10 most extraordinary hotels in Japan

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10 most extraordinary hotels in Japan
Japan is the deposit of many unique products and services that continuously surprise the world with their uniqueness and creativity. In one century, this country has overtaken all competitors in terms of technology and boldness of solutions and rightfully takes a leading place among rising powers. These factors are so attractive for both beginners and avid tourists, who can be surprised by little. But Japan easily copes with this task! One of the main reasons for this success can rightfully be considered a high concentration of extraordinary hotels. The most unusual of them are included in our selection.

1. Capsule Inn Akihabara, Tokyo

capsule hotel We will start our best hotels with Capsule Inn Akihabara. This hotel is one of the best capsule hotels in Japan. A distinctive feature of this hotel is the capsule location of the guests. It is not surprising that the Japanese were the first in the world who managed to guess this method of accommodation because, in this country, crazy ideas are marketable.  The hotel's structure is a block with small cabins, which can accommodate a person of any build with comfort and convenience. Besides, he will feel perfectly well in his capsule, watching his favourite TV series and sitting and reading a book. Each room has excellent temperature and light control systems, as well as other additional services that will make your rest as pleasant as possible—for example, access to high-speed Internet, luggage storage room and lounge bar. Now, after Japan, such hotels are opened all over the world. There are already capsule followers in Russia! Are you wondering how much does a hotel cost in Japan? Well, The most budget option of accommodation in Capsule Inn Akihabara will cost the traveller $ 30 per day. It is quite an attractive price, but even more pleasant is the fact that this practice is the rule rather than the exception in Japan. For tourists is the affordable price, while Japanese people are happy that they sincerely pay tribute to the traditions, being generous and kind.

2. Pamplona Hotel, Osaka

hotel room We will continue our selection of the Pamplona Hotel. It is a tourist destination that is included in our top hotels as a unique phenomenon, which is located in the heart of Osaka. Its main distinguishing feature is its familiar theme. The world-famous fact about the residents of Japan is their tricks and individual preferences in the field of sexual interests and preferences, which is why it is not strange for them to create the best conditions to meet their most refined needs. Pamplona is a vivid confirmation of the above. The hotel is equipped with everything necessary for unforgettable meetings; each room has its own unique and unique romantic design. For example, the hotel has both a large living room for a large number of people and a small cage, where there is only one bed. For fans of unusual sensations, there is a room with tools for torture. Due to a variety of topics and unique styles, the hotel is trendy not only among residents of Japan but also among the most courageous tourists.

3. Henn na Hotel, Tokyo

hannah hotaru This hotel can be rightly considered one of the most extraordinary places in the whole world. According to the candidates mentioned above, it is clear that the hotel business in Japan opens up space for the realization of the craziest ideas. Still, this hotel is the most incredible of them. The thing is that this hotel operates without staff - robots do all the work to serve tourists. But even so, the surprises do not end there. Robots? No dinosaurs! Be prepared that your vacation will start when you meet a giant dinosaur at the reception, who will check your documents and register the room that is most convenient for you. Don't forget to tell the dinosaur about the additional services that you are interested in, and there are quite a few of them at the hotel. But do not be angry, if the receptionist cannot answer all your questions, there is always his faithful robot companion next to him, who will help you. After registration, you get to a particular department with transparent cells for storing things. You only need to put your suitcase, which at the moment you do not need, in a personal window, and that is all. Then a specialized robot will do everything for you, leaving your belongings intact. The protection system in Tokyo's Henn na Hotel is also unusual. The key to all locked doors is your fingerprint. For example, when handing over your belongings, you need to attach your finger to a touch panel that remembers you, as well as a personal cell with your belongings. This system also works with the door to your room. A friendly robot is waiting for you in the room, which is always ready at your service. For example, you can ask the robot to turn on the light, change the temperature in the room, or talk to you about the soul.

4. Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo

keio plaza hotel This line in our top hotels is reserved, especially for kawaii lovers. Hotel Keio Plaza is one of the most unusual and popular hotels in Japan. Despite the notable classics and old-schools, interest in it does not fade. Approaching the hotel, you will hear a pleasant sound of bells - it is at the entrance you are met by musicians in kimono playing different melodies on a traditional musical instrument. The design of the foyer will not leave you indifferent - everything is laid out in marble and impressive at first sight. Also, Keio Plaza has a particular room for organizing traditional tea ceremonies. Now let's talk about the highlights of the hotel. There are several extraordinary rooms in it, and you are unlikely to find something like this somewhere else. For example, several rooms are equipped with four beds at once. It is impossible not to mention the individually themed rooms in the style of Hello Kitty, where you will always be pleased with the images of a cute pussy. You will also be impressed by the karaoke salon, located on the 47th floor and the rooftop pool, from where you can see the stunning panorama of Tokyo.

5. Oedo Onsen Monogatari, Tokyo

hotel True spa lovers will undoubtedly love this hotel. This hotel is often called a hotel-bath, and it is not surprising because it specializes in introducing tourists to the primary health traditions of Japan. The hotel zone is a thematic time for lovers of relaxation. There is a place for everyone - fans of the bath, spa procedures, various types of massage and wraps, hot baths and springs. This hotel is terrific because it offers a unique opportunity to spend time like the native Japanese. Japanese bath, national dishes, traditional games and fish, tingling feet will allow you to feel the peculiarities and flavour of this culture in full. For a full picture, we will take a minute and tell you about some of the disadvantages of visiting this hotel. First of all, this hotel is popular among Japan people, and the staff will not always be ready to communicate with foreign tourists. It is also worth noting that in many Japanese baths, it is prohibited to serve people with tattoos. Unfortunately, it is forbidden by tradition. These factors should be considered when choosing a place for your vacation. Otherwise, it is a delightful place to get acquainted with Japanese customs and cultural peculiarities.

6. Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, Tokyo

hotel gracery Hotel Gracery is one of the hotels in Tokyo Japan. Everyone who wants to visit Godzilla - right here! Thematic Gracery will certainly not be boring, because you will always meet the sight of the vast Godzilla, an impressive statue of which is located on the roof of the hotel. Do not be afraid, but its parts can meet you and in the rooms.  Also, this hotel is notable for its high technology and modern interior decoration. It is an excellent choice for lovers of all the most fashionable and fashionable. Each room has not only majestic floor to ceiling windows but also a fabulous view of them. Some places are equipped with terraces and large balconies. Staying in this hotel is an excellent opportunity to feel the spirit of technical progress in Japan and feel like a hero of a film about Godzilla. Let us remind you that it is a great honour and good luck because the fantastic Japanese lizard is awarded a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood!

7. Mitsui Garden Yotsuya, Tokyo

building The next candidate to join our top hotels in Japan is Mitsui Garden Yotsuya. The hotel concept is to create the most favourable conditions to bring the guests to tears. Yes, you didn't mishear! The leading service offered by the hotel is to greet the beautiful half of humanity. The hotel rooms are made in a minimalist style: discreet colours, no additional interior items and snow-white bed linen, which is recommended to leave as many tearful divorces from ink as possible. Next to each bed, there is a nightstand with soft napkins. To help you get in the right mood, the hotel staff offers a variety of dramas and romantic comedies while watching, which brings to mind the most sentimental moments of life. Among them, there are such movies as "Hachiko" and "Me Before You", which will not leave anyone without tears. A cosmetic bag with Japanese cosmetics, which is included in the final price of the room, will be a pleasant bonus for girls staying at this hotel.

8. Benesse House, Naoshima

hotel in japan This hotel is both a museum and a gallery. An unusual feature of the hotel is that the guest is offered four options for accommodation, among which you can choose a museum, oval, park or beach. Each of the themes is individual and different from the others. Museum - it's cosy evenings among the ancient exhibits, park - unity with nature, beach - contemplation on a comfortable terrace overlooking the Seto Sea, oval - accommodation in the oval hall, which is divided into several cells. Through them, you can openly look at the starry sky through the transparent glass. Also, a good reason to stop here is a free visit to the museum and gallery, located on the hotel's territory.

9. Shinjuku Granbell Hotel, Tokyo

shinjuku hotel Shinjuku Granbell Hotel is one of the top hotels in Japan. What surprises Japan is, undoubtedly, the design of the hotels. Modern, stylish and elegant Shinjuku Granbell Hotel is one of them. This hotel is dedicated to the works of leading artists of Asia. The hotel's interior is made in a delightful Zen design, decorated by famous Japanese creative artists. There is even an art space in the hotel, which often hosts exhibitions of works by contemporary Asian artists.  The hotel is located close to the subway station in one of the most fashionable and cultural areas of Tokyo - Shinjuku. Also, there is a beautiful bar and terrace on the roof of the hotel building, which are open 24 hours a day. You have an excellent opportunity to enjoy delicious drinks, snacks, and stunning views of both sleeping and awake Tokyo.

10. Accommodation in Temples

Closes our top hotels, not one, but a few dozen places to stop tourists - we are talking about temples. It makes no sense to stop at one temple. The reason is simple - the Ministry of Tourism has carried out a reform that took away a few dozen temples. Now tourists have the opportunity to spend the night in many temples and discover a great chance to feel their atmosphere. In addition to cosy sleep, guests have a fantastic chance to take part in prayers in the morning, then visit the dining room, having tasty dishes in a circle with local church officials. It is essential to consider that such accommodation must be booked in advance because each temple can provide a maximum of three rooms for guests. When settling in the temple, you should be ready to follow the rules established in it. Violating them is strictly forbidden. Remember that the primary purpose of visiting the temple should not be an ideal vacation but a desire to join the Japanese spirituality and to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. There is no lobby and no phone to contact the administrator because they do not need any services when staying in this place. You can read about the rules of conduct in Japanese temples in detail on thematic sites. Otherwise, you will be issued a fine. Don't waste your time and get your Japan visa ready now in order to stay in one of these extraordinary places!

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