How to get a tourist visa for Thailand?

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How to get a tourist visa for Thailand?
beautiful countries in Asia and the world at large. The rich culture and tropical weather are some of the reasons why tourists are attracted to the country. Tourism is one of the top sources of the country's revenue. This shows the rate at which people from other parts of the world visit the country for sightseeing and other recreational or tourism purposes. It won't be a surprise if you are thinking of Thailand as the next country to visit for tourism. For you to come to Thailand, you would need a visa, and in particular, to come to the country for tourism purposes, you will need a visa known as a Thailand tourist visa.

Travelling to Thailand as a Tourist

flag of thailand The type of visa you are issued determines what you will be allowed to do in Thailand. If you are travelling to Thailand as a tourist, you won't be allowed to do any business activity in the country. You are in Thailand as a tourist for leisure, fun, entertainment and sightseeing. You need a Thailand tourist visa to travel to Thailand as a tourist. With a Thailand tourist visa, you will be able to stay in the Kingdom for more than 30 days. You can obtain this visa from the Thailand Embassy in your country when you have met all the Thailand tourist visa requirements. How to get tourist visa for Thailand? It is easy when you follow the steps made available on On this website, you will see the Thailand tourist visa policy page, where you will know how much is a tourist visa to Thailand, the documents required for Thailand tourist visa and how to apply for Thailand tourist visa. You will also know the Thailand tourist visa cost and other important information.

Thailand Tourist Visa

coronavirus vaccine A Thailand tourist visa can be defined as a document or stamp that allows you to stay in Thailand for a particular duration of time for tourism purposes. This visa is given to you by the Thai Consulate or embassy. It is stamped at the entry port in Thailand when you arrive. If you want to stay more than the specified time, you can extend the Thailand tourist visa. Note: the tourist visa and visa exemption stamp, which is issued at the airport, is not the same thing. The Thai government has made and reached an agreement with some countries to allow their citizens into Thailand without needing a visa. In this case, you don't need a 60 day tourist visa Thailand. There is also a visa known as multiple entry tourist visa Thailand you can use to enter Thailand more than once.

Visa Exemption Rule

stamping As earlier stated, the government of Thailand made an agreement with the countries below to have their tourist citizens into Thailand without a visa. However, tourists of such countries must have valid passports and meet other requirements. Some of the countries that their citizens can travel to Thailand and stay for 90 days without a Thailand tourist visa include: • Argentina • Peru • Chile • Brazil • South Korea The citizens of the following countries can travel to Thailand and stay for 30 days without a Thailand tourist visa include: Belgium, Estonia, Australia, Canada, Brunei, Austria, Denmark, Germany and etc. Also, citizens of Cambodia and Myanmar can travel to Thailand without a visa for 14 days. The tourists from Myanmar are allowed only when they enter the country by air. To get more detailed information, please check the visa policy section on our website.

Thailand Tourist Visa on Arrival

open passport You can also travel and stay in Thailand for 15 days for tourism purposes and receive your visa on arrival if you are from the countries below: • Georgia • Mexico • India • Cyprus • Bulgaria • Fiji  • Bhutan • China • Ethiopia • Malta • Taiwan • Romania • Nauru • Papua New Guinea • Kazakhstan • Saudi Arabia • Uzbekistan • Vanuatu Thailand tourist visa on arrival is not for every country so make sure you are a citizen of the eligible country before coming to Thailand. You may be punished and fined if you travel to Thailand without a tourist visa.

Thailand Tourist Visa Requirements

red passports Apart from the Thailand tourist visa cost, you need to provide certain documents required for Thailand tourist visa. It is important to know that these fees and documents might change with time and even without prior notification. This is why it is important to seek the right piece of information regarding Thailand tourism visa from  The documents you need to provide at the Thailand embassy or consulate in your country before a tourist visa is issued to you include: • National or international passport Your travel document, otherwise referred to as your passport, should be valid. The passport must be in order without being torn or separated. • Visa application form You need to fill in your personal information and other questions on the visa application form when you want to apply for Thailand tourist visa. When you are done filling the form, sign and submit it. • Two Photos The two photos you are to submit must be in a white background. The photos must not be old but ones taken within the last six months of your visa application date. For ease of identification, your face should be visible with your ears and eyes opened. This shows there is no need to wear any spectacle. You should avoid wearing any type of head cover, too, except for religious reasons. • Proof of Accommodation Whether you will stay in a hotel or private accommodation, you might be asked by the consular officers to provide information about your accommodation. The information has to be detailed and correct, from the name of the accommodation to address and contact details. insurance form • Proof of financial means The government of Thailand will not want you to travel to the country for tourism only to be frustrated as a result of finance. The proof of funds may differ if you are travelling alone and with other dependents. To always know the funds required, consult now. • Flight reservation (round-trip ticket) • Thailand tourism visa fee Thailand visa fee is one of the Thailand tourist requirements. The fee might change for different reasons such as your home country, duration of stay and the rest. This is why you should regularly visit for updated information on how much is a tourist visa to Thailand. With the outbreak of COVID-19, it is best to have your Thailand tourist visa application done online. However, have about 30 USD for your Thailand tourism visa fee as you check the nearest Thailand embassy in your region. • Medical certificate "How to get a tourist visa for Thailand" topic is not complete without mentioning medical vaccination certificates. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is mandated to carry out a test in yellow fever and provide a certificate that shows you are not a carrier before you are allowed to travel to one country or the other. You also need to show a medical certificate that you are free from COVID-19. This COVID-19 test must be carried out within three days before departure. Without these tests, you may not be allowed to board the plane. You also need to have your own medications with you as you travel. Nevertheless, you should check if it is possible as not every airline permits it.

Extending Thailand Tourist Visa

visa application You are expected to leave the country before 60 days of your stay. When you fail to leave the country, you will be punished and fined. If, for one reason or the other, you intend to stay longer than 60 days, you can file for a Thailand tourist visa extension at the immigration office. It is important to know that your tourist visa extension application is not guaranteed. It is at the discretion of the officer attending to your tourist visa extension application at the immigration office.

Final Thoughts

open thai passport One of the ways of travelling to Thailand is through tourism. As a beautiful country with lots of interesting cultures, many people travel to Thailand for fun, recreation and sightseeing. It is a country to take Instagrammable pictures. The number of people coming to Thailand as a tourist has made tourism one of the top sources of revenue for the country. Whether you want to come to Thailand using a 60 day tourist visa Thailand or a multiple entry tourist visa Thailand, the requirements above must be met.

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