Flower clock created by the Chile earthquake

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Flower clock created by the Chile earthquake

In 1956, the selections of the host country for the 62nd World Cup began. The Chilean Organization Committee was able to include the country in the shortlist, and later, this country won the bid and became the host.

Chile earthquake

ruined houses by earthquake

When was the Chile earthquake? In 1960, the biggest earthquake in historyValdivia occurred in Chile (since the existence of seismic devices). The earthquake in Chile with 9.6 magnitudes shook the country for 10 minutes without stopping. Several towns were ruined. However, after the infrastructure was destroyed, the Chilean Organization Committee and its president, Carlos Dittborn, did not refuse to be the host for the World Cup Football Championship to be held in Chile after 2 years. And shortly after the biggest earthquake in history - earthquake in Chile, he said: "Because we have nothing, we will do everything.”

Flower clock in Chile

view of city in chile

Two years later, that country, as if nothing has happened, held the World Championship properly. But, unfortunately, Carlos could not see it. He died a month before the championship. Arica Stadium, one of the venues of that World Championship, is named after Dittborn.

P.S After that earthquake in Chile, various governments gave gifts to different town of Chile suffered from the Chile earthquake. This Flower Clock in Chile was donated by the Swiss government to Vina del Mar, and it is now one of the symbols of the city.

football stadium full of people

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