How to travel with a dog on a train

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How to travel with a dog on a train

This paragraph is from a poem called ‘An Introduction to Dogs’ by Ogden Nash. As it is written in the first sentence of the poem, dogs are the best friend of human beings. They show unrequited love and stand beside us all time. They are loyal, friendly, and cute. Dogs are one of the best companions in the world. They will come with you without questioning where you are going. Mostly we go a hike with our canine friends. However, on some occasions, we are obliged to travel long distances. One of the vehicles that we use during these long journeys is a train. Can you travel by train with a dog? In this blog, I am going to answer this and other questions about train travel with dog. If you are ready, let’s begin.

Can I travel by train with my dog?

young man goes on vacation with dog

One of the most asked questions is: can I travel by train with my dog? I can say that it changes from country to country. For example, one of the dog-friendly countries, the United Kingdom, allows the dog to travel by train. It is very common to see a dog on a train in Asia, too. So, the best way of finding out: can you travel by train with a dog or not, is by asking it from the country that you live. Is train travel with big dog possible? Of course, such as small dogs, you can take big large dogs with you. We also should mention that some places have special weight standards for dogs. For example, only dogs under 9 kilograms are allowed on Amtrak trains.

Do some practice

woman travel with dog

Dogs love to run and play, but they can’t do it freely in train. So, you must do some practice with your dog. It is essential to induce him to train travel. How to travel with a dog on a train? Dog trainers agree that the adaptation process of dogs to public transport must begin from earlier ages. If you haven’t had such a kind opportunity in the past, at least you can create some practical days for your dog. You should begin from the beginning. Go to buy a ticket together, walk with him in the crowd, etc. At stations, dogs will see a lot of people, children, and other animals. So, teaching your dog to follow your commands will make your train travel with dog easier. If you have some concerns, you can get a piece of advice from a vet or dog trainer. As you know, some attitudes may change related to the race of your dog.

Of course, if your dog has been traveling by train since his puppy times, then the process will be much more problem less for you. It is understandable that they see this as an ordinary part of dog life.

Keep your eyes on them

dog travel by train

How to travel with a dog on a train? During the train travel, you must gradually check your dog. If your dog feels unhappy or nervous, you must notice it. It is crucial to eliminate the possible problems that may occur. Yes, all of our canine friends have unique characteristical features, but there are some general things that can give you a signal.

• Extreme panting

• Tail between legs

• Barking (other sounds)

• Licking the lips

• Extreme yawning

• Ears of the dog folded back

• Panting

• Whites of the dog’s eyes showing extravagantly

• Raising the paws

• Chewing the lead

• Inordinate sniffing

• Inordinate scratching

So, quickly react when you notice some of these or other extraordinary attitudes. Even maybe you may need to leave the train depending on the situation.

Get a pet carrier

zvergpinscher sits in transport case

This tip is not so effective for people who want to realize train travel with large dog. On the other hand, if your dog is small, then a pet carrier will help you a lot. There are plenty of carriers for pets. You just need to find a proper one for your dog. Besides the size of your dog, you must pay attention to some other details, such as the waterproof bottom, sufficient ventilation, etc. These are crucial details to make your little friend more comfortable. How much does it cost? The price changes in a wide range, but mostly starts from 10-20 USD.

Feed them before the journey

labrador dog

Such us, dogs need to eat to feel energetic and be healthy. However, when you are going on a train trip, you must feed your dog earlier—feeding the dog 3-4 hours before the journey will be enough. Do not feed them in train. In that case, they may feel uncomfortable during the trip. Also, try to give some light meals. After you reach the destination, you can present the main meal. If you are hesitating about how your dog will react to this, you can start an adaptation process several days earlier.

Do not forget a collar

drug detection dog

Regardless of going on train travel with big dog or a small one, you must take a collar for your dog. Why is it crucial? It is necessary, especially if you are going on a long journey. Everything may happen during the trip. You can lose control, or your cute friend may run to catch a cat. That is why your dog must have a collar, and you must mention your address and contact details on it. In that case, people can easily find you and get in touch with you. Of course, I hope you will not need this. But, taking such kinds of precautions earlier can help to avoid possible problems.

Bottle of water

golden retriever drinking water

Such as eating, dogs need water. Of course, you can find water everywhere, but drinking water from an unknown source may end in stomach problems. That is why taking a bottle of water with you is always more useful. If you don’t have a proper bottle for such types of long journeys, you can find one effortlessly. Try to avoid buying plastic bottles. It may affect the taste of water several times later.

Toilet pauses before train trip

cute dog

Another trip that can be beneficial during your train travel with large dog or small dog is toilet pauses before a train trip. You don’t want to see your pet feeling uncomfortable or sad during the trip. As you know, train travel may last for a couple of hours or even longer.

So, give some stops for your canine friend before the journey.

Book a seat with a window

siberian husky

Undoubtedly, we can say that dogs love to enjoy the scenery while traveling by car, bus, train, or other types of transportation. It is a kind of passion, joy for them. Besides being exciting for your pet, it is advantageous for you. The scene outside the window will make him busy for several hours. So, you will not need to worry about anything. Also, you can take some of their favorite toys or blanket. It will create a more comfortable atmosphere for them. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you must fully leave them uncontrolled. You must check them gradually during the whole trip.


working with documents

Another vital thing is the health and other documents of your dog. If you are going to a neighboring place, then it would not be very problematic for you. If the destination is somewhere far, then you should have all documents of your pet on you. I mean vaccination documents and other needed papers. The officials may stop and ask you about these papers. When you don’t have them on you, you may need to pay the charge. It changes depending on the country. As you know, each country, even city, has its own rules and laws. So, you should follow them.

Friendship with other dogs

jack russell dog

Probably, your dog will not be the only dog on a train during the journey. Your little friend may want to meet with other furry friends, but you should try to keep him away from other dogs. It will be better for you and other passengers. They may cause noise or other things that may annoy other people. In such conditions, try to get his attention to another object or place. Keep your dog socializing outside the train.

Before journey tips

lady dog

So, we have mentioned several tips that will be beneficial during the travel by train. What about the tips before getting the train? First, before the journey trip that I want to mention is related to waiting on the platform. You must keep your dog behind the yellow line, and you should keep him tight. Also, take a short leash for your dog. Long or extendable ones can be problematic. Finally, always clean after your dog. It is a public place, and you must take care of such sort of things.

I hope the tips and tricks that you got here will help you during your travel.

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