17 reasons why you should travel to Australia right now

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17 reasons why you should travel to Australia right now
travel to Australia. Suppose you have not decided yet and may ask about why and how to travel to Australia. What do I need to travel to Australia, when is the best time to travel to Australia, or you may hesitate about is Australia safe to travel to due to Australia fires. Read this list of the 17 reasons you should travel to states and Australia's capital right now by quickly getting a travel visa to Australia. Also, by reading, you will find answers to your questions such as when is the best time to travel to Australia, how to get a travel visa to Australia, etc. 

1. Great Barrier Reef

great barrier reef The Great Barrier Reef combines spectacular underwater worlds and dreamy beach paradises. If you are still thinking of what I need to travel to Australia, consider a Great Barrier Reef trip. More than 3,000 coral reefs and countless islets with golden sandy beaches make the reef the largest coral reef globally. Life is presented here in crystal clear water in an incredible beauty and abundance of colours, which you can experience even as an inexperienced underwater athlete. You can look forward to encounters with an extraordinary variety of colourful coral fish.

2. New South Wales

new south wales The variety of landscapes in New South Wales in southeast Australia is one of the good reasons you consider a trip to Australia. There are wonderful sandy beaches such as Byron Bay on the coast, which is also the easternmost beach on the continent. Wide plains alternate with the New England highlands and the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains form the highest mountain range in Australia. Its wonderful mix of spectacular landscapes and picturesque mountain locations is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A culinary highlight is visiting the Hunter Valley, home to 120 wineries and numerous gourmet restaurants.

3. Sydney city

sydney opera house The Opera House in Sydney Australia Harbor, probably the most famous landmark of the city, is world-famous as a backdrop for impressive fireworks. In addition to its external effect, the interior of the sail-shaped building offers a brilliant spectacle. However, Sydney is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world beyond the harbour area. The vibrant city also scores spectacular events and exciting nightlife all year round. Popular beaches in Australia such as the famous Bondi Beach in the east or the golden Palm Beach in the north of the city and the Chinese Garden are relaxing meeting places for tourists.

4. Uluru Rocks

uluru rocks Nowhere else does Australia live up to its reputation as a red continent more than at Ayers Rock. The Inselberg, which officially bears the name Uluru, rises in the Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park with a height of 348 m in an isolated position above the central Australian desert. The rock's iron components' oxidation gives Uluru its distinctive reddish colour, becoming more intense and mystical with sunrises and sunsets. So it is no wonder that it has a particularly inspiring effect on people and has been a sanctuary of the indigenous people since memory. Nevertheless, climbing Ayers Rock is one of the really good reasons to travel to Australia.

5. Alice Springs

alice springs Alice Springs is the only major city in central Australia. As isolated as its location is, the existing tourist infrastructure is impressive. The Australian Central Museum has an exceptional collection of Aboriginal exhibits, Australian fires, minerals, and meteorites. Follow in the footsteps of medicine in the historical museum of Adelaide House, which the Royal Flying Doctor Service founder planned as the city's first hospital. Due to its exposed location, Alice Springs is the gateway to the outback when travelling to Australia.

6. Daintree Forest

daintree rainforest One of Australia's many natural wonders awaits you with the Daintree Forest on the northeast coast of Queensland. The dense forest is the oldest rainforest in the world. The diversity of the dense vegetation landscape and the heavenly beautiful sandy beaches alone visit this UNESCO World Heritage site a fascinating natural experience. There, where the rainforest grows up to the coast, even crocodiles swimming in the sea do not stop daring bathers from taking a refreshing dip in front of the dreamy backdrop.

7. Tasmania

tasmania About 240 km south of mainland Australia, there is Tasmania, the Tasmanian devil's natural home. That is why you may ask if is Australia safe to travel to. Do not worry, both mainland and Tasmania are safe; you need to take precautions against wild animals. The island is about the size of Ireland and a popular destination for nature lovers. Almost 25% of the total area of Tasmania is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and national parks even cover almost 40%. In the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania's capital Hobart, culture lovers will love a fascinating exhibition of impressive works from ancient to contemporary. 

8. Great Ocean Road

great ocean road This spectacular road will take you on the south coast of Victoria, about 150 miles from Torquay to Allansford. The trip is one of the most popular experiences for travellers to Australia. It perfectly combines unique nature experiences in fascinating landscapes, impressive encounters with Aboriginal culture, relaxed beach stays, and culinary highlights. 

9. Beaches in Australia

australia beach Trip to Australia is becoming more fascinating due to the multitude of fantastically beautiful and endless beaches on the 50,000 km long coastline. The east coast is a particular focus of tourists, while Western Australia beaches are particularly quiet. The texture varies between white sand against a tropical backdrop and stony granite coast. 

10. Fraser Island

fraser island On the east coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is probably the largest sand island in the world. On the one hand, Heavenly beaches fascinating natural spectacles on the other make a wonderful attraction here. 

11. Australia's Fauna

koala Australia's fauna alone is worth the trip. The feeling when you see kangaroos jumping around for the first time is indescribable. Koalas are not always everywhere, but some places in the wild can be spotted easily. 

12. Aboriginal culture

aborigines A trip to Australia allows you to learn more about the history and culture of Aborigines. Immerse yourself in the myths and stories and get to know a piece of original Australia. It works particularly well in the state of the Northern Territory, where most of the Aborigines live.

13. The Blue Mountains National Park

national park If you are in Sydney Australia, you should not miss a Blue Mountains National Park visit. The comfortable train ride on the Blue Mountains Line from Sydney Central takes just two hours. Whether just as a day trip from Sydney or for a longer break in nature, there is a lot to discover there.

14. Whitehaven Beach

whitehaven beach The famous Whitehaven Beach, in particular, is a popular destination. When you see it, know it is breathtakingly beautiful and as surreal as the photos of the unique beach appear. 

15. Rottnest Island

rottnest island A few kilometres west of Perth in Western Australia, there is Rottnest Island in the Indian Ocean. In particular, bird watchers will be happy on Rottnest Island, as the island is famous for rare birds such as the cliff parakeet, but other rare animal species, such as the quokka, which is also popular as the short-tailed kangaroo, lives on the island.

16. Canberra city

canberra The capital of Australia - Canberra - has quite a few attractions to offer, unlike in other metropolises. However, it has nice buildings and cultural events. For example, the New Parliament House is one of the best sights because of the architecture of the building and its impressive view. Also, the National Museum of Australia is one of the best sights in Canberra because it shows Australia's history in a great way.

17. It is easy to travel to

sydney Australia is a huge country and a member of the Commonwealth; if you are from one of the other member countries, you will not need a travel visa to Australia. If not, it is also possible to get a visa. How to travel to Australia? As Australia has big cities and mutual relations with many countries, there are enough flights from many parts of the world to Australia. When is the best time to travel to Australia? The best time to travel to Australia depends on which part of the continent you wish to visit, but generally, September and October are the best months.

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