5 cities to see in Germany

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5 cities to see in Germany
best cities to see in Germany. When you plan to travel to Germany, the first thing you think about is “What cities in Germany must visit?” or “What is the best time to travel to Germany?”. Of course, as a tourist, you want your travel to be worthwhile. Thus, our recommendation is to read our blog post and plan your trip to see the top cities in Germany. But please don't forget to check Germany visa requirements for your nationality. Here is our list of top cities. Our journey starts in Berlin. Or we should have said your journey? Anyways, enjoy your read!

1. Berlin

berlin Well, you are for sure not surprised that we started the journey with Berlin. It might sound a little unexceptional, but hey, listen here. Berlin might be one of the most visited cities in the world; however, this city never gets old. Considering you love fun activities, adventures, freedom, history, and many more - everything you are looking for is indeed in Berlin. Remember the question? - “What cities in Germany must visit?”, if there would be an only possible answer to this question, we would say Berlin. Located in the centre of Europe, this city is freaking excellent for your trip to Germany. Being one of the world’s best places to travel, Berlin undoubtedly hosts a lot for enjoyment seekers - the finest nightclubs, restaurants, bars; for artsy people - best museums, almost for everyone - amazing beer and extremely delicious regional food.

The Berlin Wall and Holocaust Memorial

holocaust memorial In our list of cities to visit in Europe and the best cities to see in Germany, the first place belongs to Berlin. First of all, Berlin is a phenomenal place for history lovers. As being a part of the former Soviet Union, this city combines the mixture of the West and East culture in it. People see the traces of old, good and bad times in Berlin. One can feel the echoes of strong history everywhere in the city. The Berlin Wall or Holocaust Memorial should be anyone’s reason to visit Berlin once in a while. The Berlin Wall is a visible representation of sadness, emotions, sorrow, the gloominess of people kept separated during the Cold War. The melancholy will capture your attention when you see the Berlin Wall. Other than that, Holocaust Memorial, a respectable tribute, will teach you about the importance of every living creature in the world.

Never-ending Parties

Second of all, the entertainment never ends in this city. Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but also the capital of parties in Europe. For party lovers, Berlin has clubs, the best and cheap drinks, tasty foods, and many more for entertainment “hunters”. The night and day fun is not terminated. During the day, you can enjoy the local food - Doner Kebab, throughout the night, just party with heavenly cocktails and drinks. Berlin is INCREDIBLE!

2. Leipzig

leipzig city One of the most beautiful and worthwhile cities to visit in Germany is Leipzig. Located in the east-central part of Germany, Leipzig is offering a tranquil and peaceful journey for its tourists. Being rather different from Berlin, this city is a lot more reserved. In Leipzig, one can learn a lot about Germany and German culture. If you ever need an answer to the question of “Is it safe to travel to Germany?”, our answer would be yes, if you plan to go to Leipzig. Leipzig will teach you a lot about the history of Germany during the Cold War, besides you will see a huge number of beautiful buildings and churches.

Leipzig Main Train Station

leipzig railway station Our must-visit location in Leipzig is definitely the Leipzig Main Train Station, or in the German language, “Leipzig Hauptbahnhof”. This is the largest train station in the whole world by its floor area. Apart from that, this place guests many people around the world every day.

Market Square

leipzig Market Square is one of the places to see in Leipzig. There is always something happening in the market square. Hereby, we would like to answer your question of “What is the best time to travel to Germany?”, or more specifically to Leipzig. In our opinion, Leipzig is its best when it is Christmas time. The Market Square will host lots of Christmas Markets and themed festivals during the whole of Christmas. You may enjoy your time while drinking your “Gluhwein” with your beloved ones.

Bach Museum

bach museum We never forget the museum and culture lovers in our blog posts. Let us agree that visiting museums is always one of the greatest activities for tourists. Therefore, we recommend you to see the Bach Museum while you are in Leipzig. The music instruments, music notes, and figures that representing the life and works of Johann Sebastian Bach - one of the world’s finest composers will amaze you.

3. Hamburg

hamburg We are continuing our journey of the best cities to visit in Germany with Hamburg - the largest second city in Germany and the third crowded harbour in Europe. Located in northern Germany - between the most entertaining cities of Europe - Berlin and Amsterdam, Hamburg is known for its cold weather, ceaseless fun nights, and international status for being a harbour city.

International Maritime Museum

maritimes museum Among German cities, Hamburg has its uniqueness. By seeing our list of which places to visit in Hamburg, you will absolutely understand why we are even mentioning that. First, start with the International Maritime Museum. The museum has opened its doors to the public for the first time in 2008. One who is admired by the sea and oceans will definitely be satisfied by seeing all the valuable artefacts of famous sailors. Besides, the building itself is one of the oldest warehouses in Europe.

Harbour Boat Tour

harbour boat tour The next activity should be a Harbour Boat Tour. Visiting Hamburg and not going for a boat tour would be such a disappointment, as the city is known internationally for harbour activities. We recommend you to go on a boat trip with your friends and family and see all the beautiful tourist attractions while enjoying the charming atmosphere and nice weather in Hamburg waters. Maybe we do not have an exact answer for “Is it safe to travel to Germany?” but we know the firm boat trip safety in Hamburg.

4. Cologne

cologne cathedral Let us continue to the list of the best cities to visit in Germany with Cologne. Cologne is precisely a campus city. Cologne University is a place for education for people all over the world. Besides having a long history of acknowledging the oldest German lifestyle and culture, Cologne should absolutely be on your bucket list. Being rather different from Hamburg, you will experience the friendliness and warmness of people in Cologne. This place hosts beautiful neighbourhoods and the top bars in the whole of Germany. Germany cities, especially Cologne, is a wonderful place for tourists all over the world.

Cologne Cathedral

cologne cathedral Cologne Cathedral may be your first tourist spot to see. This cathedral is one of the most visited places in the whole of Germany until today. They say if you visit this place, no matter if you are a non-believer or believer, you will start believing in the existence of God. Rumours, you know. Cologne Cathedral is, therefore, mystic and divine.

Old Town

I cannot exactly give you a name, even though I did, but “What cities in Germany must visit?” is just pointing to the name of Cologne. For sure, being one of the best cities to visit in Germany, Cologne loves showing itself with its beautiful Old Town. I believe the most interesting part of the cities is always Old Town. I honestly love visiting and walking in the streets of old towns which holds a great history in every stone of it. Apart from that, you may come here in summer, lay in the grass, have a picnic with your friends and enjoy the beautiful weather.

5. Munich

munich Let us give you one more city name and consider us done with answering your questions of “What is the best time to travel to Germany?”, “What are the best cities to see in Germany?” and “Is it safe to travel to Germany?”. After visiting Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, and Cologne, we recommend you visit another one of the best cities in Germany, which is Munich. Munich - the capital of Bavaria, is located in southern Germany and is mainly known for its green nature.

English Garden

english garden English Garden is a must-go place for nature lovers. It is bigger than New York Park. You can enjoy the warm summer days in “Englischer Garten” in Munich. Go there with your friends, enjoy the view and the breathtaking nature.

Bavarian National Museum

bavarian national museum Bavarian National Museum might be a strong reason for you to go to Munich. This place is full of culture. The museum demonstrates - famous oil paintings, musical instruments, and art pieces that are worth seeing at least once in your lifetime.

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