How to get Malaysia tourist visa?

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How to get Malaysia tourist visa?
visit Malaysia, truly Asia, for vacationing purposes. Working hours or away from home for work scenarios do not necessarily let you enjoy sightseeing, travelling, or exploring different places. Malaysia is one such place where tourists spend days trying to explore its true beauty. You, too, must be wondering how to get there. Let's start with how to get a Malaysia visa? Here are a few pointers to help you with a Malaysia tourist visa.

Fees for Malaysia visa

mixture currencies The fees for a Malaysia visa differ for some countries. Else, it is RM (Malaysian Ringgit) 20 for most of the countries. Be it a Transit visa or Single Entry, or Multiple Entry visas. 20 RM equals 4.7 USD or 4.25 EUROS. The countries that have different fees for Malaysia visa are as follows: • France – RM 12.90 (Single and Multiple Entry), Transit visa is not applicable for France • United States of America – RM 6.00 (Single and Multiple Entry), RM 20.00 (Transit) • India – RM 50.00 (Single, Multiple, and Transit) • Brazil – RM 17.00 (Single, Multiple, Transit) • Saudi Arabia – RM 17.20 (Single and Multiple Entry), 8.60 (Transit) • Italy – RM 9.50 (Single and Multiple Entry), Transit visa for Italy is not applicable • Denmark – RM 6.00 (Single and Multiple Entry), Transit Visa for Denmark is not applicable • Indonesia – RM 15.00 (Single and Multiple Entry), RM 3.50 (Transit) • Sri Lanka – RM 15.00 (Single, Multiple Entry, and Transit) • Czech Republic – RM 19.30 (Single and Multiple Entry), RM 8.20 (Transit)

Malaysia visa free countries

flag of malaysia Malaysia has been kind to some countries. Passports issued by the countries mentioned below can enter Malaysia without a visa. However, the condition lies in the number of days. Countries who can enter Malaysia without visa for 90 days: • Australia • Japan • The Maldives • Brazil • United States of America • South Korea • Turkey • Egypt • Saudi Arabia • The United Arab Emirates • Norway • Canada • South Africa • United Kingdom • New Zealand In all, 63 jurisdictions get termed as Malaysia free visa countries for 90 days. Countries who can enter Malaysia without visa for 30 days: • Singapore • Cambodia • Azerbaijan • Iraq • Jamaica • Sierra Leone • Hong Kong • Indonesia • Mauritius • Taiwan • Kenya • Georgia • Russia • The Philippines • Vietnam In all, 98 jurisdictions get termed as Malaysia free visa countries for 30 days. Countries who can enter Malaysia without visa for 14 days: • Iran • Libya These are the only two jurisdictions that get termed as Malaysia free visa countries for 14 days.

Malaysia visa status

pages of british passport Once all the documents get submitted to the authorized people, all you have to do is wait to know your Malaysia visa status. It is a little stringent, but it will be worth your wait. You can track your Malaysia visa status online just by entering your reference number and date of birth.

Malaysia visa application

visa application form Here are the steps you need to follow to get hold of the Malaysia Visa Application, or here is how to apply to Malaysia Visa: Get in touch with a Malaysian representative office. Find the nearest visa application centre or Malaysian representative office in your place, country. It is the starting step of a road map to Malaysia. Make sure you download the application form. The Immigration Department of Malaysia website lets you download the application form. You need to fill it out electronically. Make sure your PC has Adobe Reader for the application form to open and print. Once you fill out all the details, you can take two printed copies and keep them signed. Ardently fill out all the details and complete the documents file. Several documents come in handy when you need to apply for Malaysia tourist visa. We will talk about it later in the article. Hand over the application along with all the required and necessary documents The next thing on your mind is the Malaysia visa application submission, original passport, and required documents to the Malaysian Representative office or visa application centre. You can submit it in person or through e-mail. Here, you need to pay the essential fees for a Malaysia visa. Patiently wait for the Malaysia visa application to get processed. The best thing about going through the Malaysia visa application process is that you can track it online. Once your visa gets approved, you can take it back with your passport. And nothing can stop you from visiting Malaysia. We do not want to crush your dream, but there is an immigration officer at the port of entry. He is the one who decides if you can enter Malaysia. Since you would be travelling as a tourist, you will get a short-term social visit pass from the immigration officer.

Malaysia visa policy

visa stamps A few facts about Malaysia visa policy are as follows: • The people of Israel have got banned from participating in Malaysia My Second Home program • The people of Ethiopia, Congo, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Liberia, a few more should enter Malaysia only by air. Other modes of travel do not get permitted • Since Kim Jong- Nam died, North Korea no longer gets calculated in the Malaysia visa-free countries • The people of Israel require approval of their visas from the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs • The citizens of Serbia and Montenegro did not get permission to enter Malaysia back in the day. Now, they need to take prior approval from the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs

Malaysia visa types

malaysia visa stamp There are three Malaysia visa types: Entry Malaysia tourist visa One of the odd Malaysia visa types is this eNTRI visa. When you apply for it, you get to stay for 15 days. It remains valid for three months. With it, you only get a single entry into Malaysia. You can enter Malaysia from India using it. You get it within 1 to 2 business days before application. Multiple Entry Malaysia tourist visa (eVisa) One of the most-used Malaysia visa types is Multiple entry visas. With this multiple entry visa, you get to stay for 30 days. It stands valid for 3 to 12 months. You get it within 2 to 7 working days before application. With it, you can travel to Malaysia from India. It allows you to enter Malaysia multiple times. Single Entry Malaysia tourist visa (eVisa) The second most common variety of Malaysia visa types is a Single-Entry Visa. This visa is somewhat similar to the Multiple entry Malaysia tourist visa. You get to stay in Malaysia for 30 days with this visa. It stands valid for three months. You can enter Malaysia from India. This visa allows only a single entry into Malaysia. You get this visa within 2 to 7 working days before application.

Documents required for Malaysia visa

filling form The first step to knowing how to apply for Malaysia visa is to understand the documents you might need. To get a Malaysia tourist visa, here are the documents that come in handy: • Original and updated passport valid for six months from the date of arrival • Two scanned and coloured photocopies of your passport • Two photocopies of the Malaysia visa application form • Two passport-size recent photographs of you • Original confirmed as well as return air ticket to Malaysia • Two photocopies of confirmed as well as return air ticket to Malaysia • Invitation letter, if you possess any from the family/friend staying in Malaysia • A traveller's cheque • Foreign nationals require residency proof. • Birth certificates for minors below 14 years of age • Hotel stays confirmation details or proof of accommodation in Malaysia • Bank statements from the past three months. It should have a Malaysia tourist visa payment • Original approved letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia or any other authority that can work as a reference for the Malaysia tourist visa Make sure you do not forget to paste your passport size recent photograph on the application form.


kuala lumpur This article is for people who want to know how to apply for Malaysia visa. We hope that we made it clear and out to understand Malaysia requirements for a tourist visa. We hope that it stands by the Malaysia visa policy. The policies were pretty stricter back then when it did not allow certain countries to enter Malaysia. Now, they have a list of documents that you need to possess. You have to run them by the Immigration Officer. Malaysia has a very happening nightlife. So, the tourist in you wanting a tourist visa or someone trying to encrypt Malaysia requirements tourist visa would have a lot of fun experiencing the nightlife out there. Whoever visits Malaysia always leaves it with something newfound and breathtaking in his or her soul.

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