How to get Luxembourg tourist visa?

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How to get Luxembourg tourist visa?

Who thought that one of the greatest investment management centers in the world could be such a tiny country with no access to the sea, no world-renowned tourism landmarks, and three official languages? That might be connected to Luxembourg's small country landlocked by three great powers - France, Germany, and Belgium. Being “on the way” from everywhere to anywhere has allowed historical events to pave the way to the modern-day success of the land. There are many reasons why this is great not only for the tradesmen of the past but also for any traveler nowadays.

Let me tell you why. Visiting this country that could well be a large city by its size, is an amazing opportunity to visit four countries on the same trip! Just hop on the plane to Luxembourg (or make it cheaper - to any of the closest airports in the neighboring countries I just mentioned) and make it a quadruple gain for very little additional investment. Even more so, because all of these countries belong to a very special trans-national agreement called Schengen. What does it mean for you? If you apply for a Luxembourg visa, you are free to visit the rest of Schengen countries without arranging additional travel formalities. Isn’t it convenient?

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. Just as the title says - in this article, you will find information on how to get Luxembourg visa, and many other aspects you might find useful in the Luxembourg visa application process. I will explain some details on the fees, the types, as well as the actual requirements that will be useful for obtaining a Luxembourg tourist visa for Indian citizens or any other nationality that is not on the list of their visa-exempt nationalities. So what should you know?

What are Luxembourg visa types?

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The Visa policy in this country is quite simple. There are just three Luxembourg Schengen visas, and they each have very simple parameters for distinction. And they are - a transit visa, a short stay visa (type C), or a long-stay visa (type D). The first one will permit you to be in the airport transit area without actually entering the country, the second will grant you at most 90 days within a period of 180 days, and the latter one is available only if you are rejoining family, have a work permit or a temporary authorization to stay.

Among other Luxembourg visa types, type C, or the short-stay visa, you should be looking for to travel there for tourism. And you will be hearing all about this one further in the article.

Who is required to get a Luxembourg visa?

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The list is quite long. The nationals of about half the countries in the world need to obtain a visa to enter Luxembourg. There is some good news concerning this requirement. First, as I mentioned before already, Luxembourg is a part of the Schengen zone. If you happen to have a Schengen visa (a short or long-term one), then you can travel to Luxembourg without an additional visa. Another good thing is - everyone who needs a visa, will have the same rules, and they depend solely on the purpose of your travel. For example, a Luxembourg tourist visa for Indian citizens will require the same papers and actions as the same visa for Russian citizens. Let me tell you a bit more about those in the following paragraphs.

How to get Luxembourg visa?

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Here is another good thing. Obtaining a visa to Luxembourg is nothing extraordinary. The procedure is similar to most other countries, and if you have ever applied for a visa somewhere else, you won’t be too confused about the steps of making this application, too.

So what does it mean - similar to other countries? Basically, besides already having a right to enter the country without a visa, there are only two options for you. Both of them require handing in a request in an official diplomatic mission (embassy, for example) of Luxembourg. And here go the two options. If the Luxembourg embassy is located in your own country, contact them and arrange a meeting in person. If the embassy is located somewhere else, then figure out which is the closest place to arrange this document. In that case, you might need to send your filled Luxembourg visa application form alongside the rest of the documents by postal service or courier. Do the necessary formalities, and then the waiting starts. You will be wondering about your Luxembourg visa status a few days, before you get yours and can jump on a plane. FYI very soon, an online tracking service will start functioning to make it easier on applicants, and by the time you apply, you might be able to check your visa status via SMS or email!

What if visiting an embassy of Luxembourg is too complicated for me?

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There is another way to work around this. Technically, you might as well obtain a visa from any other Schengen country embassy, taking into consideration that this country should be your primary destination. For example, there is a German embassy in your country, and to save the hassle of sending all the pile of documents over the snail-mail, you can arrange a vacation in Germany. And throw in a few days in Luxembourg as extra time for your trip. It might sound a bit confusing, but I hope you get my point. Additionally, if you intend to stay the same amount of days in all the countries you visit within the Schengen area, you have to apply to the embassy whose border you will cross first. Not so bad, is it?

What are Luxembourg tourist visa requirements?

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The basic requirements are almost the same for everyone. Luxembourg tourist visa requirements will almost identically match the ones necessary for anyone who wants to obtain a short-stay visa. And the main goal is for the officials to see and be sure whether you will behave appropriately during your trip and leave the territory after your visa expires. So, hold tight. The necessary document list that will absolutely be required goes like this:

• Luxembourg visa application form

• recent and identical passport-style photos

• a passport that is valid for at least 3 months beyond your stay

• a proof of the purpose of your stay (it can be a support letter from a person in Luxembourg, a hotel reservation, as well as a return flight ticket)

• a proof of financial means (bank statement or other that proves you have enough money to sustain yourself during this trip)

• health insurance for the whole duration of the trip.

In some cases, you might be asked for additional documents or information, but if you travel for the reason you have stated in your application form, then you have nothing to fear. Just provide as much information as possible so they do not doubt the legitimacy of your intentions.

How high are Luxembourg visa fees?


The system is very straightforward. Most applicants will pay 80 EUR to cover their Luxembourg visa fees. A few nationalities are granted a reduced fee of 35 EUR (this applies to you if you come from Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Georgia, the Republic of North Macedonia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan). Additionally, the kids between 6 and 12 years of age will pay a reduced fee of 40 EUR, too.

How long is the Luxembourg tourist visa processing time?

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Arranging a visa, you should keep in mind the processing time, just to make sure that you get a positive response on your Luxembourg visa status request before you arrive in the country. As for this particular country, the usual time to obtain a Luxembourg tourist visa will be around 15 days, but the officials warn that in some cases it may be extended to 30 or 45 days if additional information or documents are needed. The conclusion? Don’t leave it for the last moment!

Luxembourg, oh, Luxembourg! An exquisite destination to visit if you love Western Europe and Medieval culture. An exquisite destination to visit for all the other reasons, too! I hope that with this article, I have helped to pave the way towards your dream vacation, and very soon you will be enjoying the nicest stroll on the cobblestone streets of the ever-beautiful city of Luxembourg! May the preparations for the Luxembourg visa application go easy, and the trip leaves you with the nicest memories!

* Please take into consideration that all of the information in this article applies to the standard situations and requirements. Due to health concerns connected with the Covid-19 virus, each country may issue additional restrictions and requirements for anyone traveling. That includes travel bans from particular countries or regions. The same applies to Luxembourg, too, which is why my dearest suggestion is to always check the most recent information regarding the travel situation on the website of your airline or the immigration of Luxembourg.

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