How to get a tourist visa for Nepal?

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How to get a tourist visa for Nepal?
Nepal is a beautiful country to visit. Most of the country is stretched between China and India. It is highly mountainous as the country is located on the foothills of the Himalayas. If we look at the geography of the country, we will see great diversity. Some areas can be low as 59 meters while other areas are around 6000 meters. This geographical diversity has caused cultural diversity as well. The country is home to more than 35 distinct ethnic groups, each speaking its language and believing in different religions. Nepal is full of fascinating structures. For many people, having so many landmarks in such mountainous areas seem shocking. What is more fascinating is that most of these structures are UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. Nepal will remind you of the fairytales that most of us are familiar with. Buddhist temples, stupas, medieval castles, etc., being so picturesque, are ideal places to get a perfect photo for your social media accounts to amaze people. namche bazar If you are travelling to Nepal, prepare to get exposed to unprecedented hospitality. Nepalese people treat tourists like a God. Because they believe that God sends guests, they will not hesitate to offer you a meal or beverage. Like its geography, Nepal's cuisine is diverse too. Although you will witness Chinese and Indian influence on most foods, it still preserves its unique cuisine. Nepal is an excellent country for extreme lovers. As the country's topography varies greatly, so do extreme activities. Here you can try a wide range of adrenaline-rush activities such as climbing up a mountain (especially Everest if you dare), skiing, bungee jumping, sky diving, hot air ballooning, paragliding, etc. Sure enough, Nepal guarantees to have a good time. But what about the technical part? I am talking about visas to be concise. This article will learn about Nepalese tourist visa, the cost of Nepal tourist visa, and other related issues. Most importantly, we will try to answer how to apply for Nepal tourist visa. Before seeking an answer, let's find out whether you need a visa or not.

Do I need a visa for Nepal?

nepal visa It depends on the citizenship of a country. However, you are most likely to need a visa. Why? Simple, because aside from India, all countries are visa-required. However, there is a tricky part. Nationals of some countries are obliged to apply for a visa through an embassy or consulate, while others can benefit from a visa on arrival. People from countries like Afghanistan, Cameroon, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Zimbabwe have to apply for Nepal tourist visa through an embassy of Nepal. People from other countries not shown on the list will need to apply for the visa on arrival. Since we are settled on this issue, we can now look at things like Nepalese tourist visa fee, Nepalese tourist visa requirements, Nepal online tourist visa, etc.

Nepal tourist visa application

visa application form Applying for a visa can be frustrating. You have to gather documents, make an appointment, etc. However, travelling to Nepal is rewarding. So you can be sure that going through all these procedures will pay off once you are in Nepal. What are the Nepalese tourist visa requirements? You will find a list of required documents on the list below: • A passport. Your passport should be valid for like 6 months beyond your travel. It should have your signature along with your photos. • Photos. Your photos should be taken recently, which is not older than 6 months. It should fit passport size and meet photo requirements. • If you obtained a visa before, you should present that. • Travel itinerary which includes round trip ticket reservation. You should present proof of accommodation during your travel as well. • You should have enough financial meaning to realize your trip. The financial sufficiency can be proved by presenting cash, credit card, or bank statement indicating the last 6 month's financial activity. • If, among the travellers, there is a minor, then you will need to present a birth certificate or proof of adaptation or custody decree in the case that parents are divorced. If the applicant is a minor, then he or she will need to present a Permit letter by parents or guardians allowing him or her to travel alone. Other documents can be requested depending on some factors. How much is a tourist visa for Nepal? This part is also important. Nepalese tourist visa fee can vary depending on some nuances. A major factor in this regard is the type of travel. Things like length of travel and entry type can change the fee. To put it simply, the cost of Nepal tourist visa for 15, 30, and 90 days multiple entries are respectively 30, 50, and 125 USD. woman holding usd What about visa processing time? I have great news regarding processing time. Apparently, visa applications for a tourist visa to Nepal are in most cases, processed within a day. If it is urgent, the processing can be done on the same day you present your application. how to apply for Nepal tourist visa? You either undergo visa procedures at an embassy or immigration office. In the case of an embassy, you first find the nearest embassy. Contact and ask for the latest information about Nepal tourist visa application. Then make an appointment and be there on time, present requirement documents and pay the fees. Bear in mind that having a visa does not grant you the right to enter Nepal. That is, you will be obliged to go through some procedures at immigration offices. There, your entry can be denied based on some factors.

Nepal online tourist visa

online visa application Is it possible to apply for a tourist visa online for Nepal? The answer is not that easy. Well, there is no Nepal online tourist visa that is 100 percent online. However, you can use the official website of the Nepal Department of Immigration. You can use it for pre-arrival, a visa through an embassy or a visa on arrival. Furthermore, you can use this service for Nepal tourist visa extension, and Nepal tourist visa on arrival. With this service, you will upload your photos and present your email address, telephone numbers, etc. Then, your application will remain in the system for 15 days. If your application is successful, you will get an email indicating a receipt. Print it and keep it as you will need to present the receipt. You can contact the immigration authority till the date shown on the receipt. Furthermore, you will find the required documents to be presented on this receipt.

Nepal tourist visa on arrival

kathmandu airport Most of the readers who consider travelling to Nepal will need to apply for Nepal tourist visa on arrival. What is a visa on arrival anyway? It is what its name suggests. You get a visa upon arrival. Although it is more convenient, it has some risks. For example, your application can easily be denied. Aside from that, be aware you might wait in queue for your turn. Requirements for Nepalese tourist visa on arrival remain the same with a visa obtained from an embassy. If you are asking how much is a tourist visa for Nepal on arrival, the answer depends on different things. For 15 days long travel visa fee is 30 USD, for 30 days, it is 50 USD, and for 90 days, it is 125 USD.

Nepal tourist visa extension

embassy of nepal Although travelers can enjoy a 90-day stay by entering the country for multiple times, even that timeline may not satisfy your thirst for exploring Nepal. Therefore, some people may want to extend their travels. Is extending an option, though? According to the Nepal Department of Immigration, the extension can be done for 15 and more days. To extend your visa for 15 days, you need to pay the fee amount of 45 USD. For every additional day after 15 days, you will need to pay 3 USD. To conclude, Nepal is a promising country with its wonders waiting to be explored. Travelling to Nepal can be a turning point for most people. There at the slopes of the Himalayas, you can find the inner peace you have been seeking for a long time. I know it can be seen as far off place, but the country has a lot to offer again. Completing the visa application can tire you of its complex procedures. However, we have an attractive offer for you. You can leave all the work to the hands of pickvisa's skilled team and not worry about the visa.

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