12 Instagrammable places in Manchester

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12 Instagrammable places in Manchester
Manchester. After all, the city has a lot to offer, from football to culture and shopping to music, cuisine, and history. Manchester is located in the north of England and has over half a million people who call themselves "Mancs" or "Mancunians." Manchester is located in the middle of the Metropolitan County of Greater Manchester, home to 2.7 million people. Manchester played a major role in the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries. The important role that the textile industry played in Manchester is why corduroy trousers are sometimes called "Manchester trousers". Today Manchester is a leading force in the UK economy, with the service sector being the most powerful engine of growth today. So, there are many places to see in this city, if you look for tourist places near me in Manchester or how to go to Old Trafford on Google, you can find these places. But what are the best Instagrammable places in Manchester? In this article, you will read about 12 Instagrammable places in Manchester. You will also find answers to your questions such as the best tourist places near me in Manchester, how to go to Old Trafford, how to go from London to Manchester, etc.

1. John Ryland's Library

library in manchester The John Rylands Library makes the heart of every bookworm open. In the library, founded in 1899, there is an impressive collection of books and valuable manuscripts, maps, and other tricks. But the huge collection is not the only thing that makes the John Rylands Library so worth visiting. The architecture of the halls is also something very special. While the entrance area with its stone spiral staircase is a real eye-catcher, the historic reading room with its arches and high, playful windows comes close to a richly decorated church's interior. So be sure to take your camera with you to take some most liked Instagram photos. You will feel a bit like you've landed straight into a library at Hogwarts. Also, The John Rylands Library is not the only library in Manchester that is worth visiting. Not far from the city centre are the Manchester Central Library and Chetham's Library, two other book lovers should add to the Instagrammable list.

2. Old Trafford

old trafford How to go to Old Trafford? You can go to Old Trafford by any means, and it is easily accessible. The second-largest football stadium on the British Isles, Old Trafford, is the home ground of Manchester United. In addition to the home games of Manchester United, the England team's international matches and top international matches are played in the stadium, which has space for around 75,650 fans. If you have always wanted to visit the Theater of Dreams and take an exclusive look behind the successful football club's scenes, then the Old Trafford Stadium Tour is perfect for you. For a fee of around 30 pounds, you can take part in an interesting 70-minute tour of the stadium, walk through the players' tunnel, take a look into the cabins and take a seat in the press room. Also, a visit to the Manchester United Museum directly in the stadium is included in the tour price. You can easily buy tickets for the Stadium Tour and the Manchester United Museum online.

3. Albert Square

albert square Then you should go to the heart of Manchester, Albert Square, which is designed in the Victorian Gothic style. The tallest building on the square is Manchester City Hall, with its 85-meter high bell tower. It was built in 1877 and is, therefore, a historical treasure. The Manchester Town Hall is currently being restored until 2024, so it is unfortunately not possible to visit it at the moment. But there are other buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries waiting for you in Albert Square, such as the Albert Memorial and a fountain, which gives the square its very own flair, especially in summer. However, a visit is not only worthwhile in summer - in winter Albert Square becomes the festively decorated centre of the Manchester Christmas Market. Try hearty delicacies from all over the world, warm yourself with a spicy mulled wine and shop for a few little things that you can put your loved ones under the Christmas tree. art gallery This gallery is one of the best places in Manchester. The city's art gallery, which was established in 1823, occupies no fewer than three interconnected buildings, which is likely to suggest an extensive collection even for those new to Manchester - and the museum houses more than 25,000 paintings, etchings, prints, graphics, sculptures, and more sculptures, but also ceramics, glassware, furniture and everything else that can be associated with handicrafts. You will see local, regional, national, international artists and special exhibitions by contemporary artists.

5. Alan Turing Memorial

alan turing memorial In Manchester's Sackville Park, visitors come across a park bench where a brown man in a casual sitting posture lets his gaze wander over the flower beds. The sculpture is dedicated to the famous British mathematician, cryptologist, and computer scientist Alan Turing. They, during the Second World War, made a name for themselves mainly by deciphering the "unbreakable" secret code of the highly complex German Enigma cypher machine. After the war, he taught the then brand new subject of computer science at the University of Manchester and was instrumental in the development of the first modern computer. However, in March 1952, Turing was sentenced to chemical castration after discovering his homosexuality.

6. Victoria Baths

victoria baths When the Victoria Baths closed in 1993, an institution that had been one of the finest bathing establishments in Great Britain since 1906 fell to the ground. Unfortunately, you can no longer swim in this retro swimming pool, but you can still look at the Instagrammable building with its magnificent decor. Now and then, events and festivals take place here, and every Wednesday, there is a guided tour of the completely preserved Edwardian interior of the swimming pool.

7. Chinatown

chinatown Manchester has its own Chinatown, and, surprisingly to many, and it is Europe's largest Chinatown. The unmistakable Chinese Arch shows the way into the Chinese quarter, which is full of Asian restaurants, bakeries, small shops, and stores. The cultural and festive highlight in Chinatown is during the Chinese New Year celebrations, which always take place at the beginning of the year and last for several weeks. But outside of the "Chinese New Year" celebrations, a visit to the Chinese quarters in Manchester is worthwhile, not least to take most liked Instagram photos of the gold-red-green archway.

8. Richmond Tea Rooms

richmond tea room During your Manchester city trip, you should not miss tea time. The ideal place for an afternoon tea in Manchester is the Richmond Tea Rooms in the city centre. In the opulently furnished rooms, you will feel as if you have been transported back to the Victorian era - or your childhood. The "Mad Hatters Tea Party," afternoon tea with scones, sandwiches, and small baked delicacies in the style of Alice in Wonderland, is particularly popular. That might be a reason why you should travel from London to Manchester.

9. Salford Quays

salford quays footbridge If you look up for Instagrammable tourist places near me in Manchester, you will find Salford Quays. In the east end of the Manchester Ship Canal, Salford Quays was redesigned in the early 1980s and has since become a real draw for tourists and residents of the city. In addition to large shopping centres, there is also a lot of art and culture to marvel at: you will find theatres and galleries here in high density. Use the evening on Salford Quays for a restaurant or bar visit with a view of the old Manchester Ship Canal.

10. The Northern Quarter

northern quarter In the Northern Quarter, one of the hippest neighbourhoods in Manchester, there are daily live concerts, cosy pubs, and wonderful street art. Large so-called murals characterize the brick walls of this area. From well-known children of the city to graffiti to mosaics or abstract Instagrammable pictures. Do not forget to take the camera when visiting the Northern Quarter.

11. Vimto Sculpture

vimto statue You are probably wondering why you should visit a larger-than-life image of a beverage bottle? I tell you: if you have not seen the Vimto Statue, then you have not been to Manchester! Vimto Sculpture is one of the best places in Manchester. Vimto is a soda that was invented right here in Manchester in 1908. Vimto was originally intended as a medicinal drink due to its ingredients, such as fruits and herbs, but a few years later, it was renamed a soft drink.

12. Manchester Cathedral

manchester cathedral Dedicated to Saint Mary, Saint Dionysius, and Saint George, the famous Manchester Cathedral was built between 1421 and 1506, initially as the collegiate church of a Catholic priestly college. It was not until 1847 that it became the cathedral of the new Diocese of Manchester. It was built in the late Gothic perpendicular style, which is particularly typical for England and is characterized by the vertical lines of the framework and unusually high sidewalls and windows. Do you want to experience all of these places but need help in the UK visa application process? Contact pickvisa.com, and we will help you in every step of your application process!

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