What to do on a long train ride? 5 Tips for Train Travel

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What to do on a long train ride? 5 Tips for Train Travel

Each of us had some long train rides in his life. These voyages sometimes can be so boring, especially when someone travels alone without any companion. In such situations, we need to find some activities to make the long journey more interesting. If you can't figure out what to do on a long train ride, then you are in the right place. In this blog, I will mention five tips for train travel.

Socialize with other passengers

woman walking in train station

I want to begin the train travel tips list with this: socializing. Of course, you will not be the only passenger on the train and such as you they can feel bored. If you are not a very shy person, you can approach someone on the train and ask him (her) for permission to sit. After that, you and that stranger can talk about various things. Probably, you will find some common topics to talk about. Ask about movies, tv-series, music, books, etc. Almost everyone likes to do one of these activities in their free time. If that person is from a foreign country, this conversation will be more exciting. Both of you have a lot to learn from each other. It will be a great chance to learn new facts about different cultures, traditions, beliefs, and so on. You can compare and try to find some familiar things between your countries. However, I advise you not to make jokes about his (her) country. Because you may touch some sensitive issues, so, standing away from these themes will be the best choice.

Play games with companions

monopoly board

If you are not travelling alone, there are plenty of things to do on a long train ride, and playing games is one of the best ones. There are various board games that are suitable for such kinds of long train rides. The most popular among them is Monopoly. Probably, all of you have heard or played this game before. If you have never heard it before, it is a board game that you can play with several people. Players throw two dice to moving, buying and trading estates. You should develop them with houses/hotels and collect rent from your opponents. The goal of the game is to drive other players into bankruptcy. As you see, the game is exciting and challenging. It means that it will not let you feel annoyed. So, we can add it to our list of long distance train travel tips. If you didn't take any board games, you could play co-op games on your mobile devices. There are plenty of games to have fun with. If it is not available either, you can discover a new game or play word games that we all know (saying a word with the last letter of the word that another person used).

Movies or Tv-series

father and daughter watching video

What to do on a long train ride? Another example of tips for train travel is watching movies or tv-series during the trip. Our daily life can be so busy, and we can't find spare time to watch something. Long journeys are a good excuse to fill this space. Depending on the length of your travel, you can finish several movies or even a season of any tv-series. There are plenty of websites that you can use to find a proper film or series for yourself. For example, we can say Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus, etc. Each of them is full of content. I think it is one of the best tips to travel overnight by train because I have tried it while travelling for more than 20 hours by train. I finished the full season of Stranger Things, and it was much more exciting than watching at home. Everyone was sleeping, and there was complete silence. Shortly, the ambience was excellent. That is why I advise you to pick movies that include tension and fear as an example of tips to travel overnight by train.

Put on your headphones

woman listening music

It is another example of things to do on a long train ride. Headphones never let us down. While watching the scenery that passing by, you can enjoy your favourite music. It will not only make you feel relaxed, but also it will make you feel happier. You will go back in your best memories and live them again and again. It is some kind of time travel. Unfortunately, we can't do time travel in the real world, but at least we have music. Music has a great impact on human beings. Scientists found that it increases our productivity and helps to focus. So, either you want to relax or have work to finish while travelling on a train, music will help you. Besides listening to music, you can listen to podcasts. It is an enjoyable way of learning new information. From Hollywood gossips and sport to other serious news, there is everything. If none of these is for you, you can use it to talk with your friend, lover, or another relative.

Read a book

reading book

It is my favourite activity for long train and bus trips. In the beginning, it was hard for me to focus on books while travelling, but after practising, it began to seem more interesting and comfortable. That is why, if you have never tried to read a book on the train, I advise you to start with short and easy books. For example, reading some novel by Dostoyevski could be so hard. As you know, the charters and storyline of Dostoyevski's novels require complete concentration. Instead of it, I can advise some of the books that I have read on the train. For example, you can read theatrical plays by Anton Chekhov. Most of them are just 100-150 pages and easy to understand. They are short plays, but it doesn't mean that they are dull or worthless. All of them are masterpieces and will take you to old Russian villages and cities. Probably, you have never got a chance to see those places, but great master Anton Chekhov will make you see and feel the soul of that period and place. Another writer that I can advise is Jack London. He has plenty of masterpieces that will touch the deepest parts of your heart. Some of them that you can quickly finish on the train are the Call of Wild, Before Adam, the Game, Love of Life and Other Stories, etc.

Long distance train travel tips

lviv railway station

Besides the above-mentioned things to do on a train, I want to mention some extra train travel tips. The first is about clothes. As the journey will last long, try to wear relaxed things. For example, you can wear a t-shirt, shirt, sweatsuit if the weather is hot. On the other hand, if it is winter, you can give priority to oversize sweatshirts. They will keep you warm and comfortable. Also, try to avoid shoes that can make you feel uncomfortable while travelling. Another trip is about the seat. Choose a place nearby the window to watch the scenery during the long journey.

Tips for safe train travel

empty trainstation in porto

Of course, everyone wants peaceful and safe travel. So, here are some tips for safe train travel. It is clear that there will be plenty of passengers on the train, besides you. So, there can be some malicious people among them. That is why you must be careful with your belongings. Always keep your eyes on your items, and while giving them to hold luggage, get a key. In that case, all of the belongings will be in a safe. Besides the items that you gave for hold luggage, you will have a phone, money, credit cards, and other valuable things on you during your journey. So, take a personal bag and put all of your items in it and carry it with you all time. Additionally, it would be better to board the train earlier.

Packing tips for train travel

several several on trolley

Finally, I would like to give some packing tips for train travel. When we go somewhere, we need clothes, some electrical devices and so on. We must know the correct way of packing because the place is limited in our baggage. Below you can find some packing tips for train travel:

  • Single handbag. If you are not going for a long period, a single bag or backpack will be enough. You can put the most needed items and clothes on it. Also, it will help you to save on time.
  • Use organizers: Probably, you have seen packing cubes and organizers. They will save you in all cases. Packing cubes not only help you to flatten your clothes, but also they give you a chance to reach to maximum storage of your bag.
  • Choose multi-purpose objects. Alternative to taking plenty of items, you can take one that can replace several. For example, you can find a soap proper for your face and hair.
  • Take lightweight versions. In place of taking a whole bottle of perfume, shampoo, or cream with you, you can get a smaller quantity version.

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