How to get Iraq Short-term Visa?

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How to get Iraq Short-term Visa?
gardens of Babylon, one of the seven world wonders. Most of the things we know about the ancient world, prehistoric era, bronze age come from these lands. Many different groups, regardless of their language, ethnics, race, lived in Iraq peacefully. Even now, there is huge ethnic diversity in Iraq. Three major ethnic groups are Iraqi Arabs, Iraqi Kurds, and Iraqi Turkmen. Therefore, in different parts of Iraq, various languages are spoken. In the last 20 years, wars wreaked havoc on life in Iraq. Now the war is over, Iraqis try to heal their wounds. It is a pity to see such an ancient, glorious country facing widespread destruction, but there are good sides. The safety of travellers is now a top priority for the country. Now travellers can enjoy all the beauties of Iraq. As we mentioned, Iraq is famous for its rich history and cultural heritage. Many areas are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites, such as Hatra, Ashur, Babylon, etc. There are too many historical remnants or ruins in everywhere Iraq. Major cities should be emphasized, especially in this context. Cities like Baghdad, Basra, Erbil have been standing strong for many thousands of years. I would like to draw your attention to them. These beautiful ruins are the places many Babylonian kings lived and stories, legends mentioned. It was a sacred place too. Locals used the place as a temple to worship the god of the Moon. Baghdad is an ancient city too. One of the favourite things to do for tourists is to visit bazaars. Here you will find unique products crafted by local people. You might even find the works of some local artists. Haggling is an art itself. You should know some techniques to get the best price. Karbala is a sacred city for Shia Muslims. It has great importance for Shia Muslims. It would be enlightening travel to see those sacred places and learn more about Islam from a Shia perspective. Anyway, you might need Iraq visa information to devise your travel plan to Iraq. For this topic, we will try to be helpful and give detailed information on how to get Iraq visa and other related matters. Let’s cut to the chase and start our topic by identifying who needs a visa travel to Iraq.

Visa Policy of Iraq

international flag of iraq The Visa policy of Iraq categorizes countries into two groups based on their visa statutes to Iraq. According to that, countries can be identified as Iraq visa free countries and visa-required countries. You might want to know to which group your country belongs. Actually, it is not difficult at all. Because there are no Iraq visa free countries. There are some situations or exceptions in which you will not be asked to present Iraq visa. They are: • If you are an employer at an International Organizations, missions appointed to Iraq. • If you are eligible to work under international treaties, laws. • As a foreigner, if you work or collaborate with the Iraqi government. • If you work at reconstruction works at sacred places in Iraq. Therefore, chances are you will need to apply for Iraq visa, but how to get Iraq visa? Now we will look at Iraq visa types and their requirements.

Iraq Visa Types and Requirements

filling application form Typically, Iraq visas are short-term visas and long-term visas. For this article, we will mainly look at short-term visas. You might ask, what are documents required for Iraq visa? What are short-term visas? They are namely tourism visa, normal visa, transit visa, political visa. You can tell what reasons can enable you to apply for these visas by looking at the names as their names reflect their nature. For example, tourist visas can be granted to tourists who plan to remain in the country for a maximum of one month. To get such visas, you will need to gather and present documents required for Iraq visa. You will find them on the list given below: • Iraq visa application form duly completed in English by the applicant. • You will present your passport, which should remain valid for the next 6 months after starting from the date you leave Iraq. Your passport should bear your signature. Your passport should not be issued more than 10 years ago. In the passport, there should be two blank pages. • Two photos that are taken in the last 6 months. Your face should cover 70-80% of the whole photo. There should be no obstacle disrupting the view of the face. • Copy of your national ID card. • In case you apply from a country other than your own country, then you will need to present the document (residence permit, visa) that allows you to enter that country. • Round trip flight bookings. • Proof of accommodation. It can be a hotel reservation. • Proof that you have enough financial meaning to finance your travel to Iraq. • You should give a convincing reason for the visit. • If minor travel, or accompanies, then a copy of one of these depending on the relationship, birth certificate, proof of adoption, custody decree translated into English is needed. Also, the minor will need to present a letter of consent provided by his or her parents. There might be additional requirements. Suppose you have completed Iraq visa application form and gathered all the documents. Now you might wonder about Iraq visa fees. Visa fees for Iraq vary depending on your nature of travel. Your Iraq visa cost can change from 30 USD to 100 USD. Also, entry type can affect pricing the fees. How long does it take to get a visa to Iraq? Normally your Iraq short term visa application will be processed within 2 or 3 weeks. However, depending on your country of application and events in Iraq, it can change. There are some conditions when granting a visa. For example, if you are a threat to public health, national security, morality, or national economy, your application will most likely result in denial. To be eligible to enter the country, there should be no objection to your entry. It is advised to get more Iraq visa information on that. For people under the age of 15, polio vaccination ( 5 doses) is a prerequisite.

How to apply for Iraq short-term visa?

apply for iraq visa Most applicants will need to apply for a foreign representative of Iraq. However, nationals of Lebanon can get their visa upon their arrival. To get a visa, you need to make an appointment with the embassy of Iraq. You will present your Iraq short term visa application at the scheduled time. Aside from that, you will also be asked to pay Iraq visa fees. Note that you can inquiry the embassy about any issues related to visas such as requirements, fees, timelines, etc. Actually, it is advisable to do so. Within 2-3 three weeks, you will learn the status of your application. In the case of applying for a visa on arrival, the process is pretty straightforward. You start your application at the entry point to Iraq. Even though it can be risky, particularly in the case of forgetting a document, as it can result in denial of your application. Supposedly, you want to stay in Iraq more than your visa allows you to. You might ask for Iraq short term visa extension. Is it possible, though? You can not extend a visa if it is expired. However, bear in mind that Iraq short term visa extension is accessible on rare occasions. You can explain your situation to authorities and get 7 days extra time. You might be asked to pay Iraq visa cost. Perhaps it is in your best interest to apply for a multi-visa. With this visa, you can stay in the country for three months, six months, or one year as long as you meet the requirements. To wrap things up, Iraq is an interesting choice when it comes to travel. Iraq has some ups and downs. However, it offers unique travel. On your way, you will see so much contrast between new and old. The ancient stories, myths, and monuments will amaze you. Also, the hospitality of these people is worth experiencing. To apply for Iraq visa get through the frasturating visa procedure. Indeed, sometimes it can be a real challenge but not for people who hand in their visa workflow to the Pickvisa team. Pickvisa will make sure you get your desired visa travel to Iraq.

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