How to get Cambodia business visa?

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How to get Cambodia business visa?
visit Cambodia for business purposes? You will need to apply for Cambodia business visa before your trip, but you may also get one after you arrive. Cambodia provides a variety of visas, depending on your case. Meeting commercial partners in the Southeast Asian Kingdom, attending lectures, seminars, symposia, or engaging in other professional activities for all you need a business visa. For all these, you will need a business visa. Before departure, a business visa to Cambodia application must be submitted to a competent diplomatic post. As an applicant, you have the choice of presenting your Cambodia business visa application form materials in person or through an approved visa agency, which will handle the administrative procedures. You will get all information about Cambodia business visa requirements.

Cambodia visa validity

cambodian entrance stamp Business visas are normally valid for 90 days from the date of issuing for a single entrance. The maximum length of stay is 1 month. Visitors can also get their visas extended by the Immigration Department of the Cambodian National Police. Visa processed within 90 days before the departure date. Please keep in mind the processing times of 5-14 working days while arranging your trip.

Cambodia business visa cost

dollar The Cambodia business visa cost is $35 USD. You will need to apply for Cambodia business visa if you are travelling on a business trip.

How to get Cambodia business visa?

office of the cambodian honorary consul So how to get Cambodia business visa? There are three methods to apply for a visa to visit Cambodia: 1) Visa on arrival, which is issued at the border or airport. 2) Online visa, often known as an e-Visa, can be obtained by completing an online Cambodia business visa application form. 3) Visa from a foreign mission (embassy or consulate of Cambodia). Unfortunately, e-Visa is only offered for the tourist (T class) visa. However, due to the global pandemic, all online visas are suspended.

How to apply for Cambodia business visa?

apply for cambodia visa text Cambodia has a reputation for haphazardly awarding long-term visas. Changes have been made to formerly extremely loose conditions for obtaining a long-term visa in recent years. However, it is still very simple to live in Cambodia for an extended period. Because if you want to stay in Cambodia for an extended period or reside there, you may apply for Cambodia ordinary visa, which is currently available in four variations. If you are considering staying in Cambodia for an extended period, you will need to apply for a 30-day E-class visa (not an online e-visa) when you arrive. The E-class visa is valid for one month and can be extended as an EB / EG / ER / ES visa within Cambodia for up to a year. So you may obtain a visa on arrival and then extend your stay in Cambodia.

EB visa extension

woman holding passport and map Most Cambodian ex-pats are covered by the EB business visa type and those who work and their wives or husbands and dependants, self-workers, and volunteers. The present-day Cambodia business visa requirements demand applicants to submit a signed letter confirming working at any Cambodian enterprise. This continual visa extension can be for one, three, six, or twelve months, with only the six and twelve-month visa extensions allowing numerous entries. Wives or husbands and dependants of this visa type holders may present the visa holder's employment document, which must declare that the firm supports the spouse's EB EOS application as a non-working dependant and contain the dependents' passport details. To extend their own visa extensions, they must also show documentation of their link to the visa owner. Self-employed individuals who have filed a business may present a document certifying their self-employment. This document has to be signed and put the company's stamp on it. Business owners can buy a stamp as cheap as $15 at any stamp store. Others who are self-employed but do not have a registered business have had luck acquiring a stamp that contains their full name and drafting a document verifying the self-employment; however, your case may be different if you have not established a business. Keep in mind that this visa-type extension does not allow its holders the right to be employed in Cambodia. A work permit is required to be lawfully employed. If you have this visa, the immigration officers may seek to examine your company and work documents and permits and a letter stating the purpose of the stay in Cambodia at any time.

EG visa extension

people having business meeting The EG visa is designed for people seeking legal work and who wants to remain for three or six months. People who have previously received EB visa extensions may or may not be given this form of visa since it is not designed for those who have already been in the country for an extended period of time. Most visa applicants have been able to extend their EG visa extension only once; however, your situation may be different. It is unclear whether you may renew your visa more than once.

ER visa extension

travel plan concept The new retirement visa extension type is intended for people who have already reached retirement age and can provide proof of retirement in their home country, such as a pension or Social Security, as well as evidence that they have the finances to sustain themselves in Cambodia. ER visa extensions are often given to individuals aged 55 and over, although some have reported obtaining one at an earlier age. Those above the age of 55 are not generally asked to provide retirement documentation, but those under the age of 55 are. Evidence of financial subsistent is frequently sufficient. The criteria for people under 55 have not been established and vary depending on which agency you apply through. If you are currently working, you cannot utilize the ER visa extension type. However, visa holders of this extension type are not needed to get a work permit. ER retirement visa extensions are often granted for one, three, six months or a year.

ES visa extension

student sitting in front of the laptop Students who want to study in Cambodia can apply for an ES visa extension. For the ES visa extension type, students have to show an acceptance document from a legally registered school or institution, as well as evidence of financial subsistent to cover their living costs. The ES student visa type can be issued for one, three, six, or one year.

Other formal procedures

businessman signing contract In addition to the business visa to Cambodia paperwork, a few more forms must be filled out and presented to Cambodian officials upon entrance. All forms, which are translated into English, are made available during the flight or, at the very least, at the border crossing. Arrival and departure cards are the forms, the health form includes questions about health and recent travel destinations and customs form, for entry-level customs declaration. Before travelling to Cambodia, like with any journey overseas, it is best to verify the most up-to-date travel information with the Federal Foreign Office. For passport rules, the passport must fulfil the conditions specified on the passport. Among these criteria is that your passport is valid for at least six months when you arrive in Cambodia. You must also travel using the same passport you applied for the visa.

Cambodia business visa extension

man using laptop Cambodia business visa extension has many types. An E-class visa is recommended for an extended visit to Cambodia. If you are unsure how long you will remain, it is advisable to obtain an E-class visa because a tourist visa (T-class) cannot be changed later. The business visa is only valid for 30 days at first. However, you may get this Cambodia visa extended within Cambodia for one, three, six, or twelve months, and in theory, as many times as you like. At the moment, there is still a possibility of an extension of up to 6 months without much interest. As a result, Cambodian immigrants are interested in business visas. Cambodia is one of the few nations where you may obtain a visa that can be renewed as many times as you like in a very simple manner. However, this is mostly about obtaining a tourist visa to Cambodia. There's more on emigration just next door.

Cambodia business visa overstay

person holding documents Overstaying a visa is not recommended, although it is feasible. For example, anyone who wanted to stay in Cambodia for a week longer than the visa allowed used to just overstay the visa (so-called "Visa Overstay"). That was less expensive and less complex than extending the visa. You have an option to overstay your visa for a fee of $10 each day, which must be paid to Immigration on your way out of the country. If you simply want to remain for a day or two after the age of 30, this is typically less expensive than obtaining a visa extension. However, you should be aware that you will require a precise change in US dollars. If you provide immigration authorities with a $20 bill for a $10 overstay, you will most likely be refused change. Overstaying for up to a month is possible. Overstayers must still pay the $10 daily charge after one month, but they may face jail, deportation, and future entry restrictions depending on the length of their stay.

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