How not to get rejected from Canada visitor visa?

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How not to get rejected from Canada visitor visa?
Canada visa process most efficiently, aren't you? Well, good for you, because in this article, I will not only provide a super useful Canada visitor visa checklist that will increase your chances of getting one. You will also get some additional useful information about Canada visa fees and some bits to help you with your Canada visa application process. So let's start with the first things first.

What is a visitor visa, and what are other Canada visa types?

canadian flag Technically, the people who are not citizens or permanent residents of this country are considered visitors. They enter Canada for vacation/holiday, visiting family, or attending business meetings for a fixed amount of time. Hence the visitor visa will specify the allowed duration of the stay depending on your nationality and the purpose of the travel.  All Canada visa types can be subdivided into two main categories. The short-term ones and the long-term ones. The former one allows staying in the country for up to 6 months (each case is evaluated individually). In this category, you will find the Canada tourist visa (also called temporary resident or visitor visa) that you have to obtain if you intend to visit for tourism and cultural purposes. If you are going on a work trip, then you will have to obtain a business visitor visa, but if you are just transiting to another place and intend to stay in Canada for a maximum of 48 hours, then the transit visa will be the right one for you. Additionally, there is a list of nationalities that won't need a visa when travelling for tourism. In this case, just a valid passport and an Electronic Travel Authorization are necessary. Check your eligibility here.  The second, long-term type includes such subcategories as the Canada student visa (or study permit), work permit, and self-employed visa. To be more specific, technically, there is no such thing as a Canada student visa, but if your application for a study permit is accepted, then you get one. Another type of long-term visa will allow you to visit children and grandchildren if you intend to stay longer than 6 months. It is called the Super visa. Let's stick to the topic - in this article, we will talk mainly about the short-term Canada tourist visa, or the visitor visa. 

How to apply for Canada visa?

immigration visa approved Let me explain the Canada visa process shortly to give you an impression of what's waiting ahead of you. There are two ways you can apply for Canada visa - online and in person. Either way, you will still need to find a diplomatic mission or visa application centre in your country to provide them with your biometric data or all the remaining application documents. After you have handed in all the required formalities and paid the fees, you will wait for an answer. You might be asked for additional information meanwhile, and it will extend the waiting process. This is why it is in your best interest to research as much information as possible about the details on how to apply for Canada visa. Just so your application goes through in the fastest possible manner. 

How high is the Canada visitor visa fee?

canada dollar The fees of all Canada visa types differ depending on the length of your stay. For short-term visitors, Canada visa fees should be around 100 CAD (or about 70 EUR) and have to be paid during the application process. Some categories of travellers are exempt from visa fees, and in case of unnecessary payment, the money gets reimbursed to the applicant.

What is the Canada visitor visa processing time?

canadian working visa It depends on the type of visa you applied for, as well as the handed-in documents greatly. After handing in your Canada visa application it can be anywhere between 10 and 60 days until your answer comes. Don't get discouraged. Just keep in mind that Canada visitor visa processing time can be quite lengthy, and plan it well ahead before you plan on arriving in the country.

How not get rejected from a Canada visitor visa?

visitor visa So the key of all of the application processes is their approach to evaluating the handed-in documents. Besides all the "formal" reasons, they will look for legitimate and trustworthy proof that after you visit Canada, you will definitely come back to your own country. Keeping that in mind, here is a Canada visitor visa checklist that might help to strengthen your application in the eyes of the officials. 1. Make sure you have filled all the basic requirements - handed in the necessary documents, and paid the Canada visitor visa fee. Missing any technical details will dismiss your application immediately. 2. As much as possible, give all the available information to prove you will definitely return to your homeland. Remember what I said at the beginning of this paragraph? They just need to know that you will not decide to stay in Canada for whatever reason. What you can do is get and hand in all the possible documents that show your connections back in the land of your residence. Basically, anything that can highlight you have a job, home, financial assets, or family that will take you back home. 3. Unfortunately, there are security, criminal or medical reasons you might automatically become inadmissible for. They might find out about these because often, a medical exam and police record are required to complete the visa application form. For example, they consider driving under any type of substance a serious crime, and knowing you have been convicted of doing so will deny your visa. To find out the whole list of the reasons, check this link. It means you should be in good health and have no criminal or immigration-related convictions before the application. 4. In some cases, an invitation letter is absolutely necessary. Make sure it has a very detailed description of your stay and gives enough reasons to prove a legitimate necessity to visit Canada. 5. Make sure there are enough financial means to support your activities during your stay in Canada. You can prove it by showing bank statements or other legitimate sources that prove your financial situation. 6. One of the easiest ways to make sure you are not rejected is trusting in the expertise of a professional. Hire an experienced migration service that will support you on the path of your application or even do it for you.

What to do if your Canada visa application gets rejected after all?

person holding a pen to complete application form Don't get disappointed too soon. First, check the reasons for the denial and then check the application documents you handed in. There are chances you have made a mistake or didn't give enough information to prove the legitimacy of your stay. In this case, get acquainted with the smallest details of the refusal and check how to improve your application with the list of requirements. If your application had a legitimate issue that can be fixed or improved, then your best chance is to apply again. Just make sure you have a good explanation of the reasons you did not hand in the proper information the first time you applied. And be extremely mindful of the particular procedure for re-applying.  Woof, a long list of things to keep in mind, right? Well, it is all worth it if you get your chance at visiting that majestic country after all, doesn't it? I hope I helped you to understand the basic aspects that will make it all way easier if you are going to apply for Canada visa because I don't believe in wasting time and energy in researching something that's already been researched at least a dozen times before. Let's say that this Canada visitor visa checklist is my contribution to easier travel and giving a chance at seeing the wild Canadian beauty to more and more people. With that said, I wish you the best of luck with your application process and keep the fingers crossed for a soon journey to this one-of-a-kind destination. Bon voyage! * Please keep in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing in the whole world, and it might affect your chances at obtaining any type of travel permits, or in the best-case scenario, make the application process longer than usual if you would like to find out how the current restrictions in Canada will affect your intended immigration services, check-in with the official website of the Canadian government.

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