The 20 strangest holidays in the world

Nargiz Mammadzade03 January 202164597 views8 min. read
The 20 strangest holidays in the world

Have you ever wondered about the strangest holidays? What are some weird holidays? Let's take a close look!

1. National Spaghetti Day


We are starting to talk about strange and weird holidays in the world with one of the most delicious holidays! Every year, January 4th is celebrated as National Spaghetti Day. Pasta orders are increasing every year as pasta is now preferred as the main meal with its rich ingredients, and restaurants offer this taste with a variety of world cuisines. I think I can say with confidence that this is the proudest day of Italians!

2. National Hugging Day


What about the strange national holidays? I don't think there can be another day like this that warms our hearts more! World hug day is an annual event dedicated to hugging and cuddling. National Hugging Day was allegedly celebrated for the first time on January 21, 1986, in Clio, Michigan, USA. The idea aims to encourage everyone to hug their family and friends more often. National Hugging Day is celebrated every year on January 21st.

3. World Nutella Day


We think everybody knows the legendary taste of Nutella! With this delicious taste, it is not surprising that it is the most preferred chocolate by children and families. There is, of course, a celebration day for this taste, which everyone speaks and eats with love. February 5 - World Nutella Day! People celebrate this day by sharing Nutella photos, recipes, and messages on social media.

4. World Compliment Day


On March 1st, everyone has to make compliments to each other! When we look at the essence, it is a very cute day. This can be to win the hearts of our loved ones, to make them happy, or just because we feel that way at that moment. A couple of sweet words is more than enough to make everyone happy. This is more of a cute holiday rather than one of the strangest holidays.

5. Super Mario Day

super mario

The unforgettable Nintendo character of the 1980s has millions of fans around the world. If you grew up in the 1980s or 1990s, I'm sure you know who Mario and his brother Luigi are. Mario and his brother are the most famous brothers in Nintendo and even world game history!

If you're wondering why March 10 is Mario Day, today is not the day Mario was released for the first time. If we put the first three letters of March (March) "Mar" and 10 side by side, "MAR10" emerges, which can be read as Mario. There is only one super way to celebrate Mario Day, and that is to spend it by playing Mario!

6. World Party Day


The origins of World Party Day, which was first celebrated on April 3, 1996, are unknown. It is thought to have been uncovered by the community looking for a reason to party. Party Day continues to be celebrated by the whole world on April 3 every year to create a better world and desired future. The main goal of this day is to develop excuses to be happy and forget the pain of the world.

7. National Zipper Day


I can imagine the shock on your faces when you read this. I am sure if anyone talks about strange national holidays, this will come to your mind after reading this blog. In 1913, the day when Swedish-American engineer Gideon Sundback received a patent for today's zipper, April 29 is commemorated as Zipper Day.

Although it is a very simple thing, a zipper makes our life so much easier. You can celebrate the day by thinking about similar objects, which are simple but make our lives a lot easier. A smile on your face every time you open and close your zipper is enough for your celebration.

8. Star Wars Day


It is the day that Star Wars fans unofficially announced a holiday to commemorate the Star Wars culture and movie. May 4 is considered Star Wars day (also known as Luke Skywalker Day) due to the pun on the pronouncing of the phenomenal "May the force be with you" line (May the fourth be with you). The date of May 4, when celebrations are held all over the world every year, is silent this year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

9. No Dirty Dishes Day

colorful dishes

We can call it a kind of world dishwashing day. You can celebrate this day by washing the dishes or not using the dishes. I wish that a huge mountain of dishes will not wait for you on May 18!

10. National Hug Your Cat Day


It is the perfect day to give some warmth to your furry friends who always carry unconditional love with you. Hug Your Cat Day is celebrated with joy every June 4th. Cat owners are encouraged to hug their cats on this day. Even if you don't have a cat, you can celebrate this day as a "Hug Someone Else's Cat Day".

11. Panic Day


The name itself tells you that we are going to talk about strange holidays. You can use anything under the sun as an excuse to panic. Because June 18 is celebrated as Panic Day every year. The purpose of Panic Day is to reduce and manage people's stress, and it encourages us to find ways to do it. Take all your worries out and relax. It is a good coincidence that today is also Picnic Day. I guess there is no better way to relieve and relieve stress than having a picnic.

12. Hammock Day


Mid-July, sun, resting in a hammock... Nothing is relaxing like resting and relaxing in a hammock. July 22 is celebrated as Hammock Day every year. You can't find a better way to celebrate this day, either! Find two sturdy, conveniently located trees or fulcrums, prepare yourself a comfortable hammock, and the rest is easy. Relax!

13. World Mosquito Day


20 August 1897 is the date that Sir Ronald Ross (1857-1932) showed that mosquitoes transmitted malaria from person to person. This date is celebrated all over the world as World Mosquito Day. The goal of the day is to live in a healthy and mosquito-free world. This is one of the strange holidays in the world to celebrate!

14. International Talk Like A Pirate Day


If someone asks you, "Do you know anything about strange and weird holidays?" you should mention this one first, it will shock them for sure! However, why not forget about all worldly concerns and become a cunning pirate for one day? This holiday originated in the USA and became the International Pirate Day, which is celebrated on September 19 in many European countries. Would you like to feel like the heroes of Treasure Island? In this case, get ready for reincarnation!

15. Global Handwashing Day


It is known that Global Handwashing Day, which is accepted to make handwashing a habit in terms of health, has been celebrated since 15 October 2008. How meaningful is it to celebrate this day this year, where our most important task is to wash our hands while combating COVID-19, isn't it? 

16. Count Your Buttons Day


Button counting? This is not only one of the strange holidays in the world, but also so much fun! It is unclear what the unknown creators of this unofficial holiday intended to do. But Count Your Buttons Day is the annual fun feast celebrated on October 21st each year.

How can it be celebrated? Start a button collection. There are many different types of buttons, and some vintage buttons are priceless. Count all the buttons on your sewing kit. Why not celebrate the day by making sweet treats that look like buttons? Just imagine how difficult our lives would be if the button had not been invented!

17. National Forget-Me-Not Day


We all have people in our lives that we care about but are bad to be in contact with. Forget-Me-Not Day is an unofficial holiday that encourages people to try and reconnect over and over with people they can't get in touch with. Forget-Me-Not Day is celebrated every year on November 10th, and it is good to know that its origins are closely connected with the soldiers who died for their country.

We all know about Christmas, New Year, and even Ugly Sweater Day. What about the strange holidays in December?

18. National Eat a Red Apple Day


December 1st is celebrated annually as an Eat a Red Apple Day. The meaning of the day is to celebrate one of the healthiest fruits nature has to offer. You can celebrate this day by making an apple pie, drinking lots of apple juice, or making apple cider vinegar at home, as you can grab an apple and eat it.

19. Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day


Has anyone asked, "What are some weird holidays?" New Year's Eve is not soon, but you already want to have fun? Then celebrate this strange but funny holiday. What to do on December 8th? Put on some armour and ask passers-by on the street: "What year is it?" Don't forget to watch everyone's favourite "Back to the Future" movie!

20. A'phabet Day or No "L" Day


Every year, December 25 is celebrated as A'phabet Day or No "L" Day. This day is designed to skip the "L" in all your correspondence and speech. The origins and purpose of this day are unknown. Avoid using "L" in everything you write and say today. Prohibit the use of any object that begins with the letter "L" in your home and workplace. This is really one of the strange holidays in December!

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