10 cleanest beaches in Dubai

10 cleanest beaches in Dubai

Narmin Aydinqizi13 December 20195211 views9 min. read
10 cleanest beaches in Dubai

Dubai has been the most popular destination for vacation in recent years with its blue sea, white sand, and hot climate. Dubai, once a small fishing town, is one of the most popular and developed cities in the world today. The city, which hosts about 55 million tourists a year, is very famous for its beaches. On one side is Burj Al Arab, and on the other, there are skyscrapers behind the white and clean sandy beach. If you are looking for unforgettable places for the holiday, this is a must-see city with the purest water beaches. 


We can't say how many beaches are in Dubai, as there are many beaches in Dubai. These Dubai beaches are located in the warm, blue Persian Gulf and make the area a genuinely tropical resort. Although many beaches have been associated with private and luxury residential communities or hotels, the government has been able to provide numerous public beaches. Most of the beaches in Dubai are not naturally occurring, so the soft and white sand is flat and enlarged. Dubai's intense summer heat means many people go to the beach after dinner. Even in the winter months, you can find tourists who escape from the cold of Europe. As we started to talk about the Dubai beaches, let's continue. Here is our list of the cleanest and top 10 beaches in Dubai. Let's get acquainted! But before, please check UAE visa requirements for your nationality to plan your trip while reading this blog! 

1. Jumeirah Beach Park

jumeirah at sunset Jumeirah Beach Park is one of the top beaches in Dubai, with its downtown location, reasonable prices, and the concept of a beach park. This beach can be an answer to the question: "What is the most white beach in the world?" It shares its beach with the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel. Recently, it is the leading beach among the best beaches of Dubai for its golden sand and clean water. Ideal for families with children. There is a permanent rescue service, decent toilets, and changing rooms. It is spread over 12 hectares, and there are many cafes in the lush green park. It is possible to walk under the palm trees and have a barbecue. There is no room for prohibitions. In addition to the playground, there are volleyball courts, pools, and spacious parking spaces. The Jumeirah beach, which offers the ideal recreation for young people, is quite busy on weekends. Open daily from 07:30 to 22.00. On Mondays, only women and children are allowed to access it. Entrance fee: 5 dirhams per person; Parking cost: 20 dirhams.

2. Al Mamzar Beach Park

al mamzar beach park The beach park, spread over an area of 106 hectares, has four different beaches and green space under palm trees. There are a shower and locker room on all four beaches. Some of the stylish air-conditioned lodges can be rented in recent years. It is very convenient and comfortable for families with children. The grass-covered park area, with 1,600 palm trees and 300 coconut trees, is as impressive as the beach with blue water. This section includes walking and bicycle paths, luxury restaurants, three pools, and an amphitheatre for children. You can also visit the park by miniature train. Al Mamzar Beach Park has been steadily making its way to the popularity of Jumeirah Beach Park in recent years. You can rent a small, air-conditioned beach tent with a barbecue brazier for a day. Although Al Mamzar is called the "Open Beach," there are fewer people here. Al Mamzar is close to Deira, the original heart of Dubai, which is an excellent place to visit. It is also close to the neighbouring Sharjah border. Sharjah Palace Hotel can bring you closer to Al Mamzar Beach Park by crossing the border (such as moving from one US state to another). The beach is open on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 08.00 to 22.00, and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 08.00 to 23.00. On Mondays and Wednesdays, only women and children are allowed to enter the beach. The entrance fee is 5 dirhams per person and 40 dirhams by car.

3. JBR Beach

jbr beach JBR Beach is one of the most modern and European-like beaches in Dubai. It gets its name from the Jumeirah Beach Residence buildings. Once, it was called "Russian Beach" for its popularity among Russian tourists. More than 10 million Russian tourists visit this place every year. This JBR Beach in the shadow of the residential buildings is often preferred because of its white sand, purest water, as well as cosmopolitan visitors, proximity to the seascape, 1.8 km running path, and the 24-hour shops. Although you do not like swimming, this place is offered for a walk on the to-do list in Dubai. We also agree with this proposal. This beach, which is especially crowded on weekends due to its affordability, is well-loved by locals and tourists. Hilton Dubai is located on the Jumeirah Walk (the main street along the beach), looking to the sea. There are plenty of places to rent "toys", such as water toys, bicycles, and scooters. The beach is open on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m and from 7 a.m to 12:00 a.m on Fridays and Saturdays.

4. Kite Beach

kite beach Kite Beach is mainly famous for water sports fans due to its windy weather. It is renowned for its colourful kites, rising from the water against the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel. In addition to kiting and water skiing, there are also services such as bungee jumping, skiing, volleyball courts, and walking trails. Nevertheless, do not think that the beach is for sports fans only. There are many restaurants, cafes, and even a beach library. The recreation centre that is also known as Wollongong Beach because of the Wollongong University located behind offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere compared to other beaches. It is also one of the best beaches in Dubai. It is one of the most visited beaches for families with children and students. The beach is open 24 hours.

5. La Mer

la mer beach La Mer, one of the most progressive and famous Dubai beaches, is also one of the ideal recreation areas with 2.5 kilometres of beach divided by the southern and northern parts and numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops. There is a trampoline area for kids and four different playgrounds. Here you can also try many water sports. This new beach, which claims to have a more modern and "cool" identity with minimalist and stylish design, is appealing with its wall paintings and colour-changing booths. In La Mer, you can spend your day enjoying the sea, the sand, and the sun without being bored. Open every day from 10.00 to 24.00.

6. Rixos the Palm Beach

palm beach It is the beach of the Rixos Hotel, located in the easternmost point of Palm Jumeriah Island, in the form of the artificial date palm. It is one of the rare places for motor water sports types such as jet skiing and wakeboarding, as it is located at a great distance. It also offers entertainment activities for families with children, such as children's clubs and a playground on the beach. You can do yoga or aerobics here, but you do not have to be active! Rixos also has the best and most comfortable beach lounges in Dubai. True, we cannot say that prices are reasonable. The prices: from Monday to Thursday: 175 dirhams, Friday-Saturday: 250 dirhams. These prices are half for children.

7. Umm Suqeim Beach

umm suqeim beach If you want to go to the Burj Al Arab luxury hotel, one of the beaches in the list of top 10 beaches in Dubai - Umm Suqeim Beach (also called Jumeirah Public Beach), is a great place to visit. It is a straight beach along the coastline where the Burj is located. (small peninsula at sea). The area is a beach that offers several services except for rescue team booths and basic amenities (toilets and showers). There is a small area of green grass, some indoor walking, and play areas. Playing in the Persian Gulf is even more fun. Wild Wadi Water Park is also located in Umm Suqeim. Open until 22:00 on weekdays.

8. Palm Jumeirah

palm jumeirah Palm Jumeirah is one of the best beaches in Dubai, in the shape of the palm leaf stretching to the Persian Gulf. There is no public beach in Palm. All beaches are part of luxury residential neighbourhoods or residential buildings or are associated with a "luxury" hotel. Riva Beach Club is the only beach club that Palm sells to the public for $ 30 a day. The Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is at the very beginning of The Palm and offers tourists a beautiful, luxurious experience. They have all the water sports you can imagine on their vast beach. The beach also contains views of the Dubai city centre and the JBR.

9. Marina Beach

crab on the sand Dubai Marina is a luxury residential area near JBR. Marina Beach is the last part of the beach stretched along The Walk in front of The Beach JBR Beach shopping centre. It is a spacious, flat, and beautiful beach with typical soft white sands of Dubai. The water is warm, and the rescue teams are always on duty. You are also a few steps away from the small cafes and ice cream shops that make up the Walk. It means you can reward yourself with a large cup of cacao ice cream after taking a sunbath. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai - Jumeirah Beach is a fantastic property set up as a luxury apartment building. Moreover, visitors, especially tourists, can continue their vacations at one of these properties. Spacious apartments with ocean views and wide balconies offer guests an unforgettable vacation and relaxation.

10. Jebel Ali Beach

jebel ali beach Jebel Ali - the last one in our list of top 10 beaches in Dubai, is located 32 km south of the city centre of Dubai and is the newest recreation area of the Emirate. The region, now known as the world's largest technology port and industrial zone, is one of the unique places where you can find yourself. The spacious, flat Jebel Ali Beach area is in front of another palm-shaped island, Palm Jebel Ali. JA Beach Hotel is a large and luxurious resort on the sand. With its many pools, a golf court, and private beaches, this beach is an ideal place for those who love peace.

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