How to get a tourist visa to Cambodia?

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How to get a tourist visa to Cambodia?
visa for Cambodia, how do I get a tourist visa for Cambodia, can I get a Cambodia tourist visa extension, and how can I apply for a Cambodia tourist visa are some of the common questions. You will not only find the answers to these aforementioned questions but will also know the Cambodia tourist visa requirements and cost.

What is a tourist visa for Cambodia?

cambodia visa A tourist visa is simply a visa issued to you by the Cambodia embassy or consulate to visit Cambodia for tourism purposes. With a Cambodia tourist visa, you are not allowed to do any activity that is not related to tourism. There are other visas that give you such privileges. These visas are: • Cambodia business visa – strictly for business purposes such as business meetings and conferences. • Cambodia retirement visa – for those who want to spend the rest of their lives in the country. • Cambodia student visa – for those who want to study in the country. It could be for a bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctorate degree. • Cambodia job-seeking visa - this visa is for people who are looking for job opportunities in Cambodia. You can consult Pickvisa on to know more about Cambodia multiple entry tourist visa. Just like other Cambodia visa types, there are Cambodia tourist visa requirements to meet before you are issued a tourist visa.

Cambodia tourist visa requirements

passport on the map Some of the requirements or documents to have in order to get a tourist visa for Cambodia includes: • Passport You cannot travel to Cambodia or any other country if you do not have your passport. Your passport is expected to be valid for it to be accepted during a Cambodia tourist visa application. For your passport to be valid means, the validation is above six months from your Cambodia tourist visa application date. The passport must be in good condition – must not be torn, separated or frayed. • Photo To get a tourist visa for Cambodia, you must provide passport-sized pictures of yourself. These pictures must meet certain requirements, just like the passport. It must be captured on a white background. The picture should be less than six months from the day of applying for a Cambodia tourist visa. Except for religious purposes, you are not allowed to wear head covers or eyeglasses. • Cambodia tourist visa application form The tourist visa application form for Cambodia must be duly completed and signed. You are expected to answer every question on the application form. Visit today to start your Cambodia tourist visa online application. • Proof of funds Even though you are travelling to Cambodia for tourism purposes for a few days, you need to show that you can take care of your financial needs. With this document, they would know you will not be stranded while in the country. • Medical certificate You are required to show medical certificates of different ailments before you can get a tourist visa for Cambodia. This is a means of combating the widespread of deadly diseases such as yellow fever and COVID-19. You need to provide a medical certificate of being tested negative of COVID-19 from a reputable and known medical authority from the country you are travelling from within the last three days. • Travel health insurance that covers up to 50,000 dollars of medical expenses may also be required. These requirements can change with time. So, you need to constantly check official sources for the latest update. • Proof of Accommodation You have to provide the address or location of where you will stay when you arrive in the country for tourism. This is very important for safety purposes. • Flight reservation • Cover letter You might also be required to provide a letter that shows the reason for your visit to the country. Getting these documents or meeting these requirements can be confusing. To save you time and to avoid being confused, make your travel plans with expert companies like They would make your tourism travelling to Cambodia a memorable one.

How to get a tourist visa for Cambodia?

embassy of cambodia To apply for a Cambodia tourist visa, you need to visit the Cambodia embassy or consulate in your country. You can also visit a Cambodia embassy in a neighbouring country. However, find out their working days and time first before going. Other means of getting a visa for tourism in Cambodia include: • Online (Cambodia tourist eVisa). The only way you can enter the country with this visa is either through land borders or specific airports. All the foreign citizens except below can apply for Cambodia E-visa: Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh Iran Iraq Pakistan Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka Sudan Syria • On arrival – you can enter through a border crossing or an airport. The way of getting a tourist visa can greatly affect the Cambodia tourist visa cost. So, don't expect the amount of one to be the same as the others. Let us now explain these ways better. • Cambodia tourist eVisa Start the Cambodia tourist visa application on the official government website. With your credit or debit card, pay the Cambodia tourist visa fee. The application fee is 30 US dollars, while the processing fee is six dollars. After payment, wait for a maximum of three days for the Cambodia tourist visa to be processed. A Cambodia tourist visa may not be available now because of the global COVID-19 restrictions. So, apply through the Cambodian consulate. • Visa through embassy or consulate This is the common way you can apply for Cambodia tourist visa. Look for the closest Cambodian embassy or consulate around you and visit. You can consult to know the contact and address information of these embassies. Contact the Cambodia embassy after locating the one closest to you to know the requirements. Collect the documents listed on the website. Then, visit the embassy in person. You can also send the tourist visa application form by mail. However, this depends on their specific requirements. The officer at the embassy may ask you to provide extra documents. You can go for a Cambodia tourist visa extension after arriving in the country by providing additional documents. • Cambodia visa on arrival You can also get a tourist visa for Cambodia when you arrive in the country. You will need an immigration card for this. Mainly you will get your immigration card for filling on the airplane. If you don't get an immigration card on the airplane, you can also obtain it at the airport. You will see a sign at the airport or entry port showing you where the "application centre" is. There you will submit your passport, photo, travel ticket, immigration card and money for the visa fee. The cost for a tourist visa is 30 dollars, and you are expected to pay in cash. After payment, wait for the immigration officer to process the visa. Also, before your tourist visa is stamped on your passport, the immigration officer will take your fingerprints and photo.

Cambodia tourist visa extension

passport stamps from cambodia immigration A Cambodia tourist visa can only be extended once. The duration of this extension is 30 days. You have to apply for Cambodia tourist visa extension at the country's Immigration Department, National Police. It will cost you between 30 – 50 US dollars to have your Cambodia tourist visa extended.

Final thought

angkor wat Getting a Cambodia tourist visa with ease is possible. Before applying, make sure you have all the documents such as your passport, photos and others mentioned above with you. Safe journey, and enjoy your vacation.

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