10 most extraordinary hotels in Kenya

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10 most extraordinary hotels in Kenya
Kenya nature, a specific ancient culture, an unknown world that is so different from everyday life makes it a truly magical corner of our planet. The place where humankind's history starts can not be banal: savannas and snow-capped mountains, huge nature reserves and national parks, exotic animals and plants, beaches awaken in everyone the spirit of adventure. It is also simple to get a Kenya e-visa as for citizens of most countries the visa is issued online. However, to get to know the country better and from the inside, you need to choose the appropriate location. Therefore, we have compiled the top most extraordinary hotels in Kenya.  Tell the country: "Jumbo", which means hello in the local dialect!

1. Watamu-Tree House

watamu-tree house This amazing place, which is located on the coast of Kenya, attracts visitors worldwide. One of the reasons for this popularity is a beautiful sight: in one direction, the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean stretch, and in the other – an ancient forest. This hotel's uniqueness also lies in the fact that it has absolutely no windows, only a space that feels complete unity with Kenya nature – there will be no barriers and barriers between you. The hotel is built only from local wood and has a special authentic interior design that will allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the world of wildlife.

2. Hippo Point, Nakuru

cottage This hotel is one of the best hotels in Kenya. Hippo Point, safely hidden by the local forest on all sides – is a peaceful abode, home to numerous native inhabitants of the Savanna: about 300 different species of birds and 100 species of animals have been seen here. The hotel's neat eight-story pagoda-like tower blends seamlessly into the surrounding nature, comparable to a yellow acacia tree. Upstairs, you can enjoy a beautiful 360° view of the unique world of Kenya and even meditate in a specially designed room. And when you go down, you can watch the wild Kenya animals walking around freely.

3. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

giraffe window hotel Built in the 30s of the last century, the Giraffe Manor hotel is deservedly included in Kenya's top extraordinary hotels. It is a unique guest house where you can interact up close with the Rothschild giraffes – the rarest subspecies of giraffes. These graceful animals have long been accustomed to people and are happy to drop in to share with you all the delights of breakfast. However, the world of wildlife does not mind denying itself comfort - so the hotel offers elegant rooms in a classic colonial style with a beautiful bathroom filled with comfort and light.

4. The Ark

elephant table nature Based on the image of the biblical Noah's Ark, this hotel attracts many animals' attention. Thanks to the water and salt springs located near the hotel, guests can meet many local small residents. In the evening and at night, the watering place is illuminated, so you can watch the animals at any time of the day. At night, the alarm system also works - if you want, you can turn on the bell in the room, which will ring when a rare animal comes to the hotel (for example, a leopard or a rhinoceros). The hotel has four viewing areas for the best view of the world of wild Africa.

5. Loisaba Nature Reserve

loisaba nature reserve Quite successfully built in an open area in Laikipia, the Loisaba Conservancy offers the opportunity to spend the whole night in the open air. "Star beds" are handmade beds made of wood with a canopy on four pillars, protecting against various insects. The hotel is located with a wonderful view of the Kibakoko spring in the Eastern Valleys and the famous Ewaso Ngiro River. The hotel offers an exciting safari in the protected park and many exciting activities and comfortable conditions for recreation-from the restaurant and bar to the panoramic pool. The terraces of all rooms offer fantastic views of the protected park, the picturesque valley, and Mount Kenya. Loisaba, Laikipia, gives its guests an unforgettable experience and adventure in the Kenyan wildlife sanctuary.

6. Angama Mara

luxury hotel pink In Swahili, ANGAMA MARA means "between the earth and the sky". This name was chosen because the hotel hovers above the ground at an altitude of about 300 meters above the Great Rift Valley and the Maasai Mara Nature Reserve. The hotel's entire territory stretches over 700 hectares, which is bordered by a protected natural area called the "Mary's Triangle". The hotel's design and its architecture are inspired by the film of the same name by Sidney Pollack "Out of Africa", which was shot at this place. The terrace's convenient location allows guests to observe wild Kenya animals such as elephants, rhinoceros, buffalo, lions, and leopards. However, the list does not end there, and you can also watch the rest of the animals from the panoramic windows, rooms, sitting in a restaurant, drinking at the bar, swimming in the pool or working out in the gym. Besides, the hotel provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of such services as safari, picnic, and entertainment for children.

7. The Charming Lonno Lodge

hotel in kenya This hotel is only four kilometres from Watamu. Guests can take a dip in the saltwater pool, which is surrounded by straw umbrellas, as well as a private beach. For lovers of expensive holidays in Kenya, it is possible to rent a "Luxe" class, which is decorated with national artefacts. Absolutely all rooms of the hotel are decorated exclusively in the Kenya traditional style. The highlight of this establishment is the restaurant, the ceiling of which is decorated with straw, and the furniture is made of pure wood. Tourists can enjoy relaxing on the traditional swing, under the perfect cooling drinks. Hotel Lonno is just 30 km from Kakoneni National and Natural Cultural Sites. The hotel staff can arrange a tour of local Kenya attractions for you.

8. Treetops Lodge

treetops This hotel is one of the best hotels in Kenya. The comfortable Treetops Lodge is located on the path of an ancient elephant migration route, so guests can meet the majestic giants here and watch them. It is located in the Aberdare National Park, which is included in the highest landscapes in Central Kenya. The lodge has a rich history and was built as the first lodge to watch games on Kenya's stilts. The lodge was built by Major Eric Walker and Lady Betty Shebrook on a Mugumo (sacred fig) tree. They were inspired to build this lodge with the desire to shoot wild Kenya animals with cameras, not guns. Here Princess Elizabeth received the tragic news of her father's death and became the full Queen of Great Britain. The hotel has a comfortable lounge where you can relax with a refreshing drink or cocktail. The hotel's restaurant is always ready to please you with dishes of world and national Kenya cuisine. Despite the surrounding wildlife, the hotel consists of comfortable rooms that contain everything you need for a good rest and sleep. A large park area is created for outdoor activities: hiking, fishing in rivers, camping in swamps with unique Kenya nature, and having a picnic. The Lodge Nature Park is a truly wild bird sanctuary - home to more than 250 species of birds, some of which you can only find in Kenya. And the created reservoir is an excellent "bait" for various animals – black rhinos, leopards, lions, and, of course, elephants come here to drink.

9. Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge

treehouse This institution is truly an exciting and unique place, which will certainly attract every lover of such with its solidity with the wild nature. It is located within the Taita Hills Nature Reserve (Taita Hills Sanctuary), this reserve is private, and its main task is to protect the animal world. All rooms are designed in a style that blends in with wild Kenya nature. They are equipped with comfortable and comfortable furniture and have an extensive view of the watering hole, which animals often visit to quench their thirst. The reservoir on the territory and the distance from large settlements allow visitors to observe the indigenous inhabitants of the Savanna in their natural habitat. But it is worth choosing a time of drought – in the Sekhon of rains, animals partially lose their interest in this place. The hotel's architecture is reminiscent of the local: small houses on stilts, which offer a better view but do not lose their own unique culture.

10. Waterlovers Beach Resort

resort in kenya It is a quaint beach resort on the tropical coast of the Indian Ocean. White sand and warm surf – this is the perfect place for beach lovers. It is just 35 km from Mombasa. On the southern coast of Kenya, it is located on Diani Beach, known for its white sands and warm turquoise water - the perfect place to relax in a paradise by the ocean. The hotel combines Swahili style with a Mediterranean atmosphere. The resort accommodates eight very spacious suites, a penthouse apartment, and a private villa, all with ocean views and luxury equipment. WaterLovers offers a sea-view restaurant, a beach bar, a wonderful turtle-shaped infinity pool, a spa, an art boutique, and a beach house for water sports.

General information

safari Do you know when is the best time to travel to Kenya? Well, If you are going to travel to Kenya and are guided by the weather, you need to understand that there are two periods of seasonal rain-short: October - December and long: March - June. The highest amount of precipitation falls on the mountains and the coast of the Indian Ocean. Spring and summer are considered to be not very suitable seasons for recreation. The rest of the year can be attributed to a more suitable period for vacation. The best period for holidays in Kenya, when there is a minimum of rain and fairly comfortable weather, is from July to August. In this period, most of all, there is a great chance that you will get the opportunity to enjoy a wild safari and relax on the ocean coast. The temperature in Kenya is quite high. The average reaches +32C. The holiday is popular from the first month of winter because the rainy season is already over at this point. Kenya is a great opportunity to spend your winter vacation with pleasure and comfort. In any case, do not hesitate to book tickets if you are going to come here for a vacation. Kenya has a great demand among travellers. A favourite pastime for local tourists is safari. Safari is a unique opportunity to get closer to the world of wild animals, really get acquainted with it, and take memorable Instagram pictures. Happy holidays in Kenya!

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