of one of the best adventure travel movies ever, Sebastian sees the hitman Pavel Lukashenko, who plans to kill Rhonda with a gun mounted on a video camera. Although Sebastian targets the hitman, he could not shoot. Then, he decides to shoot the camera. At this time, Nobby sees his brother and gets up. Sebastian targets the camera when Nobby suddenly hugs him. Thus, Sebastian accidentally shoots an AIDS-infected Jewish-Palestinian boy named Schlomo. The spray of blood lands in Daniel Radcliffe’s mouth, infecting him with the disease. The brothers go on the run from the authorities and other criminals. Despite Sebastian’s protests, Nobby convinces his brother that it would be best to hide out at his home. The bodyguards, police and MI6 Agents cannot find the brothers. MI6 send orders to an assassin named Chilcott to track Sebastian down. However, Sebastian calls his handler and lover Jodie and proclaims his innocence. To clarify the matter, he asks for help in finding the hitman Lukashenko. Jodie finds out that the hitman is in South Africa and sends the location to Sebastian. Sebastian goes to South Africa with his brother Nobby. Brothers face thousands of trouble and adventures in South Africa. The brothers who find the hitman and his people are learning that Rhonda George, president of WorldCure, is the one who ordered the suicide. They also learn that Rhonda’s goal is to spread the WorldCure virus in the English-German football final match in Santiago, Chile. The virus is placed inside fireworks that will explode after the game. The brothers fly to Chile and prevent the fireworks from exploding. The brothers are seriously injured and hospitalized. TV news reveals that Rhonda was arrested and that the Grimsby brothers were “dead” after saving the world. The movie ends here. This adventure film, both in the comedy and drama genre, portrays the different beauties of these three different destinations as they travel from England to South Africa, from South Africa to Chile. The simple but exciting way of living in the British town of Grimsby, the nature of South Africa, and Chile’s various active activities attract people to travel. 

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door 

gangster We already got so far in movies about travelling. This movie, which is perhaps the most interesting, most influential, and the most action-packed scene you can watch in your life, is about the adventure of two different friends. Martin Brest, who has never followed the rules, and Rudi Wurlitzer, who always obeys the laws, stay in the same ward. Both are said to have untreatable diseases and have about a week left for them to die. Impressed by this news, patients begin to talk to each other about their lives. During the conversation, the cross with crucified Jesus on the wall suddenly falls to the ground and is broken. A tequila glass is found inside the broken cross. Young people who have just become friends drink it and continue their conversation. It turns out that both have never seen the sea. It is an important fact for Martin, who thinks that dying without seeing the sea is an unforgivable mistake, and they should see the sea before they die. It is where the whole adventure begins. Friends begin to work toward their goals. They steal Mercedes-Benz 230 SLifrom the hospital yard and escape from the hospital. Martin and Rudi rob a bank and then a gas station because they need money. The car belonged to a local gangster, and one million Deutsche marks were hidden in the car. Thus, the gangster appoints his two-person Henk and Abdul to pursuit them. Besides two mafias who argue with each other along the way, the police also search for these friends. Sometime later, the police keep criminals. filmed Nevertheless, Martin seems to have captured Rudy. It allows friends to escape the police and continue on their way. After a while, they are trapped between the police and the gangster. However, they are still able to escape by using the skirmishing between the police and the mafia. As the film goes on, Rudi realizes that taking risks is neither wrong nor dangerous. Life is neither made of rules nor are laws perfect. In this episode, Martín has a seizure because of brain cancer. Although Rudi is looking for Martin’s medication, he finds out that the medication has finished. Rudi runs to the drugstore with a gun to save his only friend and forces the pharmacist to give him the medicine he needs by opening the fire. He takes medicine and returns to his friend. Martin takes medication and feels better. Rudy’s gesture deepens their friendship. With the money they have stolen, they stay in a luxury hotel for the first time in their lives. Friends write their wishes there on a piece of paper. However, realizing that they cannot fulfil all their wishes, they decide to fulfil only one of the wishes listed. Martin’s dream is to present his mother, who is a fan of Elvis Presley, the Cadillac, the same as Elvis presented his mother. Immediately, they are going to buy the Cadillac. When they buy the Cadillac, the seller recognizes them and informs the police. As they approached Martin’s mother’s home, the police were already waiting for them. The police arrest them. However, Martin deceives the police by claiming they have cancer, and the police are scared and let them go. Martin and Rudi run away. Finally, they arrive at the sea. Rudy says as he sees the sea: “I realized that fear is stupid.” This sentence has been a message for his life. He deprived himself of everything by his excessive adherence to the law. He only achieved his greatest ambition by listening to his heart, risking, and ignoring the thoughts of others around him. Finally, he sees the sea. The final scene, as in most films, is the most impressive in the movie “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” The three-minute last episode, accompanied by the song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and the friends tiptoe along the seaside, looking far away to sea, waves, and admire the beauty of the sea. They had to travel a long way to see the beauty of the blue waters and overcome obstacles. Nevertheless, in the end, they reach their wishes. Martin Brest and Rudi Wurlitzer drink tequila and smoke. Finally, Martin dies. Rudi sits next to him and continues to watch the sea. If you are an adventure lover, then know that this movie is one of the best adventure travel movies you can watch.

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