How to get tourist visa for Saint Lucia?

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How to get tourist visa for Saint Lucia?
Caribbean Sea. With its small population and area, it draws the attention of people who seek relaxing vacations. And it is no surprise to anyone. The geographical position of the island is perfect for that. Thanks to its geographical position, the island avoids hurricanes that disrupt and destroy everything on their way. This promising tourism destination offers a great time to travellers. It got the best view in the Caribbean. Did you know that most of the photos depicting island paradises are from St Lucia? Jagged volcanic peaks at the island have the most beautiful panoramic views. On the shoreline of the island, you will find a nice white Sugar Beach backed by a thick forest. The contrast between forest and beach is worth experiencing. It reminds us of the landscape from the famous movie "Cast Away". Another great thing about the beach is that hotels are not that far away. The Caribbean Sea is well-known for its life under the sea. Take your pieces of equipment and dive deep into the reef. You will be amazed by the harmony that living things create. If you are in luck, you can witness trumpetfish ambushing small fishes. The island is mountainous, but they are not colossal. Most of them are under 500 meters in height. The biggest one, Gros Piton, is a great challenge to darers. But reaching the top is rewarding. You will get to see the perfect view opening to the island and the sea. st lucia island An island is a safe place for travellers. The crime rate here is low. Staying out late is safe here. Nightlife is definitely worth checking. St Lucia is the Caribbean destination for chocolate lovers. Their many chocolate plantations play the role of making the best chocolates in the world. If you like chocolates, you can track down the restaurants that use these local chocolates on their sweets. Hewanorra International Airport receives many flights from different places around the world. But there is a small nuance that you should consider before booking your ticket. Do you need a visa to go to St Lucia? Are you not sure? Do not worry; in this article, we will explain how to get a visa for St Lucia.

Visa Policy of St Lucia

st lucia flag Based on mutual relations between St Lucia and other countries, visa statues of the countries towards St Lucia can change. Some of the countries can be referred to as visa-free and others as visa-required. But we must also mention that some nationals can apply for a visa on arrival. Do you need a visa to go to St Lucia? You can identify your country’s visa status by checking Go to the visa policy section and find St Lucia. There you will see a list of countries. "What about visa types?" - you might wonder. We can divide them into two groups, non-immigrant visas and immigrant visas. What we are interested in is a non-immigrant type visa. What can you do with a tourist visa in St Lucia? You can engage in touristic activities. But you can not work in St Lucia. To do that, you will need to apply for immigrant visas, specifically work visas.

Tourist Visa for St Lucia

man filling online visa application Supposedly, you need a St Lucia tourist visa to travel the country. What to do now? The question you should ask here should be, "What are the requirements for tourist visa to St Lucia?”. On the list given below, you will find all document required for St Lucia tourist visa (Note that these requirements are for visas acquired through embassies): • A passport with validity for 6 months beyond the return date. Copy of the main page is also needed. • St Lucia tourist visa application form - filled out and signed by the applicant. • 2 Photos that are in passport size. •  ID card copy. • Round trip ticket and a copy of them. • Documents proving the accommodation such as hotel booking or having a private house. • If the applicant is invited by a friend or relative, then a letter of invitation is needed. • Proof of financial means - the applicant should submit bank statements of the last 2 months. • Proof of employment (if required). dollar Note that required documents can vary. It is helpful to contact authorities and ask for information before starting St Lucia tourist visa application. Another important thing regarding the visa is the St Lucia tourist visa fees. The main indicator for defining the amount of fee required is the entry type. That is, there is a difference between the amount of fee required for single-entry and multiple entries. To be more precise, the fee for a single-entry visa is 50 USD, while the fee for a multiple entry visa is equal to 75 USD. Single entry visas have a validity of 3 months, while multiple entry visas allow you to stay in the country for one year.

How to get a visa for St Lucia?

airport As we mentioned earlier, there are 2 ways to get a visa. The first is to get it through St Lucia's representatives such as consulates, embassies, visa application centres, etc. The second type is visa on arrival, which we will elaborate on later. If you are not eligible for a visa on arrival, the only way to apply for the visa is to apply to the consulate or embassy of St Lucia. If there is no consulate or embassy of St Lucia, you can apply nearest one to your country. It is always advised to contact the embassy before starting the application. That way, you can get the latest information on requirements for tourist visa to St Lucia, appointments, fees, etc. You will make an appointment ( if it is necessary) and present your documents, and pay your fees. Then you will wait for the processing to be completed. In most cases, applications are processed within 5 business days. After that, you will be notified whether you acquired the visa or not. Bear in mind that having a visa does not necessarily grant you the right to enter the country. Your entry can be refused at immigration borders.

Can I get Tourist Visa on Arrival?

passport control The answer is dependent on your nationality. If you are intrigued, it is in your best interest to check your country’s status on our website. Supposedly, you are entitled to apply for St Lucia tourist visa on arrival. What to do then? You will go to the country, land at the airport, and stand in a queue to apply for the visa on arrival. What are the documents required for St Lucia tourist visa on arrival? You will need to bring your passport, return ticket, proof of sufficient funds, documents proving the accommodation such as hotel booking or having a private house. The visa fee remains the same. Visa processing time is shorter than getting a visa from an embassy. However, a visa on arrival has its own risks. For example, forgetting to bring one document required for St Lucia tourist visa can cause disaster.

St Lucia Tourist Visa Extension

miniature toys Is it possible to extend your tourist visa to St Lucia? The answer is yes; you can extend your visa. In fact, there are two ways to remain in St Lucia more. The first is to apply for St Lucia tourist visa extension. For many, it is more convenient. But what are the St Lucia tourist visa extension requirements? To do that, you will need to apply to the immigration office in Castries. There you will pay St Lucia tourist visa fees for extension and present your documents. You will undergo a brief interview. However, there is nothing to worry about as the interview is not the difficult one. There you will be asked about your reasons to extend your visa. Another option is a bit more costly than visa extension. You can go to another place such as near Martinique, which is an Overseas territory of France. After spending one day there, you can reenter St Lucia and can get another 30 days. However, this one might be tricky. If you are not eligible to go to Martinique without a visa, that might cause some issues. To conclude, with its natural beauties, white beaches, and natural wildlife, St Lucia is a perfect tourist destination. It is so exceptional for such a small country to offer so many things. One of the best things about travelling to St Lucia is that it is visa-friendly. In most cases, applications are positively responded unless there are big problems of deficits on the applications, documents. If St Lucia appetizes you, you should not hesitate to book your trip.

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