9 most extraordinary hotels in Finland

Polina Katorzhina23 February 20212409 views9 min. read
9 most extraordinary hotels in Finland
 the best hotels, we are immediately covered by a large amount of luxury, and there are so many options that the eyes run away, but not everyone comes to stay in beautiful rooms. Maybe you want to spend your vacation in an igloo with a transparent ceiling and watch the great creation of nature —the northern lights, or you can live in a tent suspended over the lake, where forests and endless mountains surround you. Just one night in such a place will make your vacation unforgettable. Now we will plunge into the atmosphere of the most unusual hotels in Finland, the rest in which is a real adventure.

1. Tentsile Experience Eco Camp

tentsile experience eco camp Our unusual top hotels offer a vacation with no competitors; it is unique and as eco-friendly as possible. Hanging tents in the trees are already waiting for their visitors in the Nuuksio National Park. You can spend the whole night alone with nature, surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests, listening to the sounds of nature, and in the morning go swimming in Long Lake or go hiking, admiring the hills' rocky peaks. The Tentsile Experience Eco Camp is one of the most environmentally friendly places in Finland. It will delight you from June 1 to September 30. If you love nature and travel, you can be sure that in the "green hotel" you will feel all the riches of our planet in "green hotel". This park creates its tents, which combine comfort and versatility with safety and capacity for several people in a tent. And for each purchased tent, the park plants 20 trees, and for each reservation with payment – 3 trees. You can also make a cash donation. The price of a delicious pleasure for one night is 150 euros. For this money, you get a comfortable stay in a hanging tent, bed linen, towels, water, firewood for lighting a fire, breakfast and tickets for all upcoming excursions. Spend time at the Tense Experience Eco-camp, discover unique places in Finland, and contribute to preserving untouched nature and virgin forests from logging. The rating of the unusual — 10/10

2. SnowHotel

snowhotel Are you wondering what is the most popular ice hotel in Finland? Well, the second in the rating, but no less popular and unusual was "SnowHotel". The rooms here are made from and to of snow and ice. This hotel is one of the largest in the Northern Region. Each room is completely unique, as the design changes every year. A whole team works hard to come up with and create a unique design. A very interesting feature is the snow saunas and heated Jacuzzis installed in the snow caves and outdoors. The walls and furniture surfaces of the rooms are decorated with ice art and illuminated artwork. Arctic ice comes in different colors and shapes. Feel its warmth and coolness, immersed in a unique experience that you will not forget. The indoor temperature is 0-5 ° C, but using sleeping bags designed for extreme conditions, combined with reindeer fur, you can be sure that you will stay warm and comfortable. On the lake's shores, the mesmerizing moonlight, stars and northern lights illuminate the silent, pristine nature. Immerse yourself in the world of a Snow Fairy tale. The rating of the unusual — 10/10.

3. Northern Lights Ranch

northern lights ranch If you've ever wanted to experience the atmosphere of Santa Claus's Elven Village, then you definitely need to visit Northern Lights Ranch. This hotel is the best hotel in Finland to watch Northern lights. All cabins are equipped with 2-3 beds, huge glass windows and heated glass roofs, making them ideal for viewing the exquisite surrounding nature and the Arctic sky. On a dark night, you can observe an unforgettable phenomenon — the Northern Lights, without going out in the cold. This small elven village combines tranquillity, clean air and beautiful Arctic nature, which is very rare. On the ranch, there is an opportunity to hold a wedding ceremony. Imagine that the bride rides through the snow-white snow on a sleigh drawn by reindeer, passes through a tunnel of magical ice lights and meets her beloved at the candle-lit altar. Celebrate a new phase of your life with a glass of champagne chilled in pristine conditions before enjoying a special dinner by the fireplace in our beautiful restaurant overlooking the deer enclosure. A relaxing sauna and massage will be a good end to the day. Entertainment is an integral part of recreation. You can ride the heart-shaped ice rink, watch the deer and feed them moss, ride through the creaking snow on a sled with a dog team, or explore the mountains with an instructor. The Northern Lights Ranch is waiting for you. The rating of the unusual — 9/10

4. Arctic TreeHouse

arctic treehouse The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel offers a unique combination of luxury and comfort in the heart of Arctic nature. The main concept is a combination of local Lapland traditions and modern Scandinavian design. The innovative architecture and carefully designed details provide guests with an unforgettable and extremely comfortable overnight stay in the heart of the forest. The north-facing wall is made of thermo-glass, and the panoramic window offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest, the Arctic sky, and the Northern lights. You can enjoy the sun from the comfort of your bed. Soft, warm natural materials combined with light shades enhance the atmosphere of the rooms. The seven glass treehouses have a kitchenette and can be connected to adjacent rooms to form a family suite. An important detail — an exceptional restaurant offers culinary delights prepared in a stylish setting using Arctic ingredients. You are waiting for an unforgettable experience of your stay! The rating of the unusual — 8/10

5. Yurt District

yurt district An honorable fifth place in the top hotels in Finland is occupied by the igloo hotel "Yurt District". This hotel is the best igloo hotel in Finland. If you want to feel the harsh mores of nature, the Arctic cold on your face, the survival conditions of the ancient Samo settlers and live their life, then this option is 100% suitable for you. The igloo consists entirely of snow, but despite this, it is cozy and comfortable. There is a lot of entertainment on-site — you can go hiking with an experienced instructor and watch the northern lights far from civilization. Go fishing on the lake, with an abundance of pike and perch, participate in a snowman contest, go hiking on snowshoes with a guide through the snow-covered forests— all these activities are possible. This is a more budget option Snow Hotel, for those who value convenience and simplicity. The rating of the unusual — 7/10

6. Omena

omena hotel Finland, like other countries, does not stand still in the field of technological progress. The Omena Hotel is direct proof of this. If you are bored with Finland mountain slopes and survival in the Finland wild, let's dive into the future of all hotels. We book a room, and then we receive a five-digit code in a text message — this will be your room key. The main thing to remember is that check-in only after 16: 00, after this time the access code is activated. Here you will not meet helpful staff or a familiar reception, everything works automatically via the Internet. It's even convenient, you don't need to spend a lot of time registering or waiting for someone. We go up to the room ourselves, dial the number on the panel and open the door. It has everything for a comfortable life: kitchen, bedroom, bath, shower, toilet, living room, office – everything to make you feel at home. Standard rooms are very inexpensive, considering that the hotel is located in the heart of Helsinki. The rating of the unusual — 7/10

7. Octola Lodge

octola lodge If you are used to unique offers, luxury, but want something unusual, the Octola Lodge hotel in Lapland is just what you need. Endless mountain ranges, forests, and among them is a huge semi-glass mansion with 10 rooms. This hotel has been rated by the most fastidious critics and has regular customers. The quality is at the highest level, so the recording is conducted for six months in advance. Along with this magnificent house comes a cook for each person, a butler and a cleaning lady. From the three-meter panoramic windows, you can see the grandeur of the entire Arctic Circle. You can call a guide at any time and arrange a tour. The main concept is comfort and relaxation alone with nature. The rating of the unusual — 7/10

8. Valtionhotelli Castle Hotel

valtionhotelli castle hotel Would you like to spend the night in the castle, to participate as a person at court? If so, then the "Valtionhotelli Castle Hotel" is perfect for you. It is easy to feel comfortable in this cosy, atmospheric and historically valuable hotel. And the employees assure you that you will sleep on the softest mattresses, covered with the best bed linen, and in the morning you will be fed an amazing breakfast. A wide range of rooms offers options for every taste. Several hundred years ago, kings, princes and rich travellers stayed in this castle. You have the opportunity as if on a time machine, to move back several generations. Treat yourself by booking a room with a sauna and a swimming pool. In the comfortable saunas and Jacuzzis, the mind and body are calmed down. Guests can work out in the hotel's gym and on the nearby outdoor trails. The rating of the unusual — 5/10

9. Laivahostel Borea

laivahostel borea For true lovers of all the water and unusual — "ship-hotel Laivahostel Borea" is a very interesting and atmospheric place. The ship itself is part of the Turku Maritime Museum (in the upper part of the superstructure there is an exhibition telling about the history of the ship). Next to the ship there are about five other attractions that you can take a look at. The rooms are cabins, equipped so that there is nothing superfluous in them. Standard items: two beds, shelves, bed linen, bathroom and lighting fixtures. In order to prepare a meal, you need to go to a special room-the kitchen. There is everything you need: a microwave, refrigerator, gas stove, kettle, coffee maker, etc. There is a separate room for entertainment, there is a TV, sofas and ping-pong. On the deck there is an area with tables and chairs, where guests can enjoy breakfast and free time. The rating of the unusual — 5/10

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