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Everything you need to know about Norway Schengen visa

Ieva Miltina Ieva Miltina 11 July 2021
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Whatever your interests are, this country is worth paying a visit, but you already know this, right? If you are here then you are looking into everything about the Schengen visa to Norway. Oh, Norway...This mythical land of breathtaking natural beauty and good living. Yes, it is at times more expensive than most countries to visit, but the legendary scenery and closeness to nature is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. May it be a skiing trip with your family, a gastronomy tour with the Norwegian salmon as the star feature, or a visit to the Lofoten Islands. It could be a hiking trip with your buddies on those steep cliffs to admire the fjords from the top. Or maybe a winter adventure with the Northern Lights a.k.a. Aurora Borealis as the key attraction?

For you, as a foreigner, all of the breathtaking wonders of the mountain elves are only available if you are allowed to cross the border of Norway. And the key element for being able to do that is a valid visa, isn’t it? You are in the right place, buddy! Because I am about to tell the most important things you should know about the Schengen visa to Norway. First and foremost, you probably have a nagging question - can I go to Norway with Schengen visa? I will answer that promptly. But even more importantly, you will get a ton of information on how to get a Norway visa - how much is Norway visa fee, how long is Norway Schengen visa processing time, and much more. But before jumping on all the important details, let’s talk about the Norway part of Schengen zone at all?

Can I go to Norway with Schengen visa?

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There might be one very popular question to ask talking about the topic of visas. Is Norway part of Schengen zone? Let me elaborate on this a bit more. Schengen zone countries are usually associated with the European Union states, and Norway is not one of them. It is smart to keep in mind that Schengen does not equal the EU! But in this case, we are on the good side of the equation, because somehow Norway is listed in the Schengen agreement along with 16 other countries. Here we come to the question - is Schengen visa valid for Norway? And the answer is YES, yes, yes! That means - if you have such a visa then you can travel to all of the countries in this zone without obtaining an additional one.

The good news is - it works both ways, too. You can get a Schengen visa to Norway and visit another country on the same trip. Alternatively, you might include Norway as a destination after visiting another Schengen country. Additionally, if you are a national of any Schengen country, the same rules apply to you by default. Traveling to this Scandinavian jewel you don’t need a visa, and most probably won’t be asked for documents if crossing the border by land. Easy peasy, isn’t it? So let’s talk more about everything around Norway Schengen visa requirements and other aspects that will help you in the process of obtaining this very desired travel document.

Who needs to go through the process of the Norway Schengen visa application?

The simple answer is - the nationals of about half of the world’s countries can travel to Norway for tourism visa-free. But let’s look deeper. It gets a bit tricky if you have other travel purposes.

Just as I mentioned in the previous paragraph when answering the question: is Schengen visa valid for Norway? The nationals of any Schengen country are not required to obtain a visa to go to Norway. And Norway Schengen visa is usually granted if you travel for one of the following reasons:

• Tourism

• Business

• Visiting Relatives and Friends

• Study/Exchange Programs/Summer Schools

• Culture, Science, International Sports Events

It means - if you intend to travel to work in Norway you will have to get another type of visa. If you are not sure whether you are required to apply or not, just check on the website of The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. Or contact the closest Norwegian embassy for a quick chat about this topic.

How to get a Norway visa?

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The standard procedures are quite usual. You would first understand what are the Norway Schengen visa requirements in your particular case. First, try looking through the website of The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. It is very user-friendly, and in many spots, you just have to enter your nationality to get most of the necessary information. If that is not enough, or the website still seems quite confusing - find which diplomatic mission issues the visas in your place of residence. Contacting them is the smartest idea to get the full picture of the whole application process, as they will be the ones going through your documents.

As soon as you know what are the requirements, prepare the necessary documents and submit your Norway Schengen visa application in the Application portal, and then the Visa Application Centre, embassy, or other institution that manages this process in your region. The visa fee is paid on your online application profile. After all the documents are submitted you just wait for them to let you know their decision. 

What are Norway Schengen visa requirements?

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Please take into consideration that depending on the purpose of your travel the requirements might differ. Nevertheless, here goes an example list of the information/documents you will need to provide in your Norway Schengen visa application. These are the particular requirements for tourism-related travels.

• Filled Cover Letter from the Application Portal

• Two passport-style photos

• A passport (valid for 3 months after intended departure from Schengen area) and a copy of the main page

• Copies of all previous Schengen visas

• Information about your travel - flight ticket reservation, travel insurance, reservation/agreement of your accommodation for the whole time in Norway.

• Proof of civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate of kids, etc.)

• Proof of financial means (a confirmed bank statement)

• Proof of professional status (employment contract, letter from the school, or other).

As I mentioned - additional information might be required, but the more accurate you are with your application the bigger are the chances of getting your visa. Why are there so many requirements, you will ask? The answer is very logical. Their immigration services just want to make sure that you are traveling for the reasons you say you do. As long as it is so - you don’t have much to fear from.

How much is Norway visa fee?

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The standard visa fee is 80 EUR, but for kids between 6 and 12, it will be half of that amount. Additionally, for nationals from the list of countries a particular Visa Facilitation agreement (e.g. Russia and Azerbaijan) the visa will cost 35 EUR. If you apply through Visa Application Centre (which is not an embassy) you will have to pay an extra processing fee.

It is good to know that pupils, students, or accompanying teachers on educational trips as well as researchers entering the Schengen area to carry out scientific research don’t need to pay the fee. Just keep in mind the procedure - when applying in the Application Portal you will be asked to pay it. Just apply for a refund afterward.

How long is the Norway Schengen visa processing time?

The waiting time to know your visa status is not too long, but it usually depends on several factors. First, your nationality. Then the purpose of your travel, and the quality of your Norway Schengen visa application. If you have submitted everything that’s asked and no additional information is required, you would usually expect the final answer in 5-15 days. As always, make sure your application fits the requirements to have a speedier response.

Thinking about new travel prospects is always exciting. And, I guess, it might be especially exciting in these times when many of us have not traveled for more than a year or so. And why not to such a stunning destination as Norway, right? With that said, I really hope that all of the information here will help you go through the process of Norway Schengen visa application smoothly. And of course, I wish the magic powers of the mountain elves upon your travel plans so they go through without any major alterations! Have a good one!

* Please take into consideration that international travels are still somewhat limited in the world due to the Coronavirus safety measures. Before booking any tickets or accommodation, always find out what you might need to go through when arriving at your destination. For example, among Schengen states travel has become more liberal since the Covid certificate was introduced. But it might be different if you come from outside the EU. Additionally, I want to warn you that some visa application procedures might slightly differ due to travel restrictions among particular regions, and all of the information in this article is written based on the standard procedures. 

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