How to get a tourist visa for Qatar online?

How to get a tourist visa for Qatar online?

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How to get a tourist visa for Qatar online?

Would you like to prefer to enjoy the world-class restaurants and shop in ultra-modern malls with a luxury brand, which explores fourteen centuries of art in the museum and takes down the bustling alleys of the traditional souqs? Then Qatar is offering something to everyone. Just fly with your dream and discover Qatar with your new Qatar tourist visa, how to apply for Qatar visa online, and Qatar tourist visa requirements.

For applying online, it is a must for you to have a confirmed and valid air ticket to Qatar. A Qatar visa has been given to the people who are willing to travel for tourism in Qatar, work, study, employment and work purposes. If you want to know how to apply for Qatar visa online, you must carefully read this article. And we are giving the details of the Qatar tourist visa online application.

Qatar is an Arab country, the terrain of which has been comprised of the arid desert and a vast Persian Gulf shoreline of the dunes and beaches. It is no doubt a beautiful place where you can make your dream vacation trip, but before this, you have to prepare your visa. For this, you have known the detail about the Qatar tourist visa processing time, how to apply for Qatar visa online, and the Qatar tourist visa fee.

People who are willing to visit their relatives, friends or family, need a special entry visa which will be valid for six months. For a wonderful vacation tour, you can avail a Qatar tourist Visa. But before applying for a Qatar visa, it is essential to know about the details of Qatar tourist visa requirements and how to apply for Qatar tourist visa online and obviously about every type of visa. They are:

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  • Business Visa:

A business visa has been given to people willing to travel to Qatar for some business purpose. Agencies and companies are dealing with some business-related visitors, who are responsible for making this visa application. Users and authorised companies can apply for this visa online.

  • Student Visa:

A student visa is given to international students, those willing to study at Qatar University. Those students who don’t have any Qatar residence Permit are ineligible for consideration in Qatar University admission. It would help if you researched how to apply for Qatar visa online and all about student visas to apply in this country.

  • Employment Visa:

A work visa or an employment visa has been given to the individuals willing to travel to Qatar for employment or work purpose. A company or sponsors need to apply for an employment visa on behalf of a person.

  • Qatar Tourist Visa:

The most popular and usable visa is a tourist visa. When the time comes for applying for this tourist visa, the first question which comes to our mind is how to apply for Qatar tourist visa online? We are giving your answer in detail. A Qatar Tourist visa has been issued to people, who are interested in travelling to Qatar for a holiday and other short term purposes. This Qatar tourist visa fee is very pocket friendly to get. A Qatar visa can be obtained in the form of an e-visa which will be valid for 30 days and you can extend it for one more month. To make a Qatar visa, you have to follow a Qatar tourist visa online application procedure. We need to know more about this Qatar tourist visa online.

What is a Qatar tourist visa means?

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Whenever you are willing to plan a trip aboard as a tourist, there must be some formalities that you need to follow. If Qatar is your next vacation destination, then you must have to issue a Qatar tourist visa and know how to apply for a Qatar visa online. This visa will help you to visit that country for tourism. However, the visa cannot give you a guarantee to enter Qatar. If the airport's authority can be able to find an issue with yourself or with the visa, they would not allow you to enter Qatar.

The validity of that visa will be depended on the period of staying which you required. And you have to keep in your mind that the visa can’t be extended. Obviously, on arrival, you can issue a visa, which will be a Qatar visa waiver. This visa allows a stay of thirty days per travel and single entry. Do you want to know what is Qatar tourist visa online? What is the process to apply for Qatar tourist visa online, and about the Qatar tourist visa requirements? Then you have to keep in your mind all the details about it.

How to apply for a Qatar tourist visa?

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You usually need to follow the procedure for Qatar tourist visa online application. Before going towards this application, you have to know the more flexible way to apply and obviously about Qatar's tourist visa processing time. There are two paths to avail a tour to Qatar. You can apply online before taking the flight to Qatar, or obviously, you can take permission after reaching the Qatar airport. We are giving the process of applying for Qatar tourist visa online in detail:

  • Arrival Visa
  1. You have to book both side tickets from Qatar
  2. Book a hotel room
  3. You have to carry the accommodation with you
  4. Submit all documents
  5. After reaching you have to consult authorities for a Qatar Tourist Visa requirement.

When you have completed all the things correctly, there will be some things which you will need to take care of. You have to remember when filling the form that the information you have provided must be correct and have to be matched with the details in the passport and documents. If any unbelievable or incorrect information can be found in the application, your visa can be rejected. A rejection of a visa may affect the future application of a tourist visa to Qatar or any foreign country. So by following this process, you can easily Qatar tourist Visa online for Qatar tourist visa online application.

Qatar visa processing time and fees


To apply for Qatar tourist visa online, you have to know the Qatar tourist Visa Processing time required for issuing the tourist visa is near about fifteen days. The time can vary on some factors like the staff availability, the workload at the embassy office, and others. The time decreases and increases affected by these parameters. Usually, you can get your online visa during 1 - 5 working days. The online Qatar tourist visa fee is about 27 USD. Knowing the Qatar tourist visa fee details is also essential to apply for Qatar tourist visa online. It has been paid at the submitting time of the application form. In the case of Visa arrival, the visa waiver fees can be paid at the airport.

After completing the process of submitting the application form and paid the necessary fees, there will be a lot of things to be considered by you:

  • Flight ticket for the return and the onward journey has to be confirmed for the above procedures
  • If you are being opted for a Qatar visa for arrival, you can avail of a visa waiver
  • A visa waiver is not like another visa, but it is a permission that says that you are a tourist and can stay in Qatar legally

Who should be eligible for a Qatar tourist visa?


Before going through the Qatar tourist visa online application process, you must fulfil all the eligibility criteria. We are listing those criteria:

  • If you are going to visit any of your acquaintances, you have to carry on an invitation letter from the resident of Qatar.
  • You can visit only for tourism or going to any acquaintances; you can’t be allowed for searching or taking up any employment.
  • You have to be healthy enough to visit Qatar because you have to give a medical test before going to this country and have to provide relevant documentary proof.

Requirements of Qatar tourist visa

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The documents required for the Qatar tourist visa online have to follow to being assured of this visa. All papers will hold their importance, and they have to be in good condition, giving the needed news. The document requirements can be changed as per the nationality of the applicant. The documents of Qatar tourist Visa requirements are:

  1. A passport which will be valid for six months
  2. A passport size photograph
  3. Scan a copy of the last and first page of your passport
  4. Return ticket of the trip

Wrapping up

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Qatar is no doubt a well-known place for its hospitality and sophistication. The modernized, towering architecture has been starting with, Qatar has which many things. These beautiful, limitless deserts, beaches, and anti-mosques constantly call tourists to visit this wonderful place. So what are you waiting for? By reading this article, properly, you can quickly know about the Qatar tourist visa processing time. Plan your schedule by adjusting this period. Also, you can get to know about the Qatar tourist visa fee and obviously how to apply Qatar visa online, then make your dream vacation plan in Qatar.

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