How to get a work visa for Japan?

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How to get a work visa for Japan?
visa to work in Japan. This is due to a serious shortage of personnel in many sectors of the economy. The economic employment situation in Japan strictly determines the acceptance of work and business visas to Japan in most cases. If you are already working for a company based overseas or if you want to set up and run a business in Japan, there are also options available for obtaining a visa to live in Japan.

How to get a Japanese work visa?

japan on the map Japan work visa application form is a must. You must apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) by contacting an immigration office in Japan. Obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility can shorten the time required to obtain a Japanese visa and complete the immigration procedure and requirements. It usually takes a few weeks to receive the result of the CE application. Once it is issued, it is possible to confirm your chosen visa to Japan within a few days. The Japanese Alien Registration Card is issued to all foreigners after the visa is accepted when they arrive in Japan and provides some new benefits: a long period of stay depending on the type of visa (up to 5 years) and a non-re-entry permit which is required during the first 12 months if you want to leave and re-enter Japan. For those arriving in Japan with a certificate of eligibility, this temporary card is issued upon arrival at the airport (Narita, Haneda, Kansai, or Nagoya airport).

Requirements for Japan work visa: Japan work visa application form and main documents

japanese visa application Visas that allow gainful employment generally require that a Japanese company, school, university, or individual acts as a sponsor. The following requirements are necessary to obtain a visa to work in Japan: • A valid passport • A recent photograph • A letter from your prospective employer (or sponsor) stating your position and expected salary • A certificate of eligibility • A CV • Copies of all required study certificates The certificate of eligibility is issued by the Japanese Ministry of Justice and verifies that you meet all the requirements for foreign nationals coming to Japan. Visas to work in Japan are generally granted for a period of 1 year or up to 3 years. Work visas are available in the following categories: Performer, Engineer, Conferencer, Highly Qualified Foreign Professional Educator, Intra-Company Recipient, Investor/Business Manager, Journalist, Legal/Bookkeeping Services, Medical Services, Professor, Religious Activities, Researcher, Skilled Labor, Humanities/International Services Specialist. Documents and requirements for Japan work visa: For Work and business visas to Japan are required to submit: • Application form • Employment contract, letter of invitation from Japanese company, etc. • Tax returns and financial statements from the company • Company documents (catalogs, website, etc.) • Letter of introduction and candidacy • Degree certification, diploma, etc. Previous work experience details • Passport size photo For getting a Japan work visa, all documents written in foreign languages must be translated into Japanese. If you have any other documents that might work to your advantage, you may add them, even if they are not mentioned in the list. In many cases, it is advisable to write a statement (in Japanese) to explain why you should obtain, change or extend your visa (residence status). Even if it is not required, submitting such a statement helps immigration understand your situation better and possibly increases your chances of obtaining a visa (residence status). If you do not work full-time for just one employer but work for several different employers or have signed a contract with several clients as a freelancer, it is still possible to obtain a work visa for this. This procedure is often referred to as sponsorship. You will need to prove that your contracts with various employers or clients are stable and that they will generate sufficient income to support you (approximately 200,000 yen or a month minimum). You will need to provide a certain number of documents such as proof of incorporation, financial statements, tax returns from one main employer or client and have their official stamp on the application form as the main “Visa Sponsor.”

Japan work visa processing time

calendar and alarm clock The period of stay for most Japanese visas is 1-3 years. People can apply for an extension before the expiry date of the VISA. The actual Japan work visa processing time is 5 to 10 working days (although the actual time depends on the specific office you apply to). The procedure of obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility for a Work Visa, on the other hand, can take up to three months. Despite the great simplifications in obtaining a Japanese visa, it is not that easy to obtain one. It is one thing to get a student visa, which can be obtained by enrolling in long-term studies. However, what about afterward, after you study? Every year a huge number of Japanese foreign graduates exchange their student visas for work visas. Among them, 15 percent are language school graduates. It is a significant figure, especially considering the popularity of language schools among foreigners. Many people believe that after graduating from a language school, a foreigner can only go to university. The policy of the Japanese authorities has now changed dramatically. Previously it was mainly employees of IT companies and international firms who obtained work visas. Although there are many international companies to get a job in Japan, it’s not easy to get a visa for that kind of work. The main problem with the work visa is the need to finish university. That is, language school graduates are left out. Even after graduating from university, it is possible to obtain a Japan work permit, provided that the job is under the specialty of the degree.

Japan work visa cost

japanese yen - 3,000 Yen for a single-entry visa - 6,000 Yen for a double-entry or multiple-entry visa. You must only pay the fee if your application is approved. If you apply through an agency, they will charge you a fee for their services. The Japan work visa cost varies depending on the country you apply to, the local currency, and your nationality.

Apply for Japan work visa - Tokutei Gino visa

embassy of japan A new visa called the Tokutei Gino visa appeared in the spring of 2019. As this type of visa is relatively new, there are not many people who have obtained it. The main positive aspects are that the foreigner’s education and age do not matter to obtain this visa. The new visa covers fourteen Japan work visa types and working areas. This list includes the most popular among students: - hospitality business (this includes all hotel jobs for which language school graduates are most likely to apply); - restaurant business (restaurant work is also popular with students who have had the opportunity to work in the restaurant industry during their studies). Of course, there are 12 Japan work visa types in other sectors in addition to these two. Still, we have deliberately focused on the hotel and restaurant business, as many international students, for the most part, would like to find work in these fields. Although it’s easy to get a Japan work visa in this case (in terms of conditions of obtaining it), there are still two basic requirements: 1. A minimum of N4 Japanese (understanding of everyday language); 2. Proficiency in professional skills in the chosen field. For this, you have to pass two exams respectively, the language exam and the job skills exam. While the language exam is very clear, the skills exam is not. In fact, it is not that complicated. The skills exam is primarily aimed at checking whether the applicant has basic skills for the job. For example, if we are talking about a hotel, they may check the skills of working at the reception desk and with guests, the peculiarities of their service. If we are talking about restaurant skills, then the examination is not limited to kitchen skills, it includes the entire range of work, including the ability to maintain cleanliness in a catering facility.

Two levels of the Tokutei Ginou visa

filling visa application form The visa has two levels. At the first level, a foreigner is entitled to work in the country for five years. After that, an indefinite work visa can be obtained, which is simply extended. It is noteworthy that after applying for the second-level Ginou visa, one can subsequently apply for a Permanent Residence Permit. It should be noted that if you get a visa from Tokutei Ginou and have worked in the country for over 10 years, you can get to get a Japanese work visa, which allows you to work in large companies without the need for higher education. However, the salary of such employees is much lower than that of those who graduated from university.

Japan dependent visa work visa is the same as a work visa?

japanese visa Anyone who lives in another country wishes to bring their family along. You can certainly do so in Japan by obtaining a Dependent Visa. A Dependent Visa, also known as a Spouse or Family Visa, is a form of visa that a foreigner living in Japan can obtain for their legal spouse or kid, even if the child is an adult, as long as the child is unmarried. When we term “dependent,” we’re referring to someone who is legally reliant on one’s income or resources. Unlike individuals with “Japanese spouse” or “permanent resident” status, Dependent Visa holders cannot work unless the Immigration Bureau permits them to do so. They are only allowed to work part-time or as casual employees for no more than 28 hours a week throughout their stay, and they must not work in the adult entertainment business.

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