How to apply for US visitor visa?

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How to apply for US visitor visa?
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How to apply for US visitor visa?

waving flag of the united states If you want to get a visitor visa, you must answer the US visitor visa requirements and follow some steps. There are five steps that all participants must finish. In this blog, you will find information about all of the steps. The steps of the visa application process are: • Submitting DS-160 form • Paying the visa fees • Scheduling the visitor visa interview at the US embassy or consulate • Fishing the B-2 visa document process • Attending the visa interview

US visitor visa

crowds at times square The visitor visa is also known as a B-2 nonimmigrant visa. It allows visitors to visit the country for temporary reasons, such as tourism. If you are not from one of the visa-waiver countries, you must apply for a visa. Also, citizens of Canada or Bermuda can realize their trip to the United States of America without obtaining a visa. If you applied for Travel Authorization under the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) and your registration has been denied, you need to apply for a visa.

Documents required for US visitor visa

american woman using laptop Which documents will I need during the application process? As you know, while applying for a visa to any country, we need to provide some documents and details. Such as in other countries, you will undergo such kind of procedure in a visitor visa application for the United States of America. The documents required for US visitor visa are: • Confirmation page of the application DS-160 form • The appointment confirmation page ( if it is necessary) • Passport or other valid documents for traveling: Should be valid for at least six months beyond the aimed stay in the United States of America. It must have at least one free visa page. • Photo. The photo must answer the requirements such as 5 X 5 cm, colorful photograph, and taken within the last six months. • Evidence of status in the country. You will provide a residence permit if you have any. • Proof of financial means. While traveling to the United States of America, you must have enough funds to cover expenses. Also, you must show proof of your financial means. There are several ways to do it, such as a personal bank statement showing monetary movements (for at least three last months), credit card, cash, evidence of employment, and more. • Proof of occupation. The applicant must provide a letter from the local employer. Also, the applicants must give details of the employer or a company (name, postal address, and telephone number ). If a person is an owner of the company, a valid business license copy, company ownership documents, and sponsor's valid passport and residence visa should be provided. Furthermore, salary, working hours, position and other details about the work must be mentioned. • Photocopies of flight ticket reservations and hotel bookings: Here, you must show proof of flight tickets and accommodation reservations. The paper about accommodation reservations (hotel, hostel, and so on) must show all details, such as name, street, city, zip code, contact information, and booking reference. • Some additional documents

US visitor visa fees

woman holding dollars After providing all the needed documents, you will need to pay the charge for a visa. How much does it cost? All applicants who want to get the USA Visitor Visa will pay a 160 USD visa application fee. It is the same for all foreign nationalities. When will I realize a payment? You will pay the visa fee online when you schedule an interview.

US visitor visa processing time

person holding white oclock In general, the visa application process is an exciting and sometimes annoying process. It becomes annoying, especially during the processing time. The modern world makes almost everyone impatient, and waiting without doing anything is a disaster for most people. How many days will I wait? Fortunately, the processing time for the Visitor Visa is not so long. The average processing time changes between 3-10 calendar days. Some people may face some problems during the application and get a refusal, for instance, refusal under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act for administrative processing. If you face such a problem, wait for an answer from the consular section. The consular section will inform you when it is finished or if additional information is required from you. Please don't forget that the consulate or embassy does not know how long administrative processing will take. In some cases, it can take months or years.

US visitor visa for parents

family taking stroll on the shore If parents are not from one of the visa-free countries, they will need to apply for a visa to travel to the country. Such as we mentioned above, they will follow application steps. This visa will let them stay in the country for three months.

US visitor visa questions

businessman giving contract As a part of the visa application, you will attend an interview. It would be better to prepare beforehand. In that case, you will feel more self-confident. There is not any reason to worry. Just relax and answer all questions honestly. 1. Is it your first visit to the United States? Actually, the interviewer will have information about it. So, tell all details honestly and don't try to lie. Even if you face problems (such as deporting), you should say it. Just tell some general things about your visit. 2. Do you have any relatives or friends in the United States? Tell the consular about them, even if you have faraway relatives that you only meet every three-four years or even less. Also, if you have friends that you have met several times, you should say it. Because if they find it later, it may cause problems for your application. The embassy is mostly scared that their visitors will try to remain in the US, and that is why hiding information. 3. What is the reason for your visit? Not hearing this question during the interview is almost impossible. It is a kind of warm-up question. It helps the candidate to adapt to situations and relax. Some of the answers that you can give are: • Touring historical places • Traveling to Hollywood • Traveling to music concerts 4. Where will you stay? If you book a hotel or hostel room, give it details. If you stay in a friend's home, tell his (her) address. 5. Why did you choose this time to visit? Probably, this question will be easy to answer for you. • I will stay at my friend's house, and my friend's apartment is suitable only during this period • The concert that I wish to go to will take place • Because of special days, such as birthdays, honeymoon, etc 6. How long will you stay in the US? It is another simple question. Tell just how many days, weeks you plan to stay.

Where to apply for US visitor (tourist) visa?

muslim woman near american embassy All applicants can complete their visa application in the US visa application center, embassy, or consulate, whichever accepts visa applications, in your country of residence. If none of them are available in your country, you need to apply to the nearest embassy or consulate to your location.

Chances of getting US visitor visa

brown passport It is not a secret that not all of the applications get a success. You must show that you have all qualities to get a visa and your purpose is to visit sightseeing places. How can I increase my chance? Various things can increase your success rate. For example, having property and personal assets will have a positive effect on the application. Furthermore, if you have visited other places before, you will be more advantageous. Another way to increase the chance is: providing documents to prove that you will go back to your motherland. Keep in mind that providing false documents or missing files will end with a rejection. So, prepare a checklist to be sure of having all needed documents. In the end, I would like to wish good luck to all applicants. I hope the information you read here will be beneficial during the application process.

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