How to get Mauritius work visa?

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How to get Mauritius work visa?
capital of Mauritius is Port Louis and the population of the country is around 1 million. It has an extraordinary history full of major changes, events. It was first discovered by Arab sailors but settled by European colonists such as Portugal around the 16th century. However, after a brief time, it was handed to France than Britain. Whenever it changed hand, so the origins of newcomers. Till it earned its independence, the country was already populated by Indians, Africans, Chinese, and French. flag of mauritius Mauritius has a diverse economy and as a former colonial settlement, it is surprisingly doing well considering most of such countries are facing economical crises. Mauritius recently has become a high-income country thanks to a low tax burden, freedom in business, and perks provided by the government. Can foreigners work in Mauritius? The answer is yes and in fact, It is a popular destination for young specialists in their early careers and expatriates who seek to better future and work conditions. Mauritius's robust economy keeps growing especially in the agriculture, tourism, and financial service sectors. This business-free environment favors competitive employers and employees. Reasons to travel to Mauritius are many. With that said, we decided to shine a light on some of the critical issues regarding working in Mauritius. To be more explicit, in this article we will talk about Mauritius work visa. We will give you instructions on how to get work visa in Mauritius. Furthermore, we will elaborate on Mauritius work visa requirements. To make things more clear we will first look at the country's visa policy.

Visa Policy of Mauritius

mauritius immigration control departure stamp The Visa policy of Mauritius depends on the regulation defined by the relations between Mauritius and other countries. Countries can be categorized as visa-free and visa-required according to their visa statues. If you want to learn whether your country is visa-free or visa-required, check out our website. Go to the “Visa policy” section and then click on “Mauritius” and there you will see lists of countries. To travel to Mauritius, one should also learn which visa he or she should apply for. Visa types for Mauritius are short-term visas and long-term visas. Short-term visas are tourist visas, business visas, student visas, and transit visas. Long-term visas are on the other hand Mauritius work visas, long-term student visas, and spouse residence visas. Short-term visas as understood from the name are the ones designed for travels that do not exceed 90 days while long-term visas are for travels surpassing 90 days. The Visa type we are interested in is a long-term visa. Since we got the basics of visas for Mauritius, we can move on to a work visa where we will look at Mauritius work visa application, Mauritius work visa fees, and Mauritius work visa processing time.

Mauritius work visa

embassy of mauritius Mauritius work visa or mostly known as a Mauritius employment residence visa is the visa that enables you to take employment in the country. How can foreigners work in Mauritius? Simply by applying for a work permit and residence permit but since the form used by both is the same, we will refer to them as the work visa. Other visa types can enable you to remain and work in the country. For example, you can apply for an occupation permit but there is a condition. Only few people can take advantage of this visa. You must be either sponsored professional, investor, and self-employed worker to benefit this visa type. With work visa, you can live and work for a long time as well and this is the visa you are most likely to apply for if you got a job in Mauritius. Mauritius work visa requirements are many and they are given on the list below for your convenience: • Mauritius work visa application that should be completed and signed by the applicant or representative of the applicant is the first requirement. • Two passport-sized photos which cover the face of the applicant are needed. • Copies of main pages of passport alongside the passport. Bear in mind that the passport should remain valid for the whole travel. • The letter provided by a sponsor which can be a company situated in Mauritius or a local organization, company, etc is needed. • In the case of an applicant traveling with a family member, a document proving the relationship between the two is required. It can be a birth certificate or a marriage certificate. • An invitation letter describing the work is needed. Here details of the applicant's prior professional positions will be given. • Employer’s Certificate of Incorporation alongside its business registration card. • Employment contract affirmed by the Labour Division s required.

How to get work visa in Mauritius?

online apply for mauritius visa To do that, you first need to collect all the necessary documents. Then you need to fill out the forms of permanent residence permit and work permit. They are available at the Ministry of Labor, Industrial Relations, Employment, and Training website. Once you complete the forms, the next step will be to submit them to e-Work Permit Portal. The work permit application will automatically be directed to the Ministry of Labor of Mauritius. A residence permit on the other hand will be issued by Passport and Immigration Office. How long is Mauritius work visa processing time? There is no norm about the processing time. But normally, upon receiving notification for application, within 2 weeks, the applicant needs to contact Employment Information Centre. You might be wondering about the criterias that are essential to apply for work visa. One of the most important condition is that you have the capacity of doing the job. You should be qualified for the position. You should be between 20 and 60.

How much is Mauritius work visa fees?

dollar The answer is not straight away. Fees are interchangeable based on job positions. For example fees for gaming-related sectors is around 50 000 MUR and it is paid per year. However, the price can be down to 1000 MUR. The fees are calculated based on the given formula MUR 500 x N* = T**. N* is the duration of your work permit and T** is a non-refundable fee. The application fee on the other hand is around 10 USD (Rs 700). Payments can be done by using cards or cash. In the case of cash, you have to pay it at the Cash Office of the Ministry. Is it renewable? Yes, it is renewable. You can renew it as you did apply it first. Remember, you have to do it at least 2 months before the date of expiry. When you renew your visa, you will need to pay the fee amount worth 10 USD (Rs 700). Normally the application is carried out by the employer or the person entitled by the employer. Employees can apply for a work visa as well. However, to do that, they need to live at least three years in Mauritius. If the person does not find the rejection reasonable then he can apply for the appeal. You might be wondering “how long can you work in Mauritius?” Your work visa will be valid for three years. You can renew you’re your application. To pursue your work, you will need to swear an affidavit pointing out that you have no intention to become a Mauritian citizen. Will I need a health certificate to start working in Mauritius? The answer is yes. You will need to undergo some of the medical tests as the employers in Mauritius are required to present medical reports acquired from their country of origin. Most of the tests are related to hemoglobin and full blood count. Test for Filariasis are only required from = expatriates from India, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Brazil, Comores, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam. After presenting such documents, an employer will receive a provisional health clearance for the migrant employee by the migrant worker’s section. Can you apply for a work visa while having a tourist visa? The answer is simply no. You will need to leave the country to start the normal process of visa application.

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