How to apply for Australia visitor visa?

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How to apply for Australia visitor visa?
visa for Australia. In this blog, you will get answers to these questions: how much does an Australia visitor visa cost, can I get an Australia visitor visa online, how long does a visitor visa Australia processing time take, what are the requirements for Australia visitor visa, how to get a visitor visa for Australia, and more.

Australia visa policy

australian flag If the visitor is not from one of the visa-free countries, then he (she) must get a visa. Depending on the purpose of the visit and duration of stay, you can apply for various visa types. Differ from some countries, while transiting through Australia, you must have a visa (transit visa). In general, we can divide Australian visas into the following categories: • Visitor Visas • Studying and Training Visas • Family and Partner Visas • Working and Skilled Visas • Australia Medical Treatment Visa Also, depending on the purpose of the visit, there are various subcategories of all visas. But today, we will talk about visitor visas.

The visitor visa for Australia

online visa application form The visitor visa (also known as a subclass 600) is a temporary visa that allows you to visit the country for a limited period. The government defines the validity and entrance count of the visa on a case-by-case basis. Some people may obtain one entrance, and some people may get multiple entry visas. On a multiple entry visa, you can leave and re-enter Australia on a valid visa. What is the validity duration of the visitor visa? Generally, the validation lasts for three months. But, for some people, it can be 12 months. As an example, we can say visitor visa Australia for parents. The validity of a visitor visa Australia for parents is 12 months or maybe even more. Applicants can't work or give services to an Australian-based company or organization during their trip. But, business visitors can: • Make general business or employment inquiries • Negotiate, investigate, enter into, or update a business contract • Manage projects as part of an official trip to the government • Participate in a trade fair, or seminar, conference

How to get a visitor visa for Australia?

australian embassy To get the visa, you will need to follow some steps and requirements for Australia visitor visa. You have a chance to apply online and offline. Applicants will follow the steps below during the application process. • Decide which type of application do you want (online or offline) • Collect all the needed documents • Pay the application fee • Wait for processing time • Obtain your visa through the embassy or online

Required documents (offline application)

visitor visa for australia One of the most crucial steps of visa application is collecting documents. All applicants must be completely concentrated during the process. It would be better to prepare an Australia visitor visa checklist. Australia visitor visa checklist will help you to decrease the mistake chance. False or missing documents may cause rejection. You will need to provide the documents and details below: • Australia visitor visa application form. All applicants must fully complete the Australia visitor visa application form in English, sign, and date (parents must sign for their children). • Passport. Validity minimum of six months beyond the date of your stay from Australia, not older than ten years, at least three free visa pages, undamaged pictures securely affixed to passport, and signed by the bearer. • Photos. There are some photo requirements for applicants: JPG/PNG format, size between 10 KB-1 MB, equal height and width, full face, front view, eyes open and without spectacles, light-colored or white background, no shadows on the face or the background, 45mm x 35mm. • ID Card copy • Residence permit/visa copy. For people whose country of residence and citizenship are different. • Copies of the main page of the passport and prior visas • Proof of financial means. While traveling to Australia, you must have enough funds to cover expenses. Also, you must show proof of your financial means. There are several ways to do it, such as a personal bank statement showing monetary movements (for at least three last months), credit card, cash, evidence of employment, and more. • Letter of invitation. Your relative or friend can give you an invitation letter. The letter must include their relationship to you, the purpose of your visit, and the length of your stay if you stay with them. If the person helps you financially during your stay in the country, you must show proof of it. • Travel itinerary. You must show proof of accommodation reservations and flight tickets. The document about accommodation reservations (hotel, hostel, and so on) must show all details, for example, name, street, city, zip code, and booking reference. • Travel plan • Evidence that you have reasons to go back home. It is not a secret that many people can abuse a visitor visa to stay in Australia. That is why you must provide some pieces of evidence, such as a letter from your employee, document from the school, college, or university. • Character documents. You must show any military service record or discharge documents, if applicable. • Extra documents for parents applying for a longer visa • Some documents for children Australia visitor visa online and required documents Such as in the offline version, it is a temporary visa. Successful applicants will get a multiple-entry visa. You can leave and re-enter the country as many times as you want while it's valid. You can stay for three months after each entry. It is also called subclass 651. Required documents are: • Application form • Passport and copy of the main page • Health insurance • Proof of sufficient funds • Supporting documents that show the reason for a trip

Australia visitor visa cost

australian dollar After providing the required documents, you will need to pay the fee for a visa. How much does it cost? The visitor visa charge is AUD 145 (about 113 USD). For Visitor - Frequent Traveller Stream is AUD 1,065 (about 827 USD). Depending on the country and location of submission, you may also need to pay other fees, such as courier service fees, etc. What about the charge of an Australia visitor visa online? Fortunately, you will not pay any payment; it is entirely free!

The visitor visa Australia processing time

mini calendar Probably, the most annoying part of the visa application is waiting for processing. How long does Australia visitor visa processing time take? Australia visitor visa processing time changes between 1-3 months (there can be differences depending on the country). If you are eligible, applying for an e-visitor visa is the best option. You will need to wait just 3-5 calendar days. Am I eligible for an e-visitor visa? There are 35 countries on that list. Some of those countries are: • Denmark • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany • The Netherlands • San Marino • Slovak Republic • United Kingdom – British Citizen • Vatican City

Extension of visitor visa Australia

passport on the luggage The next category that I would like to talk about is the extension of visitor visa Australia. After spending a couple of times in Australia, a lot of people want to stay longer. In this case, one must know that they can't stay in Australia longer by extending this visa. They must apply for another visa. Search for other possible visa options. Keep in mind that you should apply before your visa expires.

Reason for visa rejection

visitor visa rejected During the application for a visitor visa, all applicants must be careful. Thousands of people travel to Australia per year. And as there are many positive answers, there are also many people who get a rejection at the end of their applications for a visitor visa. Why do people get a rejection? There can be various reasons for failing, and here I will mention some of them.  • The passport may not have sufficient validity. As you know, it is the main document for the visa application. • Lack of financial means. All applicants must have enough funds to finance their stay in the country. • Criminal record. People who have a criminal record have low chances in visa application. • False or lack of documents. You must provide all documents. Never try to deceive (cheat) during the application.

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