How To Plan A Big Group Trip

How To Plan A Big Group Trip

Tamerlan Mehdiyev04 October 2021877 views8 min. read
How To Plan A Big Group Trip

Some people like to travel alone where they can relax and listen to their voices. No struggling with others (their choices, likes), only you and your destination are some of the reasons people prefer traveling alone. Others, on the other hand, loves to travel with a group. I am sure some of you opt for that, but why? Why travel with a group? Well, there are more than enough reasons why people prefer traveling with a group. Also, bear in mind that you can apply for a visa like a group. To start, we can count on all the chit-chat you will have during the travel. If it is a group comprised of people from your close circle, then it is an excellent opportunity to bond with these people. Most people might love to travel the world with a group.

There are so many great places to see, and at some point, you will want to have a picture to remember your memories. Having a friend or someone around you to take your picture will come in handy in this situation. Extroverts might like to travel with a group of strangers. Who knows what you will get from new meetings? It can result in something special as well. You can think of many other motives to realize your travel with a group. But how? How to travel with a large group of people? What does it take to make it happen? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before starting to plan your trip with a group. If you find it hard to answer, then do not worry because, in this article, we will mainly focus on planning group travel. We will look at what to do, how to do it, etc. Without further ado, let's get started.

Find a group to travel with

group to travel

It might sound too primitive. After all, if you do not have a group, then why bother to go through all the trouble. Well, it is not exactly like that. You need to have people who have similar expectations. You should consider many factors when it comes to find a group to travel with. To give you an example, you can ask yourself, do these people want similar travel experiences? Are they capable of doing whatever it takes to travel? Are they serious about the trip (Nothing hurts more than hearing someone is not going to make it at the last minute)? These are some of the things that you might want to think about before choosing your groups. It gets more challenging when it comes to travel with a group of strangers. Honestly, you do not want to be in charge of organizing such travel. However, for some people, it is the most fun, and it is understandable. Meeting with new people, learning on your way can be exciting.

Good coordination

happy friends having fun

Gathering many people around and organizing an event that serves everyone is not an easy task. There will be some objections. Even if 99% of the people come to the same terms, there will be one that essentially does not agree with you. Therefore, to travel the world with a group you will need well-maintained coordination. You will need to contact and even talk with everyone individually. The best thing to do in this case would be to gather people around at dinner and discuss matters on the table. Make sure everyone feels comfortable enough to share his or her thoughts.

Have a leader

friends doing excursion on desert

It might sound a bit strange, but having a group leader works best for the group most of the time. The leader should be the one who decides on the group's itinerary framework. With the approval of the leader, the group should decide on who takes care of what. It always makes sense to divide them into small tasks. These small tasks can be to decide on dates, budgets, accommodation, destinations, activities, etc. Although we called them small tasks, there is a lot of work to do to deal with these tasks. Make sure that decisions serve the majority's choices. It can be a good idea to give authority to the leader to decide what are the best places to travel with a group of friends. With that being said, mentioning and discussing such matters with the group is a necessity. Do not forget that your group trip should meet the majority's expectations.

Adjusting budget

counting money

This is one of the most important issues to be resolved to travel with a group. You should set maximum and minimum limits on your budgets. People in your group can have different ideas about how to spend their money. Therefore, to give them a better idea, it is necessary to remind them of the potential costs of accommodation, transportation, meals, etc. There are many to keep your group trip's costs low. You probably want to discuss that as well. One of the useful concepts to cut down expenses a bit can be to get group accommodation and flight rates. Are you not aware of the concept? Hotels sometimes offer negotiated prices for groups that are relevantly cheaper. Nonetheless, it is difficult to get as such offers are rarely made. You can also consider group rates for flights. Some companies offer special services, amenities for groups comprised of more than 10 people. However, they do not lower the prices always. However, again it is something worth looking at. When adjusting money, you should decide whether you want to have shared pot money or everyone is responsible for his or her expenditures. Most people have a group budget to make it easier to arrange food, transportation, and accommodation.


travel planning

For me, this one is one of the most important parts. It is a good answer to the question of "how to travel with a large group of people?". Decisions made at the last minute can result in disaster. Your plans can be crushed with some changes. You might not even make it happen. Even if you do, chances will be you might get much more different things than you initially wanted. These might include increases in prices, accommodation problems, etc. Pre-planing is not only necessary in the case of having a group to travel with but also traveling alone. You need to book your hotel or house so that you do not face any surprises. Also, arranging plans is time-consuming. There might be arguments between people. Hence, it is only fair to give it some time to settle issues. Also, pre-planning travel activities are rewarding. It will give you time and opportunity to research such things and get better ideas.

Meeting with group regularly

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It takes all group members to choose best places to travel with a group of friends. You can not settle all things in only one meeting. It is better to meet up with group members regularly. You can discuss all the matters little by little. It will give time to have better proposals. Some people will come up with better ideas, travel activities. You do not want to kill creativity in your group. Your meetings can take place in different places. The main thing you should consider when it comes to choosing a place for meetings should be to make people feel comfortable. You only get the full potential of your group when they feel safe, comfortable, and appreciated. Even if the suggestion of your group member is not suitable, you should reject it politely, carefully explaining why it is not a good idea to realize.

Split up

senior trekkers giving a high five

Having a group journey does not necessarily mean that you should be together all the time. Yet again, everyone has different expectations from the travel. Why travel with a group when you can travel with little groups comprised of people with the same tastes. You can spend time with the whole group at breakfast, dinner, or in the house. During the day, people can split up and do whatever they want. Some might want to see landmarks, museums, while others are more inclined to spend time at tourist resorts, beaches, etc.

Plan B


Do not concentrate on only one option. Try to consider all the options. You should have plan A. But having additional plans might save you a ton of time and effort. Think of alternative transportation methods, accommodations, etc. Who knows what setbacks you will face during your travel. Be prepared to carry on your travel.

To wrap up things, we can say that there are so many advantages of group travel. Aside from being more economical, it is more fun. Think of all the adventures you will have with your loved ones. When traveling, you should check whether you need a visa. Pickvisa is always ready to handle your visa procedures. With its easy-to-use website, you will find it much easier to get a visa. All you need to do to click on the "services" section and let Pickvisa take care of the rest.

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