How can I get Uganda visa?

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How can I get Uganda visa?

Do you have plans about visiting Uganda and want to find information about the Uganda visa application process? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. In this blog, you will get answers to these questions: how to get Uganda visa, how much is Uganda visa, what are Uganda free visa countries, what is Uganda multiple entry visa, what are Uganda visa problems, what are the requirements for Uganda visa, and more.

General information about Uganda

the Flag of Uganda

Before starting to talk about the requirements for Uganda visa, let's get some general information. Uganda is an East-Central African country and has borders with Kenya, South Sudan, DR Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania. Uganda's population is almost 47 million. The capital of the country is Kampala (roughly 4 million people live there). Other prominent cities are Gulu, Lira, Mbarara, and so on. Uganda has two official languages: English and Swahili. Also, the dominant religion of the country is Christianity, by 85%. The Ugandan shilling is the official monetary unit of the country. Today, one USD equals 3546 Ugandan shillings.

Uganda E-visa

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Since 2016 tourists can travel to Uganda via E-visa. Foreigners can visit the country for various purposes, such as tourism, work, study, and so on. Types of visas are:

  • Uganda Tourist Visa (E-visa)
  • Uganda East Africa Tourist Visa (E-visa)
  • Uganda Business Visa (E-visa)
  • Uganda Diplomatic and Official Visa (E-visa)
  • Uganda Transit Visa (E-visa)
  • Uganda Student Pass
  • Uganda Entry Permit
  • Uganda Dependent Pass
  • Uganda Special Pass

Uganda Tourist Visa (E-visa)

tourist visa

If you want to visit Uganda for touristic purposes, you must apply for Uganda visa for tourism. Also, you should present these documents during the Uganda visa application process:

  • Application Form. Fully completed and signed by the applicant
  • Photo. Passport size photo with white background
  • Passport and copy of the main page. Passport must be valid for six months from the date of leaving
  • National identity card and resident permit/visa copy (if residency and citizenship are different)
  • Proof of Financial Means. Bank statement, statement of credit card, traveller's cheque, the international card with sufficient funds
  • Travel Itinerary. Ticket and hotel reservation
  • Criminal record
  • Proof of Current Professional Status
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

How much is Uganda visa? The cost of Uganda visa changes between 50-200 USD. It depends on the entry count ( single or multiple). Also, processing time changes between 3-20 days depending on entry count. 

Uganda Business Visa (E-visa)

business visa

Foreigners that want to engage with business must apply for Uganda visa. It lets tourists stay in the country until the maximum period of their visa validity. During this period, they can participate in meetings, conferences, training and can conduct internal audits, install equipment, or perform other temporary services. The documents that are needed are the same as the tourist visa. The fee and processing time for a business visa are the same as a tourist visa. 

Uganda East Africa Tourist Visa (E-visa)

visa application form

Do you want to visit more East Africa country just with one visa? We have great news for you. By getting an Uganda East Africa tourist visa, you can travel to Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. But keep in mind that this visa allows you to enter only these three countries. Which documents do I need to apply for Uganda visa? The papers that you will present in the application process are the same as the other two types that we mentioned above. How much is Uganda visa? It is 100 USD for a single and 200 USD for Uganda multiple entry visa. When it comes to processing time, it changes between 3-20 days. 

Uganda Diplomatic and Official Visa (E-visa)

Uganda House

Politicians, diplomats, heads of states (also, their families) can travel to Uganda via Uganda Diplomatic Visa. The documents, processing time, and details that should be provided during the application process are the same (there can be some differences related to the country). The only difference is the fee. This type of visa is out of charge.

Uganda Transit Visa (E-visa)


This visa applies to tourists who wish to enter Uganda for an onward destination outside the country. Uganda Transit visa is valid for the period of 2 days. Processing time changes between 3-20 days depending on entry type (single or multiple). What is the cost of Uganda visa? The cost of Uganda visa is 50 USD, but keep in mind that the price can be higher or lower depending on your country. Other documents and details are the same as above mentioned types.

Uganda Student Pass

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Uganda Student Pass allows students to live and study in Uganda. But it is just for education. However, you will not get a work permit with a student pass. In general, the Uganda visa application process is the same as others. There are some differences, such as the fee. The charge changes between 25-100 USD depending on the duration of the visa (3, 6, or 12 months). The processing time changes between 3-5 days.

Uganda Entry Permit

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How to get Uganda visa to work and live? If you want to work in Uganda, you can apply for an Uganda Entry Permit. Depending on the business type, the applicant should provide the documents and details below (others are the same).

  • Government Contractors: Cover letter from the company and copy of the contract
  • Investment in agriculture: Cover letter from the company, copy of the land title, recommendation letter from Local Council and RDC's office, bank statement for the last three months, police clearance certificate, immigration status, and applicant's cover letter
  • Manufacturing: Bank statements for the last three months, police clearance certificate, immigration status, certificate of income tax clearance, and Uganda Investment Authority License
  • Diplomatic service: Cover letter from the Embassy, Letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, copy of the diplomatic note
  • Business and Trade: The copy of the trading license, police clearance certificate, bank statements for the last three months, and certificate of income tax clearance
  • Missionaries and volunteer NGO workers: Recommendation letter (by NGO Bureau), police clearance certificate, appointment letter, cover letter, and certified copy of qualifications
  • Mining. Mining License (issued in Uganda), the copy of payment receipt, Letter from Uganda Ministry of Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources, police clearance certificate
  • Expatriate employees: Certified copy of qualifications, cover letter, appointment letter, police clearance certificate, and certification of income tax clearance
  • Official service: Cover letter from the agency and proof of official status
  • Professionals: Cover letter from company, police clearance certificate, and certificate of registration with a professional structure (in Uganda)

How much is the charge? The fee for entry permit changes between 125-3500 USD related to duration and business.

Uganda Dependent Pass


Dependents of diplomats, officials, and other Uganda residence permit holders can apply for Uganda Dependent Pass. All of the necessary documents alike, but there are some additional requirements, too. The fees are 200 USD for a spouse, 100 USD for a child, and 500 USD for other relatives.

The dependent is a spouse:

  • Certification of marriage
  • Cover letter from the spouse in Uganda
  • Passport of the principal (resident permit holder) in Uganda (copy)
  • Work permit of the principal in Uganda (copy)
  • Immigration status
  • In the case of a dependent of diplomat: Diplomatic Note from the Embassy

The dependent is a child:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport of the child (copy)
  • Passport of the principal or National Identification card (copy)
  • Cover letter from the principal
  • Immigration status
  • In the case of the dependent of a diplomat: Letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Uganda and a diplomatic note from the Embassy

Uganda Special Pass


Uganda Special Pass allows the traveller to enter for different purposes (medical procedure, short-term deals, or to manage immigration formalities). Is there any specific paper for this visa? Generally, all needed documents are the same. The applicant can provide some additional documents related to the country. The processing time is 3-5 days, and the fee is 100 USD. Diplomatic and official special pass issued is free of charge. How to get Uganda visa? You need to apply for Uganda Special Pass online.

Uganda Multiple Entry Visa

red passport

There are some additional requirements for Uganda visa. They are related to multiple entries.

For six months: Recommendation letter(referee in Uganda), cover letter (reason of obtaining the visa), proof of entering and exiting Uganda within the year, police clearance certificate.

For 12-24 months: Two recommendation letters(referee in Uganda), cover letter (reason of obtaining the visa), proof of entering and exiting Uganda within the year

Uganda Free Visa Countries

stack of passports

The list of the Uganda free visa countries is not so long. There are just 33 countries on the list. Some of them are:


Antigua and Barbuda











Uganda Visa Problems

flag of uganda

Some people can face Uganda visa problems during the application process. Those problems can relate to the country, documents, fees, and so on. When we search on the internet, we can see that some people faced problems during applying from the website. Several applicants wrote that they could not complete the fee payment part.

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