France startup visa requirements

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France startup visa requirements
what is startup visa, and what are the requirements for France visa to launch your business idea?

What is startup visa?

france schengen visa Startup visas are newly popular among well-developed countries to attract more new business ideas to their economies. If you look for the requirements for France visa, you might see a French business visa or French tech visa among the France startup visa list. These business startup visas are for entrepreneurs and young founders who want to start a new business in France. Different types of businesses are eligible for these programs, but generally, these business ideas should be innovative, internationally competitive, and create new jobs for France citizens. When to apply for the France startup visa? The procedures for the application have to be started at least 3 months before the planned arrival date to France. If the candidate lives in France, he or she can apply 2 months before the expiration of the previous visa or permit.

France startup visa list

stamping The purpose of the French Tech Visa Program is to find out successful startups around the world by relying on the initiatives of startup owners and France's business ecosystem. Each year many new foreign talents are attracted to fill up the France startup visa application. Basically, this France startup visa application is a disentangled action exclusive for players in the startup ecosystem, authorizing them to attain a multi-year residence permit in France. There are three types of France startup visa list, so-called "talent passport" of the international startup talents permitting them to settle and realize their business ideas in France: 1. For founders of globally recognized startups, which are selected by partner incubators and accelerators of France; 2. For international employees hired by the companies which are located in France and acknowledged as innovative by France's Ministry of the Economy; 3. For international investors of innovative businesses wish to settle in France. The launch of your startup in France will be realized probably due to the visa for founders category which will grant you to have a special residence permit and thus permit you to successfully develop your startup.

France startup visa requirements

boarding pass If you are able to obtain the French Tech Visa for Founders, you can apply for a residence permit in France for up to 4 years. Although the maximum period of validity of the visa is dependent on the startup's type, characteristics, and the presented duration. However, it is good to know that the visa is renewable. If the period of the desired stay is not more than a year, the applicant has a right to apply for a long-term visa equivalent to a "Talent Passport". The applicant can validate this visa directly France startup visa online upon arrival in France. Its maximum duration is a year, and at the end of that, if the applicant wants to stay more can apply for the residence permit. The main terms and conditions of the visa program are that the founder of a startup can apply for a multi-year residence permit, so-called "talent passport" if this innovative startup project owner acknowledged by France's Ministry of the Economy can prove the following: - The existence of the innovative economic startup which he or she wants to develop and launch in France; - The startup's recognition by a public body (government, local authorities, public institutions, state-owned companies, etc.); - The sufficient means of funds with resources corresponding to the minimum wage in France. For example, the required amount was 18655 euros in January.

France startup visa procedure

different passports The founders of global startups can apply for the abovementioned visa in the four key stages: 1. The applicant has to apply to the incubators or accelerators, which are the partners of the visa program. It is also acceptable if the incubator is supported by the capital of French Tech. In this case, the letter of support should be in a started format, dated, and signed by the authorized person. 2. Then, the applicant has to apply to the incubator for recognizing the innovativeness of the startup. After this support and acceptance contract has been signed with the chosen incubator, DGE will validate recognition of the startup's innovativeness. That will happen only after the incubator sends the project sheet, which shows the innovative character of the applicant's startup project. Then DGE will issue a legal letter of recognition to be presented to the consular service or embassy. 3. After receiving the application, the partner incubator or accelerator sends the letter of recognition to the applicant. 4. In the end, the applicant attaches this letter of recognition to his long-term visa application file under the "talent passport holder of an innovative economic project". The visa application has to be presented to the French consulate or embassy in the country of residence of the applicant.

Procedures for different cases

stamps If the applicant lives outside of France, where the consular authorities are competent to issue the long-stay visa, he or she can apply and obtain a short-term visa, which is valid for three months and authorizes its holder to apply for a residence permit in France. The application for a long-term visa regarding the abovementioned "talent passport" allows entering into French territory to the foreign startup leader can be applied at France startup visa online. If the applicant is in France, he or she has to go to the platform dedicated to the residence permit for "talent passport" to complete and conclude the residence permit application procedures. After the authorities have approved the France startup visa application via the website, the applicant will get a decision certificate that will allow him or her to pick up the residence permit from the government office. Also, the authorities determine the period of the issued residence permit. After the application until the decision, the applicant can learn the status of his or her application on their online account. It is better to check regularly to respond to requests on the application and get the made decision. If the candidate resides in France with another visa or residence permit, she or he has to apply for a request for a change of visa status to acquire the "talent passport". She or he has to manifest to meet the eligibility conditions of the applied residence permit.

France startup visa cost

document Although there can be another payment regarding the France startup visa cost, the following fees are the most common ones that applicant will pay. The foreign applicant has to bear a tax of 200 euros for the delivery of the title. Note that the stamp duty, which is 25 euros, on the residence permit is not included in the amount of the tax. Additionally, the applicant has to pay 99 euros as the cost of the long-stay visa, which authorizes entry to France.


residence permit text The renewal requisition must be done prior to three months until the expiration date of the current residence permit or visa. The procedure can be done on the dedicated website. The applicant has to demonstrate the documents which prove that she or he pursues to meet all conditions for issuance of the new title. If the interested applicant shows that he or she are carrying their innovative startup project, they must be able to justify the validity and the soundness of their work operations (progress phase, work accomplishments, milestones, actions still to be done, etc.) to prove that why the extension of the project is required beyond the planned time. Also, they have to provide an official letter from the public institution that recognizes the initial startup project and justifies the reality, seriousness, and soundness of the startup and its prospects for authorization. If the applicant has already created or is in the process of creating a company on the startup idea, she or he also has to be able to present the registration documents of this company (including articles for the association, extraction from tax accounts). The France startup visa cost for renewal is 225 euros.

Status change

contravention notice In case of a replacement in a professional situation, a status change for the visa can be considered three months prior to the end date of the residence permit in the case of a request for the "talent passport" and two months prior for all other types of permissions and visas on the website. Again, it will be essential to meet the eligibility criteria of the new residence permit or visa applied for. After completing five years of constant and consecutive living at the French territories, the applicant can apply for the resident permit, which allows living and doing any kind of legal professional activity in France. The duration of this permit is 10 years with a renewal opportunity.

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