From Bahrain to Thailand

Baba Aghayev 03 July 2019 1260 views 2 min. read

I have not been sharing my travels for a long time. I have decided to write the details of our last trip with my wife in February-March. The list of the countries we visited is as follows: UAE - Bahrain - Thailand - Malaysia - New Zealand - Samoa - Fiji - Australia and back. Travel lasted 31 days. I will share in parts, as there were many interesting moments. Most of us know about the United Arab Emirates, so let's start with travel to Bahrain.

Travel to Bahrain

night in bahrain

We have got the visa online in advance. We spent the whole day in Manama, the capital city of the “odd” country. Unlike my great expectations, they did nothing as a gulf country where the oil outbreaks. We had a walk in the city. There are only several new skyscrapers with special architecture, a central market, and newly built areas. And Hard Rock Cafe in the center which has nothing to do there. That's all.

Travel to Thailand

thailand memories

We got a visa from the Consulate of Thailand in Baku. We spent 3 days in Bangkok and 3 days in Phi Phi Island. It is a paradise. I liked the central streets, the beautiful pagoda Buddhist temples, the Thai cuisine, and the small cafes serving the grilled seafood having few seats in the street. Khao San Road is completely a madhouse. The street is going crazy with the music from 22:00 to 02:30. There is a concept known as Bucket (containers for the raspberries) Drink. They fill these containers with alcohol, soft drinks, and ice cream. Everyone buys it and drinks it dancing under the sound of the music while their travel to Thailand.

sunset in phi phi

Phi Phi Islands is totally another world. How to get to Phi Phi Islands? We flew from Bangkok to Krabi and then went to the island with the boat. If anyone says you “grab your 7 or 8 nut friends, we are sending you to the tour”, I will suggest the Phi Phi Islands. There are several islands, and all of them make you go nuts with their beauty. The famous movie “Beach” (Leo Di Caprio) was also shot in one of them. We did kayaking, went to different islands, and also did snorkeling. The evening of the island reminds the Khao San parties organized on the coast. The menus have two sides. There is a drink on one side, and another side is the "Amsterdam" menu. There are many special games and activities. You can jump over the flaming jump rope and get the drinks for free. You can dance, and have fun till morning. And then just sleep on the beach.

Surprise yourself and go to this country!