How to get a study visa for Switzerland?

How to get a study visa for Switzerland?

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How to get a study visa for Switzerland?

For many students studying abroad is a dream. There is many students’ parent who wants to send their kids for studying abroad. It has been seen once the student finishes their essential education degree, parents start visiting counsellors for planning their offspring’s overseas higher education. Students aspiring to overseas education believe that education in a foreign country can add more value to their experience and help their careers prosper in the future.

If you have selected Switzerland as your foreign land for education, you have made a great choice. Switzerland is a country that offers Switzerland post study work visa too.

Switzerland has proven itself to be one of the best places to pursue higher educations in terms of education. Switzerland may be famous as a land of honeymoon. And there is a strong reason behind such thinking because of its fusion of scenic beauty and elegance. Still, the fact that is unknown primarily among many folks is that Switzerland stands on the top list of educational destinations. Many aspiring students search for acquiring a Switzerland study visa for their future educational endeavours. Thousands of students apply for their academic studies in this paradise of educational purpose.


If you want to continue your higher education in Switzerland and possess the perfect merit, no one can stop you. However, the thing you have to prepare for before packing your bag is a Switzerland study visa.

Switzerland study visa is a fundamental factor you need to consider once you start planning your higher education in Switzerland. There are lots of things related to the Switzerland study visa requirements that you need to know. Did you get worried? And started thinking about how to get student visa for Switzerland and is IELTS required for Switzerland student visa? Worrying for a Switzerland study visa doesn’t suit you. There is nothing such complication that will make you leave your dream behind.

In this article, you will come across every detail you need to know about Switzerland study visa requirements, IELTS required for Switzerland student visa, or Switzerland study visa without IELTS. Whether you are looking for a student visa or Switzerland post study work visa, you must comprehend the rules very well. So, let’s jump into the main topic of the article to know is IELTS required for Switzerland student visa.

The first chapter of Switzerland study visa

applying for visa

Switzerland is a part of the Schengen Zone. Usually, if you are living nearby region, a Schengen visa can help you to get through the country. However, if you are planning to stay there and continue your study, your visa process will be a bit different. The procedure to apply for a Switzerland study visa incorporates different. For example, a student pursuing a hotel management course may need to extend their stay at least for six months after graduation.

As it has already been said that there are different Switzerland study visa requirements. Here are some basic steps you need to know.

Applying for a Switzerland student visa after comprehending the study program you want to pursue.

Before searching for the details of Switzerland study visa requirements, you have to choose your study program. You will not get a proper answer for your question “how to get student visa for Switzerland?” until and unless you have selected your course. It is quite a common factor; you have to find a university that suits you and choose the course as per your choice. You can conduct comprehensive research on the subject available and all the details related to it. Once you know every detail of the course, you have to match the details of the course with the Switzerland study visa requirements.

If you are opting Bachelors’ program, you will require a Swiss maturity degree or a certificate equal to the secondary level school certificate as an essential document for the visa. If you are pursuing a master’s degree course, you have to show a bachelor’s degree certificate or a certificate similar to it. Moreover, for another course, you can apply for the course through an online application on the university website. A common question asked by students here is that is IELTS required for Switzerland student visa?

While applying for a study visa, you have to choose Language proficiency. There is a different rule for the Switzerland study visa without IELTS. You must be thinking about what IELTS is? And how Switzerland to study visa is related to the topic of IELTS.

What is IELTS?

ielts test report form

While applying for a student visa in Switzerland, or searching for an answer for how to get student visa for Switzerland? You must have come across the topic IELTS.

IELTS is an abbreviation for the International English Language Testing System. This program is designed to assist the student in studying or working or migrating to a foreign country where English is followed as a native language.

We all know that English is considered the third most spoken language in the world. And your ability to read, write, listen and write the language is assessed in this test. Now coming to visas, most of the people who know about the concept of IELTS mostly search about is IELTS required for a Switzerland student visa?

About this question, is IELTS required for a Switzerland student visa? You have to keep in mind that while applying for the student VISA in Switzerland, you will need language proficiency.

Is IELTS required for a Switzerland student visa?


To be appropriate with the answer, if you are applying for the Student Visa for the students, you will not require any particular language need or rule for obtaining the VISA. In Switzerland, the student is taught in various languages like Italian, French, Indian, English, etc. And as per the record international student prefers English as their language. While choosing a course language as English, you may have to give evidence of the TOEFL and IELTS.

A student who has chosen any other language may apply for a Switzerland study visa without IELTS. In some cases, it has been seen that students are asked to give a written or oral test to prove one’s language choice, to ensure whether the student is eligible for a Switzerland study visa without IELTS or not.

Pick the type of visa before applying for a Switzerland student visa:

When you are reading this article with this patience and learning more information on how to get a student visa for Switzerland, your urge for a student visa is for real. You have already explored the upper section of the article, where students need to prepare before applying for a student visa in Switzerland.

Apart from all the points mentioned above, you need to comprehend some more factors, such as Switzerland study visa cost, what type of visa you want to apply for, what types of documents are included in the Switzerland study visa requirements. There are mainly two types of visas in Switzerland, designed according to the time of your stay. Now you have to decide what kinds of Visas you will need. Switzerland study visa cost will surprise you, as it is free of charge.

NOTE: If you are planning for obtaining Switzerland post-study work visa, the requirements for application will be different. However, students are allowed to stay for 6 months after ending their education.

Your visa type will be decided based on the duration of your visa

switzerland visa
  • C Visa – C- visa is designed as a short time visa. It is allowing the student to stay in Switzerland for a short span. This visa is intended for those students who visit the country for summer school, language school, seminars. This visa is for at least three months. It would help if you did not forget that the processing time of C-visa is 10-15 days
  • D Visa – D-Visa can also be termed as a long-term visa. This visa is specially designed for those who will reside in the country for a more extended period for work, studies, etc. On the term of D-Visa, International students are authorised with Schengen Visa for a longer tenure. The period of this visa is for one year, which can also be extended. The processing time of the D visa is around ten weeks approx

Switzerland study visa cost and required documents

switzerland visa stamp

Here is the list of the Document you will require while applying for a Switzerland student visa.

  • If you have a plan for residing in Switzerland for a more extended period, you will have to fill up three forms of D-visa.
  • Four passport size photos
  • If you have a plan for residing in Switzerland for a more extended period, you will have to fill up three forms of D-visa.
  • Passport 
  • Appoint letter from your chosen Swiss university.
  • Evidence of payment of the tuition and registration fees.
  • Evidence of financial means to prove that you can meet the Cost of Living in Switzerland
  • CV
  • A declaration that says that you will leave the country after the completion of the degree.
  • Health insurance is also an essential factor that needs to be organised.
  • Last but not least, a letter of motivation.

According to the latest update about Switzerland study visa cost, for adults, the visa may cost around 80 euro, which is 6400 rupees. The cost of the visa entirely depends upon what type of you are picking up. And the price also differs if you choose Switzerland post-study work visa.

Wrapping up


There is nothing wrong with dreaming of abroad studies. Studying in a foreign land can add extra value to your career prospect. There is a different set of rules for allowing foreigners into the country. You will require a visa to stay in the country for the completion of your purpose. If you plan to continue your further studies in Switzerland, you have to know every minute detail of a Switzerland study visa.

Nobody will want to be rejected from getting a visa. Getting rejected on a visa means you will have to leave your dream behind. Here you have come across information regarding the student visa. Remember, If you are applying for the Switzerland post-study work visa, rules and requirements can differ in this case.

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