How can I get Montenegro long stay visa

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How can I get Montenegro long stay visa

Montenegro is a vibrant Balkan country full of character. Many travel to Montenegro for the mountains, some for the amazing food or the culture. Then there are a bunch of people that are trying to move there for a longer time - for work, studies, family, and many other reasons. However, all the beautiful qualities I mentioned initially are still valid and just add to the marvelous idea of moving there for more than.

If you happen to be a tourist just trying to find out information that would help to decide how long to stay in Montenegro to get to know it better, let me give you a hint. No one knows, really! However, if you look for an answer that is based on a reasonable judgment, then you need to know that the country is rather tiny. Technically, you would not need too much time to get a feel for the land. The feel of the culture is another thing. And for that, you should stay there as long as possible. So you will need at least a long-stay visa, if not a residency permit - this article might help you with this.

In the following paragraphs, I will try to answer your question: “Do I need a visa for Montenegro?”. Even more importantly, I will reveal other important aspects of Montenegro visa policy to ensure that you are equipped with at least an awareness, if not a clear picture before you go and try your luck at obtaining a legal right to roam freely in this country for longer than 90 days. So, let’s get on with it. Let’s try to understand how to get Montenegro visa for a long stay!

What is a Montenegro long stay visa?

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Several visa types are used to classify inbound foreign stays. It is airport transit ( A), transit (B), short stay ©, and long-stay visa (D). And don’t mistake the long stay visa for a residency permit. Residency permits can be obtained in other ways - by founding a company, buying a home or arranging full-time employment, etc. However, let’s not get carried away talking about formalities that are not to the point of this article...This article is about the D-type visa that is usually issued to foreigners for a single, double, or multiple entries into Montenegro willing to stay in the country for more than 90 days, but no longer than 6 months in one year, counting from the date of first entry. Here is a short explanation of what cases it applies to.

Who needs a visa to visit Montenegro?

Let me give you a simplified answer to the question of who needs a visa to visit Montenegro? If we are talking about short-term stays, nationals of 96 countries are exempt from visas to this country. All EU countries are on the list and, basically, half of the world, too. You can see a great visual image of this if you google Montenegro visa policy on Pickvisa.

Concerning the long-term stay visa, the situation is similar, but additional conditions come into the picture. According to Montenegro visa policy, this visa is usually granted for people who are going to carry out some business, advisory, or investment activities. Additionally, people with temporary residence permit (short-stay visa of up to 90 days) can be considered holders of long-stay visa if they reside in Montenegro for employment and work, performing economic or business activity, studies, participation in various youth programs, professional training, scientific-research work, medical treatment, family reunion, humanitarian or other reasons justified by the international law.

How to get Montenegro visa for a long stay?

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There are two basic ways you can make this happen. The easiest one is to contact a certified intermediary, a company that will take care of the formalities to save you time and confusion. However, the standard route is by submitting your Montenegro visa application to the embassy in person. You will add the required documents, proof that you paid Montenegro visa fee, and then the waiting starts. Remember that, to become eligible for this type of visa you need to be able to prove your motivation for staying in the country for so long. If suddenly a purpose for a longer stay has arisen during your short-term stay, don’t wonder how long to stay in Montenegro before you are going to get kicked out. The rules are the rules - visit an embassy there on the spot and make sure you are by all means staying there legally. Don’t forget that you are not allowed to work without a work permit.

What are Montenegro visa requirements?


The list of requirements at the moment of application is quite standard. Besides the need to have a reasonable motivation (that I described in the previous paragraph), you will need to prepare a list of documents along with the usual Montenegro visa application form. They might differ depending on each particular case, and surely they will let you know the exact details of the place where you apply for your visa. Nevertheless, the minimum of requirements you can expect to be asked of you is following:

  • A travel document that is valid at least three months after the validity of visa ends
  • A color passport format photo in a size of 35x45 mm
  • A proof that displays the intentions of your stay in Montenegro. For example, a letter of invitation by a future employee, the educational institution, or an organizer of an international event
  • Proof of accommodation during your stay (a paid reservation with any type of accommodation or a receipt from a tourist agency or other company that will take care of your sleeping arrangements)
  • Proof of financial means that display your ability to sustain your living while staying in Montenegro. It can be cash, a bank account, traveller’s checks, credit cards, etc
  • Proof that you will leave the country at some point. It means that you need a return transportation ticket to your home or a third state. Additionally, you might be able to get away with it if you have a driving license
  • Health insurance
  • A document that proves you have paid the Montenegro visa fee

Any additional documents to solidify your application are welcome and might be asked even after you have submitted your initial documents. Usually, it is nothing too unexpected, all just to make sure you are going to stay there as a decent human being and leave whenever the permit expires.

For the short-term visa types, the processing time is up to 10 working days. But if you are applying for a long-term stay, the process might take much longer depending on your intentions and the institution where you hand in your application.

What is the Montenegro visa fee?


Well, that is a bit of a tricky question. For short-term visas, the information is pretty clear. 35 EUR per visa and that’s it. But for the long-term stay visas, the information available online is unanimous and most definitely depends on your nationality and the place of application. With that said, just check with the diplomatic mission you are applying to. 

So, as you see the procedure is pretty straightforward and very similar to any other country. The difference with Montenegro is the fact that their official websites are not very generous with particular details. For example, it would take quite some time to find an answer to the question “do I need a visa for Montenegro”. Instead, such information would usually be found on websites of different embassies or international intermediaries that offer to take care of your visa formalities for you. However, my dearest suggestion is - save your time and just find the Montenegro embassy that processes applications from the nationals of your country. Call or write them, and you will get the most recent information that is relevant to your particular case. 

To conclude, I would like to applaud you for the big decision. Even just considering the potential requirements to ensure a long-term residency in a foreign country is a brave move! And why not a country as beautiful as Montenegro, right? Even if Montenegro visa requirements have confused you, don’t get discouraged and just keep your eye on the prize. As soon as you get to travel to Montenegro, please say hi to the mountains from me, will you?

* Remember that in most countries, Covid-19 related restrictions are in place, and they apply especially to international travelers. Montenegro is not an exception. Therefore before making any travel arrangements, please check the requirements on the web page of your airline or Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be sure that you will be allowed entry without any hiccups. All the information in this article corresponds to the standard situation, which is why stay aware of the fact that currently, the times and particular procedures might differ. Whatever you do - stay safe and be ready to comply with the current laws of local authorities.

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