12 reasons why you should travel to Canada right now

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12 reasons why you should travel to Canada right now
journey to Canada, let's find out what this country is like? Having collected all the most incredible treasures on its Land, is much more than 10 provinces and three territories on the world map. Many cultures and national traditions are mixed here; a comfortable and friendly atmosphere is persistently maintained. Variety in Canada is the main feature of the city; without it, the locals do not see the meaning of existence; the interest in life is impossible. Let's find out why it is worth going to Canada. This country is ideal for an unforgettable vacation if you:

1. The beauty of nature

canada landscape Canada on the world map is a country full of surprises. Here, literally at every step, in the city and its surroundings, surrounded by snows of the North and the coasts of the eastern islands, you can see another miracle of nature. With the longest coastline in the world, covering with its borders dozens of mountain ranges, deep lakes, broad-leaved forests, vast areas of Arctic land and several small deserts, Canada is a treasure trove of natural treasures around the globe. So many surprisingly different, but equally luxurious national parks can't be found in any country. You can choose any of them, preferring outdoor activities to relax lying on the beach, and you will be satisfied! Even if you are just newbie traveller and too ambitious marching is not your story yet, you can take a couple of days to visit Glacier National Park in British Columbia or head to Rouge National Urban Park, near Toronto's Riverdale Zoo. From the breathtaking heights of the majestic Rocky Mountains to secluded low-temperature regions or picturesque coastal landscapes, everything that surrounds you anywhere in Maple Leaf Country is worth seeing. A visa to Canada worth of incredible effort should be used to the fullest extent, so spending time in total comfort at fashionable resorts here is a real crime.

2. Gastronomic pleasure

canadian dish It is difficult enough to single out several Canadian dishes, spices or other culinary delights, which at the first mention are associated with Canada. What can it be: bacon, cream cake, maple, syrup? All this, it seems, can be tasted in any country of the world, let alone in neighbouring America. In Canada, it is better to shift the emphasis from the dishes to the places where you will enjoy them. Start the Canadian dishes with meat in the Montreal style. At first glance, everything seems to be very simple: who can't marinate and roast beef breast, put it on a plate, pour spicy honey sauce, and finally add a couple of pickles to all this splendour? What if you go to the village of Churchill, which is located on the ocean coast of the province of Manitoba, and taste this dish, sitting surrounded by endless snows, shimmering in the Northern Lights? It is all possible, by the way, when booking a gastronomic tour of Dan's Diner Culinary Adventure. It's quite different. breakfast Canadian cities, especially those located in Ontario and Nova Scotia, are full of signs of luxury restaurants and good breweries. If the former warmly open the doors for those who dream of enjoying the taste of fresh seafood, the latter are created for connoisseurs of an innovative approach to alcohol preparation. Speaking of fast food, Canadian people do not complain about McDonald's. To the bottom of their hearts, locals are in love with Tim Horton's snack bars, which became famous across the continent for their quality coffee and delicious doughnuts. They are also waiting for you there! But do not forget that without tasting the already mentioned maple syrup, a trip to Canada is meaningless! All indigenous Canadian people go crazy about it, adding it to ice cream, pancakes, flapjacks and other delicacies. During its preparation, it even hosts an annual festival called 'Sugar Hut', where traditional North American dishes are served: beans baked in an oven with brisket, delicious omelette - generously smothered in maple syrup. It also makes sense to try to snatch a piece of ham marinated in the sugar, drinking all this magnificence of the beer brewed on maple syrup. The main thing is not to think about calories, because of pleasure, the extra centimetres do not appear at the waist! 

3. Unique inhabitants of the North

polar bears The country of the maple leaf is home to mighty whales, polar bears, hardworking beavers and endangered beluga. By skillfully planning a trip to the North of Canada, you are guaranteed to face the unique wildlife. If you decide to move from the coldest places further along the southern coast, you will have an incredibly beautiful view of the endless waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Life will cease to be the same after you see the wisest and most beautiful mammals - whales - in their habitat. In the face of this natural splendour, all the excitement of visiting zoos and watching colourful programs on Discovery channel hopelessly fades away. Even though killer whales are waving their fins over the waters of all oceans on Earth all year round, it is in Canada that they are most likely to see. Especially tempting is the fact that killer whales rarely move alone, so the chances to meet a whole pack of almost 100%! A must-have item on the Canadian gastronomic adventure list, as you remember, the tiny village of Churchill is one of the most remote places to Canada, where a tourist can get. If you try hard to get here, however, you will be rewarded not only with a delicious dinner. Here, on the noticeable snowy coast of the Hudson Bay, there are polar bears, but not fluffy ones.

4. Festivals

festival dance Regardless of age, indigenous Canadian people know a lot about noisy parties and meaningful festivities. Whether you're a dancer, a rock star or a vulnerable poet, there's an event for everyone in Canada! For example, for music lovers, Oshega in Montreal and RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa, as well as the Edmonton Folk Music Festival is ideal.  If you're a person with a subtle, soulful organization, a strong desire for beauty, or just a floral artist-designer by profession, go to the Canadian Tulips Festival. Holding the event in Ottawa, today most famous as the capital of Canada, the organizers give 10 days of raging colours and fragrances to each visitor. During this time, nature comes alive around, and the city begins to fill with the sound of birds singing. music festival Summer in the notorious Vancouver every year is coloured in different colours, the number of which exceeds even the brightest rainbow. We are talking about the Festival of Fireworks, which has no equal in the whole world. Moreover, this festival alone will be enough to make your visa to Canada fully used as soon as possible, right? If you travel with children, a visit to the Winter Carnival in Quebec is a great choice. Here you will get a full sense of what winter is like in a northern country. Looking at intricate sculptures made of snow and ice, skating or in a carriage harnessed by bay horses, walking around the Winter Palace or going down an ice slide, - let yourself return to childhood at least for a moment. If you have always dreamed of going to the Cannes Film Festival, but it hasn't worked out yet, book a few tickets in advance - for yourself and new Canadian friends! - to the glamorous International Film Festival in Toronto. What can we say about food festivals! Besides the already mentioned "Sugar Hut", an unusual love among gourmets has won the Slowfood Cycle Sunday, which is held with enviable regularity in the village of Pemberton, BC.

5. Climate

sunset in canada Contrary to the stereotype that Canada is on the world map as a permafrost abode for 9 months of the year, this country boasts a much warmer climate than you might expect. Each season here is unique in its way. Autumn wears bright yellow and orange clothes on trees, and in winter the whole country comes to Quebec for the January festivities. In spring, long walks along Ottawa's green streets are of exceptional value, and summer attracts Prince Edward Island's golden beaches. In any case, when planning a trip to the Land of Maple Leaf, be ready to fill your suitcase with warm things in winter, and in summer exclude from the tourist closet too light clothing. The West of Canada, for example, is known for its relatively mild climate, which means that there isn't much snow and early spring comes. Located on the south-eastern coast of Montreal, on the contrary, is famous for metre snowdrifts and prolonged snowfalls. The classic understanding of climatic conditions learned through geography lessons is somewhat erased in Canada. The south does not guarantee heat, and in some northern locations, it may be even warmer.

6. Vacation with adventure and adrenaline

niagara falls Nature in Canada is just a treasure trove of adventures that will make your heartbeat at a furious speed. Those who want to tickle their nerves correctly do not need to spend a lot of time looking for a suitable location for an adventure plan. And it's not just about the area "Niagara Falls Canada", which is probably the first place in your tourist list. Breathtaking adventures await you everywhere: the relief curves of the Badlands of Alberta, the mountainous Baffin Islands and the steep snow-capped slopes of the ski resorts are not the whole list! Head to Banf National Park, where there are many sparkling glaciers, ice fields, and mysterious thick coniferous forests. Incredible alpine landscapes are reflected in the waters of crystal clear lakes Moraine and Louise. The large surface of the treasures of the Rocky Mountains, however, conquers not only with its pristine beauty. Dare to float here, surrounded by inspiring, fabulously bright landscapes, on kayaks, be sure - the adrenaline rush is there for you. ski resort In addition to skiing and snowboarding from snow-capped mountain peaks, you can also go winter fishing or, having put on a pair of comfortable skates, ride on the icy surface of local lakes. Just be careful and not too arrogant - there are places specially equipped with Canadian people for such entertainment! To make your hunt for adventure is quite unforgettable, go for a ride on a snowmobile or sledge a couple of times. For those who love to explore Canadian cities and their surroundings in summer, the Land of Maple Leaf has prepared a wide variety of options for exciting leisure time. For example, you can surf the waves of the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Vancouver Island or place your board on the surface of the raging Atlantic waters near the secluded lands of Lorenstown, a rural community in Nova Scotia. If the air is your element, try to look beyond the horizon by paragliding, seapliding or ballooning. The territory, where is Canada located, seems to be the cradle of adrenaline because in this country you can get involved in such adventures, which you can not find anywhere else! Jet skiing in New Brunswick, walking on the edge of the CN head in Toronto, tracking grizzly bears to the Great Bear Rainforest Nature Reserve or extreme rafting in Nova Scotia - it sounds very tempting. 

7. Canada Visa Opportunities

air canada Visa to Canada fully justifies the effort and money spent on it at the very moment when you first cross the threshold of the airport in ... No matter what city - even if it will be the capital of Canada - because in honour of each of them you can, without exaggeration, sing praises. Modern Canadian cities, unlike each other, like glittering in the rays of the sun precious gems, beckon with their incomparable beauty. The uniqueness of each of them emphasizes the signatures of the provinces in which they are located. Depending on what you are interested in Canada: seashores, mountainous landscapes, echoes of French culture in architecture and mentality, the hospitality of locals - you can choose the ideal destination for an unforgettable vacation. The city of Halifax, in Nova Scotia, has taken the best from the remote coastal provinces of Eastern Canada. Here reigns friendliness and fun, accommodation and entertainment is more than available. The incredible beauty of the scenery and atmosphere soaked in the spirit of history are worthy of postponing the departure from the Land of a maple leaf for a few more days. halifax nova scotia The spirit of Victorian England is forever depicted in the atmosphere and architectural solutions of a city called Victoria. Founded more than 200 years ago, the capital of the province of British Columbia is famous for its strikingly warm climate, thanks to which a large number of pensioners of British origin settled here. Walking through the narrow streets of the city, do not stop at one of the typical English stores and topple a pint of delicious Irish beer in a nearby pub. Yes, the spirit of high Ireland also lives here! Also, in the courtyard, located near the flower-decorated Promenade of the "Empress" Hotel, you can brighten up your afternoon with a beautiful culinary tandem: English tea and cakes. If you are bored with the noise of the metropolises, go to cosmopolitan Vancouver - the city of wealthy immigrants and glass skyscrapers. Awaken your cultural identity at your local art gallery or visit the world-famous Science World museum. In the heart of North Hollywood lies the incredible size of Stanley Park, and a little outside the city is the luxury ski resort of Grouse Mountain. If you prefer the eastern climate, plan your route with a stop in the "northern Silicon Valley" - Ottawa. The capital of Canada is a paradise for fans of long excursions. Canadian Military Museum, Museum of Nature, Museum of Aviation and Space and many, countless others - everything for you!

8. French culture 

canadian city A piece of Old Europe in North America, the city of Quebec is much more "French" than its beloved neighbour Montreal. Convenient location, intricate architecture and high level of historical and cultural heritage protection are undoubtedly important, but not the main reasons to come here. Today Quebec is one of the most economically prosperous and architecturally impressive cities in Canada. Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque has merged here. Here each house, alley and fence has its unique history. French speech is heard everywhere, or rather its Quebec dialect, which is noticeably different from that of Francais. That's why when you come here, you will instantly cease to understand what language is spoken in Canada, and you even risk forgetting what country you are in. french architecture European charm soaks up every stone in the city, which is rightfully considered a sparkling emerald in a Canadian necklace. Everywhere you can hear the clatter of hooves of horse-drawn carriages, the ringing voices of Canadian street artists and musicians. Almost every house here is a treasure of world heritage. Take at least the world-famous hotel Chateau Frontenac, at the gates of which tourists are lining up in an incredible length of the queue to snatch the opportunity to take one or two photos. The North American cradle of French civilization, also known as the "city of theatres", welcomes tourists from all over the world, pouring before them rivers of delicious wines and filling tables with dozens of exquisite dishes. Taking a stroll through the cobbled streets, don't forget to amuse your taste buds with a crispy, fragrant croissant bought in a nearby pastry shop, which you won't have to dream about until your next trip to a real European France.

9. Railway journey

red train The romance of travel in trains is not alien to Canada. Why load yourself with car rental issues when you can jump into the last car and take a comfortable seat at the window? Railroad tracks permeate Canada, passing through the most picturesque corners of the country: serene prairies, filled with the rapid waters of rivers gorges and picturesque villages. One of the iconic routes is Rocky Mountaineer, where you can choose one of the four directions. It's better to start with the historically significant First Route, which will lead you to the West - to Vancouver, where in 1884 the last station of the Canadian Pacific Railway was rebuilt. From here, go on a journey along the Clouds route. Under the rhythmic clatter of train wheels, you will enjoy the best views of the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. On the Gold Rush route, you'll see the intricate flight paths of white-headed eagles, look at the osprey nests and even bear tracks between tree trunks, reaching the tops of the crowns as close to fluffy clouds as possible. Returning on the long journey called Whistler Sea to Sky Limb, you will find yourself in the small town of Whistler, right at the foot of the Kaylie and Wedge Mountains, where the emotionally fulfilling journey began. Make the Canadian dream come true by taking a fascinating journey around the country in the compartment of a comfortable train. Here you will not even remember what language is spoken in Canada: foreigners will probably occupy the neighbouring seats, and that's all. After spending 4 days on the road, enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the area, you will not notice how you travelled several thousand kilometres.

10. Eighth Wonder of the World 

niagara falls What will be your trip to Canada without visiting its most famous attraction - Niagara Falls? It's better not to check it in practice, and now you can book a tour to a place where the noise of water streams coming off steep slopes stuns and makes you forget about everything. Here, where the splashes of tireless water envelop with its coolness, time as if it stops its course, life slows down and there is a desire to enjoy the moment. Although the most powerful waterfall on the continent is most often mentioned in the singular, it is a complex of three steady water streams called Horseshoe Falls, Fata (Bridal Veil Falls), and the American Falls. Separating the state of New York from the province of Ontario, the Eighth Wonder of the World is undying popularity among new tourists and experienced travellers for many, many years. canada landscape You don't have to walk far to enjoy the beauty of the "Horseshoe" fully - the best view of it is right at the top of the slope opposite. Climbing the winding paths that have no end, overcoming the fear of heights to reach the cherished height finally, you will be rewarded by the incredible beauty of the panorama that unfolds right in front of you. As for the other two waterfalls of the complex, you'll have to travel a considerable distance before you can see one and a half hundred gallons of fast water raging down into the abyss every second. You can catch a fragment of the view of the American Falls by walking through the neat gardens of Queen Victoria Park or by running to the top of the Skylon Tower. Unfortunately, there is a chance to see "Fatu" only from the American side - in the state park Niagara Falls. No problem, because you can quickly organize a short trip to the neighbouring States, so that opposite the line "Niagara Falls Canada" in your tourist list with a pencil easily attributed to "America"! 

11. Security 

police car If you've ever opened a map of the world to find out where is Canada (and you've done precisely that, if you've almost finished the article!), you've noticed precisely how vast it is. And it's not just about the length of borders and the scale of territories, which are comparable in size to all European lands! By ten million Canadian square kilometres - only 34 million locals, the number of which, however, has been steadily increasing for several decades. Here, in a country washed by three mighty oceans, hidden many unseen treasures. Moreover, for curious travellers, there are no borders! At any moment, you can go to explore another hot spring, breathtaking beauty waterfalls, untouched parks and bridges swaying over the black depths of gorges, which, as they say, and pen do not describe. To bring more brightness to your journey, remember the power of effective networking, using it not only in business but also for personal use. Do not be afraid to ask questions to locals, get acquainted with them and try to establish friendships, meeting at a music evening in the open air or a table in a colourful cafe. Canadian people are considered one of the most hospitable nations in the world, which is in line with a common stereotype. Even when seeing you for the first time, locals are ready to extend a helping hand without hesitation, because next time they may be in your place. Thanks to this, it is incredibly safe to travel alone in Canada, unlike the neighbouring United States. Relaxed North Americans don't see the point in disturbing the general enveloping calm. But let us remember that security, no matter what they write or say, should not be neglected.

12. Diversity 

canada night view Canada's largest city, which is often mistaken for its capital, Toronto, has been home to 6 million Canadian people of different nationalities for decades. Here you will meet the British, Chinese, Italians, Irishmen, and even people from eastern India! Energetic and diverse, Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. However, stopping at the fact that the population of Canada is very friendly and open to the influence of other cultures, you miss a lot. For example, the way the so-called First Nation has seen the world - from the people of Blackfoot in Alberta to the Inuit who inhabited the northern part of the continent for centuries. You also risk missing the authentic sound of the violin of the Acadians - the descendants of the French settlers - in Nova Scotia or the intricate dialect of the "Land of Fogs" - Cape Breton Island. Who would have thought that one of the best ballet schools in the world is located in Winnipeg, the cultural centre of Canada? How to explain the fact that this vast country, despite its incredibly small population, has given the world the most famous artists, actors and comedians? Who would think that starting your list of Canadian to-go with "Niagara Falls Canada" is the biggest mistake of all? Travel, find out, explore, and it doesn't matter what language is spoken in Canada. In this country, it's a culture that brings the whole point to you without saying a word.

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