How to apply for Dominican Republic tourist visa?

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How to apply for Dominican Republic tourist visa?
Cristopher Columbus set his foot on this land. We are talking about the wonderful Dominican Republic here! Please don’t confuse it with the island of Dominica, though. It lies close enough but is a different story. Many visit the Dominican Republic for holidays, and it is a destination especially popular among Americans. Some see it as one of the most romantic destinations, and it surely is! However, before figuring out what you will do there and booking that seaside cottage for the alone time with a special someone, you should consider the practicalities. The same applies to any traveler willing to visit this heavenly island - planning goes a long way. It is why to let’s start with the basics. This article will reveal the things you should know about the tourist visa requirements for the Dominican Republic! Starting from answering your question - do I need a tourist visa for the Dominican Republic? Or how to apply for Dominican Republic tourist visa the easiest way. Last but not least, you will get to hear the most crucial technicalities that will save you the need to dig deep in the web. For example, how high are the Dominican Republic tourist visa fees and is it possible to apply for a Dominican Republic tourist visa online? So let’s grab the bull by its horns and start from the bottom.

Do I need a tourist visa for Dominican Republic?

dominican republic saona island mano juan beach Let’s start with the countries with the most privileged status. If you are from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, Peru, South Korea, or Uruguay, then you don’t need to get any documents to travel to the Dominican Republic for tourism. Then the next level of privilege is the ones who are exempt from visas. Luckily, millions of tourists each year, the nationals of about half of the world’s countries, do not need to obtain a visa for the Dominican Republic. They have to obtain the tourist card (you will hear about it now and then in the article). With this, you can enter the land and stay there for up to 30 days. Writing down the whole list of visa-exempt countries will take a whole lot of space and time, which is why I will try to simplify and explain shorter. Anyone permitted by law to travel or reside in the United States, Canada, and the European Union (including Great Britain) won’t need a Dominican Republic tourist visa. A bunch of other countries is on the list too. If this does not apply to you, please check with the embassy where you should apply to see which category you fit.

What should I know about the Dominican Republic tourist visa?

flag of the dominican republic and passport The standard Dominican Republic tourist visa will allow staying there up to 60 days at a time. Single or multiple entries are permitted, but you have to explain the necessity for the latter one. With this visa, you are allowed to do tourist and cultural activities and visit conferences and conventions. At no point, you are allowed to work or be employed and paid by a Dominican company as it requires different documentation.

What are the Dominican Republic tourist visa requirements?

folder with the label requirements The standard list of tourist visa requirements for Dominican Republic is not very different from those that are being asked by other countries. Besides a filled Dominican Republic tourist visa application form, you will need to collect and submit a few other documents. Here is the list of them: • A visa application letter that has information about your nationality, the purpose of travel, the financial means, the professional status, and the intended place of residence; • A passport and a copy of its main page alongside a passport-style photo; • Proof of financial status - bank statements or business registration documents, etc. • Proof of occupation - a letter from the employer or the educational institution you are currently enrolled in; • Proof of valid accommodation booking/reservation or the copy of the house owner’s resident card if you are staying at somebody's home; • Invitation letter (if any); • Travel arrangements (roundtrip ticket booking etc.); These are just a few of the required formalities that you are very likely going to be asked for. Please keep in mind that each case is different, and you might be asked for more information or papers to support your application depending on your nationality and where you submit it.

How to apply for Dominican Republic tourist visa?

visa processing visa application form Here we go. It is probably the part of this article you were most curious to hear about. I am sorry to tell you that there is nothing very exciting about this, as for this visa the process is not very different to other countries. First, you will print and fill the Dominican Republic tourist visa application form and gather all the papers to support your application. Then you will have to visit an embassy that issues visas to the nationals of your residency country. It might be somewhere nearby, but it is also very likely that your country does not have a diplomatic mission of the Dominican Republic. In this case, you might have to send some documents with a courier service or post. After dealing with the papers, you will pay the Dominican Republic tourist visa fees and wait for the officials to inform you about their decision. Contrary to the tourist card (for nationals exempt from visas), you CAN NOT obtain the Dominican Republic tourist visa online. And the former one has to be made online if the travel is planned by sea or air. Tourist tickets for the ones arriving by air are conveniently included in the airfare.

How high are Dominican Republic tourist visa fees?

background of us dollar bills Most tourists who wish to enter the Dominican Republic but are technically exempt from visas will have to pay 10 USD on arrival and 20 USD on leaving the country. It is the tourist card I mentioned before. However, in reality, as of 2018, these fees are included in the airline ticket price already. As for the actual visa applicants are expected to pay anywhere from 75-280 USD depending on the nationality and the country where the application is submitted. For example, the US nationals will pay 95 USD, but UK nationals - 200 GBP (about 277 USD).

Dominican Republic tourist visa application processing time

time measuring Luckily, this does not take too much time. The times depend on the Dominican Republic tourist visa requirements that apply to your case, as well as the place of application. Usually, it will range from 6-15 working days, which is not too long. Nonetheless, never leave this formality to the last moment as you might always be asked to provide additional information, and it will incur longer processing times. It is quite obvious that a destination as popular as the Dominican Republic is no stranger to ensuring a smooth visa application process for anyone willing to enter this heavenly land. The procedures are quite standardized and do not require too complicated actions. Thanks to the basic information and tips covered in this article, you also get your Dominican Republic tourist visa in time! After all, who wants to spend time thinking about papers and bureaucracy when the prospect of a sunny beach with the whitest sand is ahead, right? All you have to do now is decide (if you haven’t done it yet) and gather all the documents required to apply ASAP. Anyhow, I wish you a super smooth application process and an unforgettable trip to a country of spectacular nature and vibrant culture! Bon voyage! * The technicalities in this article might temporarily differ from the ones actually in place at the moment because of Covid-19 related changes in the services. The waiting times might increase, or the visits to the embassy in person might be denied. Always consult with the place where you plan to submit your documents because they will be best informed about the most recent regulations. Additionally, it is important to remember that nowadays, due to Covid-19, the health situation in different countries changes almost daily. It just means that the borders get closed at short notice, and the trips get canceled. To save your nerves and money, in these times I strongly suggest booking tickets with a possibility to cancel and get the refund at no extra charge. The same goes for accommodation reservations or other paid activities that you might want to book ahead. Weigh out the risks and arrange your plans accordingly!

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