Five Seattle coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks

Aytaj Hasanova13 August 20201392 views5 min. read
Five Seattle coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks
what is Seattle famous for? Well, I would not overstate by saying that Seattle is the US coffee hub. Seattle has become a city teeming with coffee shops on every corner after Starbucks’s foundation in 1971 and America’s introduction to the coffee bar. The city claims to have more coffee shops than any other city in the United States. Although Starbucks, an international coffee shop, has opened the Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, visitors are still casting around for a local coffee shop. Of course, Starbucks’ role in the formation of coffee culture in Seattle is undeniable, but today more local coffee shops are gaining popularity and demand. But what is lying behind the development of coffee culture in Seattle? Some believe that the city’s cloudy, rainy weather plays a vital role in increasing people’s love for coffee. Reading a good newspaper or novel and admiring the art of barista making lattes, and feeling the smell of coffee to the depths have become a part of everyday life. Today, all the coffee aficionados are aware that Seattle is the place to experience the authentic coffee culture. However, it may be pretty challenging to choose from dozens of coffee shops. To make it easy for you, I have put down the five high-ranking local coffee shops with different standards in Seattle, which tourists and locals prefer.

1. Ghost Alley Espresso

All visitors will accept that this coffee shop is one of the best coffee shops in Seattle. Located just outside Post Alley, the cafe with 142 square meters is one of the most visited local coffee shops. It is always crowded, so you might not find a place to sit. The menu has a wide range of coffee and tea. You can bring whatever you want to eat with your drink. The cafe owner, Mercedes Yaeger, is a city guide for tourists and a barista and author. At the present moment, the coffee shop is run by the founder’s daughter. The key difference from other cafes around is that this one offers not only coffee but also a city tour. It has become a tradition to grab a coffee from Ghost Alley Espresso before walking the mysterious historical streets of Seattle. A city tour with a hot coffee cup while listening to the local legends will give you priceless moments.

2. Moore Coffee Shop

 What is Seattle famous for? Seattle is popular with impressive latte art, but few have the specialized skills as the baristas in the Moore Coffee Shop. Irrespective of the number of customers and the crowd, each coffee is served with individual attention, decorated with different images. Moore Coffee Shop is a younger cafe, established in 2011, but it has earned high regard from customers. You will definitely want to try again after tasting the cold horchata, inspired by the inscription “Try our new horchata,” writing at the entrance of the cafe. You will always like the images that are sketched in the foam that tops a latte. The coffee shop offers not only the coffee but also a waffle with Nutella, berries, and many different assortments and French bread and various sandwiches. You won’t want to leave the coffee shop after tasting the thin, crispy waffles with a unique taste. The coffee shop is open every day of the week from 6:15 in the morning until the evening. Having a delicious waffle and coffee, the taste of which will linger makes Seattle one of the best breakfast cities in the states.

3. Milstead & Co

Let’s continue our list with another young coffee shop, Milstead & Co, one of the best coffee shops in Seattle. It is perfect for the coffee drinker who likes to try new things. Andrew Milstead opened the doors of the coffee shop in 2011 in a city full of coffee shop options. Besides tasting the coffee, you will get a chance to get information about how coffee is stored and prepared. According to Milstead, a coffee shop owner, excellent service can make a product better and increase demand for it, while lousy service can reduce demand for the right product. Milstead is so attached to this principle that the coffee shop’s work plan is based on this principle. You can meet all kinds of people in this coffee shop: businessmen in costumes, parents taking their children for walks, a woman in sportswear, cyclists with tattooed arms, etc. Regardless of their difference, they all have one thing in common - their love of quality coffee. If you want to taste quality coffee in the full sense of the word, you should definitely visit this coffee shop which brings much to the coffee culture in Seattle.

4. Trabant Coffee & Chai

Seattle and coffee culture in Seattle would not be the same without Trabant Coffee & Chai. It provides guests with coffee and a wide variety of breakfast and dinner dishes, beer, cookies, and various sandwiches. The baristas are very sincere and kind. Many of you may be interested in the meaning of the coffee shop’s name. Trabant means satellite in German and is also a German car. The owner of the venue says that this name gives him feelings of hope and diversity. According to him, a satellite means breaking pre-defined boundaries and discovering new ones. If you want to go beyond the limits of coffee, enjoy these different vibes and taste various coffees, be sure to visit this coffee shop when you travel to Seattle.

5. Sound Coffee and Morsel

The last one of our best coffee shops in Seattle list is Sound Coffee and Morsel. The coffee shop in the University District promises delicious coffee and palatable American food to university students and tourists. To provide quality coffee, the cafe purchases coffee and milk only from regional roosters. There are some dishes on the menu written in chalk on the board. One of the strong points of the coffee shop is fast service. You will be amazed at the service’s professionalism when you see a very short waiting time despite the crowds in the cafe. It is the coffee shop you will definitely enter during your travel to Seattle if you want to experience excellent coffee, friendly and fast service, and unforgettable cookies.

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