Details Matter!

Gular Aghayeva10 April 20201052 views2 min. read
Details Matter!

Traveling around the world and getting acquainted with different cultures, nations, and lifestyles gives us unique thinking experiences and minds.

But close your eyes for a second, think of a trip full of surprises from your partner. Isn't it exciting?! Let me talk about my recent trip to Singapore and my unforgettable gift.

Unforgettable surprise idea for your Love

Everyone is aware of the project. You can book a home to stay in your destination country via this platform. However, the Airbnb platform observed it was losing a segment that did not want to stay at home during the trip. So, they came up with a shattering piece of the idea to the tourism industry and market. They created an Airbnb Experiences section and connected travelers and locals in one platform. This section has touched the hearts of travelers like me who want to discover the local culture and people in the countries. Airbnb platform allows everyone to post any tour, training, event, service, and travelers choose the activity according to their wishes and budgets. Just imagine, there is an experience of having a “dinner with a local family” on the platform. Isn’t it great? Do not miss the chance to learn the cuisine, food, and culture of that country at dinner with the locals.

I got a surprise from my partner for our 6th year of wedding anniversary through that platform in January 2020. He booked a photographer in the Airbnb Experiences section in Singapore. He has reserved the photo shooting service, which was convenient for our budget and time. It is easy to book and arrange the shooting from that platform. We had a great time discovering Haji Lane and a couple of photo shooting.

The service we have selected included 81 photos, 15 of which we could download for free. They provide you with the option to pay 25 USD for an additional 25 pictures and 50 USD for all photos.

I hope to meet in a more beautiful, safe, fantastic world.

Do not forget to surprise your Love with simple surprises during your trips, because Details Matter!

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