Everything about Uzbekistan visa

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Everything about Uzbekistan visa
apply for Uzbekistan visa in the article below. Uzbekistan visa status is different because of the diplomatic relations with the countries of the world community. For foreign nationals around the world, the method of entry into Uzbekistan may be different. An Uzbekistan visa on arrival can be obtained at the consular offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad or the consular bureau at the Tashkent airport, but only for those arriving from countries where there is no permanent representation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is important to keep in mind that even if your country does not have an Uzbek embassy (for example, this is the situation in Canada), it is likely to have one in a neighboring country (USA). In this case, you are not guaranteed an Uzbekistan visa on arrival at the airport - you must use the services of a travel agency in a neighboring country. tashkent international airport Uzbekistan has diplomatic representative offices in the following countries: Afghanistan, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium (partially in Luxembourg), Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, India, Indonesia (partially in Vietnam), Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA (partially in Canada), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine, and also consular offices in Athens (Greece), Dubai (UAE), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), New York (USA), Bangkok (Thailand), Istanbul (Turkey), Frankfurt am Main (FRG), Mazar-e-Sharif (Afghanistan). Uzbekistan visa application process for people who want to visit Uzbekistan by invitation of legal entities or permanent missions of foreign countries, international organizations accredited in the Republic of Uzbekistan, and private persons will not exceed four working days excluding the day of document submission. Tourist visas shall be processed at the consular offices of Uzbekistan abroad, term of issue of such visa shall also not exceed four working days, not counting the day of document submission. visa application For getting business and tourist visas, it is necessary to fill out the appropriate Uzbekistan visa application form and submit the documents, the list of which is available at the relevant diplomatic or consular missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. For a transit visa, it is necessary to fill out Uzbekistan visa application forms and submit a passport, visa of the country (countries) of destination, and travel documents with a confirmed date of departure from Uzbekistan, in case if you have a right to stay in Uzbekistan for 5 days as a transit country. If you are not eligible to stay in the country for 5 days as transit, you need to get a transit visa from the Uzbekistan embassy in your home country.  Foreign citizens visiting Uzbekistan can live both in hotels and other accommodations of their choice. Foreign nationals are subject to temporary registration (registration) upon arrival in Uzbekistan within three days, excluding holidays and weekends. Registration is made in the bodies of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan for the duration of the visa, depending on the nature of the trip. If you are traveling and staying in hotels, then your registration is done by the hotel. You get a registration receipt. Uzbekistan visa check will be made by border guards at the exit from the country. Border guards often check for registration for all days of stay in Uzbekistan.

There are several modes of entry to the Republic of Uzbekistan

uzbek passport and airplane on the map - Visa-free regime - Simplified regime - Entry on the electronic visa - Entry with Invitation - Entry with Airport clearance - Transit Visa to Uzbekistan - Visa-free entry with transit through Uzbekistan Uzbekistan visa-free entry regime is introduced in Uzbekistan for citizens of Russia. Uzbekistan visa-free regime for 60 days is extended to such states as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. Among the non-CIS countries, Israel, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, and Japan have had Uzbekistan visa-free regime since February 10, 2018. It is valid for trips of up to 30 days. Despite the Uzbekistan visa-free regime, citizens of Russia and other countries mentioned above, according to customs regulations of the country, must present a number of documents when entering Uzbekistan: - Foreign, service, or diplomatic passport, valid for at least 3 months from the date of entry into Uzbekistan. The document must not have any external defects; - for children under 14 years old traveling with parents - an attachment to the passport of one of the parents with a pasted color photo. If the child travels with only one parent, you need a notarized exit permit from the other parent; - Children over 16 years old need their own passport; - Minors traveling unaccompanied by parents have to show their own international passport and a notarized exit permit from both parents. - Russians cannot cross the borders of Uzbekistan with their internal passports and other identity documents, except the passport.

How to apply for an Uzbekistan visa?

embassy of uzbekistan According to the laws of Uzbekistan, several visas are available for foreigners entering for diplomatic, business, work, and tourist purposes. In addition, there are transit visas for those who go through the territory of Uzbekistan to a third country. In case of the necessity of a long stay in Uzbekistan, citizens of CIS countries will also need a visa. The purpose of the trip also determines its category. It is possible to get the national visa of Uzbekistan in the consulates of the country with a document called "visa support." It is an official permit to obtain a visa. It is issued by the inviting party, which can be the citizens of Uzbekistan or organizations whose activities are carried out on Uzbek territory. Such organizations, for example, can be licensed travel agencies licensed by the National Company "Uzbektourism." To get "visa support," according to the Uzbekistan visa policy, a tourist must provide a copy or scan of the passport, a completed application form with personal data, a copy of booked round-trip air tickets and hotel reservation, insurance policy, certificate of employment, and two recent passport-style photos.  The official Uzbekistan visa application form and Uzbekistan visa requirements can be found at evisa.mfa.uz. This application form is accepted in all embassies and consulates of Uzbekistan according to the Uzbekistan visa policy. Uzbekistan visa requirements state that "visa support" will also be needed for those who go to work - confirmation from the employer will serve as a basis. For studies, students will need an invitation from the university, etc. If a foreigner travels on a tourist package, a tour operator is responsible for obtaining "visa support." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan considers the application for "visa support" within seven working days (for transit visa - up to four working days). The decision made in writing is communicated to the inviting person or travel agency following through Uzbekistan visa tracking. uzbekistan airways Suppose there is no Uzbek consulate on the territory of a particular country. In that case, its citizens can get an Uzbekistan visa on arrival at the airport in Tashkent, where the only consular office in the country working with such tourists is located. To get an Uzbekistan visa on arrival, a foreigner must show the customs officer a document of "visa support" of the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan (stamp of the visa issuing department). How to check Uzbekistan visa status? As a reminder, some airlines require "visa support" already at the stage of the purchase of a tourist ticket to Tashkent. Foreigners can obtain a transit visa for Uzbekistan. Since July 15, 2018, the country has introduced a visa-free transit entry for up to 5 days for citizens of 100 countries. Tourists need to have Uzbekistan Airways national airline tickets to Uzbekistan and from Uzbekistan to a third country. For the citizens of countries not included in the list, it is required to send the documents for issuing transit visas in advance to the consulate. When passing through passport control, a tourist must present a valid visa of the country of further destination and tickets with a fixed date of departure from Uzbekistan. Citizens of some countries have a facilitated regime of entry into Uzbekistan when "visa support" is not required. So, we are talking about tourists from Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, France, Switzerland - they are issued a multiple entry visa for up to 30 days (for business visa validity - up to one year). Citizens of the states mentioned above can independently get an Uzbek visa by applying to the Embassy of Uzbekistan at the place of residence. Their visa applications are processed in two working days. The application can be followed through Uzbekistan visa tracking.

Uzbekistan visa fee

man holding dollar In addition, Malaysian citizens are issued business visas for up to six months, and tourists from Japan do not have to pay an Uzbekistan visa fee. There is also a group of countries with which has been established an Uzbekistan visa-free regime for holders of diplomatic passports. Among them are Hungary, Brazil, Turkey, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea. The visa-free regime applies to accredited diplomats and their family members. Uzbekistan's system of obtaining electronic visas was launched on July 15, 2018. Citizens of 50 countries can obtain this type of visa. Applicants will need to fill out an application form, receive confirmation of their application to their email address, and pay an Uzbekistan Visa fee of $20. The decision is made in three working days. The finished electronic visa is sent to the applicant's email in PDF format to verify the Uzbekistan visa status. Uzbekistan Visa fee depends on the purpose and duration of stay. The usual tourist visa costs $ 60 for up to 30 days, $ 80 for up to three months, $ 160 - for up to one year. For transit visas - $20-40 dollars. In the case of group travel, a group visa is issued. This type of Uzbekistan visa fee costs 15 dollars per person (in a group of 10 people for up to 15 days) and 25 dollars (in a group of 10 people for 30 days or more). Immediately after arrival in Uzbekistan, but not later than three days, all foreigners must register at the place of temporary residence. It is issued in the bodies of internal affairs for the duration of the visa. When staying in a hotel, registration is made by the staff of the accommodation facility. To make sure to pass the Uzbekistan visa check, the registration receipt should be kept until the end of the trip - when leaving Uzbekistan, the border officer will be required to show it.

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