Indonesia business visa

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Indonesia business visa
Indonesia and are trying to understand all the formalities to ensure your entry into the country. First of all, I am happy to hear your professional endeavors have not stopped. Secondly, I am happy you might go on a trip to such a beautiful country like Indonesia! You have found yourself in the right place here - this article will give you an overview of the information you will need. Indonesia visa requirements, how to get a visa for Indonesia, and how much is Indonesia visa fee. You can expect to find out all of that and some more! However, before getting to the most important facts, let me give you a short intro to the country. Tourism in Indonesia is one of the main sources of income for the whole economy. There is no denying that some of the most beautiful holiday destinations lie in this archipelago of 17 508 islands. Beaches of Bali, the nature in the islands of Java and Sumatra, orangutans in Borneo, and the temple of Borobudur. These are just a few of the amazing things millions of people each year travel to Indonesia for. However, let’s put the frivolous activities aside. How about business? According to The World Bank Group's Ease of Doing Business ranking, Indonesia is rising in the ranks and it just means - more and more companies can and willing to start and operate from Indonesia. After all, the country has a lot of resources to offer and it would be a pity not to work your success around that. With that said, it makes sense why you would want to be one of the lucky ones already doing or planning on doing some type of business with an entity in Indonesia. If you are reading this then the possibility of a job trip is very likely and there is no way of avoiding the necessity of an Indonesia business visa. Considering that this paradise on Earth is visited by at least 16 million people each year, Indonesia visa policy is rather simple and easily understandable. For you, it just means that the Indonesia visa application should be a rather uncomplicated process. So let’s get you ready and aware of all the technicalities that one might encounter in the process of acquiring it.

Who needs to apply for a visa to Indonesia?

flag of indonesia If your travel reason is other than tourism and the intended time of visit extends 30 days, you will likely need a visa to enter the country. To make sure if nationals from your country are required to do so, please consult the closest embassy of Indonesia or the intermediary like Pickvisa. You have chosen to carry out all the practicalities concerning the process.

How to get a visa for Indonesia?

indonesia visa You might have read online about the possibility to obtain an Indonesia business visa on arrival. That is probably the easiest way to do it if you are sure about all the requirements and have the necessary papers with you. Nevertheless, this possibility is granted only for a limited number of nationalities and currently, the rules for travelers from different countries vary greatly due to the health situation in the world. In these times, nationals of many countries are denied entry even if usually they wouldn’t encounter any problems - mostly due to the situation with the virus in their homeland. Additionally, immigration officials on the spot hold the right to refuse your entry for other reasons. What does it mean for you? I strongly recommend obtaining a visa before departing to Indonesia. Better safe and traveling with a visa in your pocket than sorry! Otherwise, the standard procedure is as to be expected - an Indonesia visa application can be done in your closest application center, embassy, or consulate. Alternatively, you might find this information on the website of Foreign Ministry or a similar entity governing the matters of immigration and then turn to the respective diplomatic mission. In late 2020 they also introduced an option to apply for an e-visa to reduce the necessity of visiting officials in person and increase the efficiency of the visa application process. Arranging the necessary visa documents online will reduce time and the needed bureaucracy to ensure you are allowed to enter Indonesia, but take into consideration that the information differs on various websites. I will repeat myself - ask the officials about the exact details of the process or consult the website of the particular embassy that processes visas for nationals from your country. The last, but not least option for you is to contact a certified intermediary like Pickvisa to get it all done for you saving some time and the headache of contradicting information online.

What type of Indonesia business visa should I get?

embassy of indonesia There are several types of Indonesia business visa, and you should consider choosing one based on the itinerary and the types of activities you plan on performing in Indonesia. Please remember that under the Indonesia visa policy, a business visa is not intended for performing any work or employment activities remunerated by an Indonesian company. You can be a digital nomad though, being paid by a company in other countries. Don’t mix up these two concepts, as Indonesia work visas give completely different permissions. Business people who use this particular type of visa usually come to negotiate, network, source, go on meetings, and attend business gatherings. The main criterion is - all the above-mentioned activities are related to business, but you don’t get paid or for in Indonesia. The official information states that an Indonesia business visa is necessary if your main purpose of travel is one or several of the following reasons: government visit, non-commercial sport, a comparative study, short course, and short training, discussing business, buying goods, giving lectures/attending a workshop, attending an international exhibition, attending a meeting held by the head office or representative office in Indonesia, etc. This visa is valid for a maximum of 60 days, but you can extend it on the spot (not more than 4 times though). If you travel just once, you will have to get a single-entry visa. But if you plan to enter the country more frequently, make sure to get the Indonesia multiple entry business visa to save time on practicalities each time you travel. The latter one will be valid for up to 12 months, with a maximum length of stay of 60 days per visit.

What are Indonesia business visa requirements?

visa stamping Particular requirements will vary depending on your country of origin, but to give an impression I will mention a few key aspects. The basic required documents to make your application might include (but are not limited to) a filled application form, two passport size color photos, a passport that is valid for at least 6 months upon arrival in Indonesia, flight ticket reservation, proof of current professional status if you are employed, proof of financial means, sponsorship letter that explains your travel purposes, medical insurance that covers the whole duration of your trip, and proof of accommodation (like, booking in a hotel or confirmation from a travel agency). You can find a more detailed list of the Indonesia business visa requirements in this Pickvisa country profile. 

How much is Indonesia visa fee?

dollars The fees differ depending on the type of visa you want to obtain. A standard single entry visa will cost you about 50 USD, but an Indonesia multiple entry business visa will cost you about twice as much. The fees for both types of Indonesia business visa on arrival are slightly lower than that.

How much is Indonesia visa processing time?

man signing It is usually processed in 3-15 working days, depending on the institution you are applying to as well as the particular case. In case of arranging an on-arrival visa, it will be processed way faster and you will be able to get on with your travel in under an hour. Let’s sum it up. Luckily, Indonesia visa policy is not too complicated since foreign tourists are always welcome there, especially the ones doing business. You can obtain it on arrival or before departing to Indonesia, but whatever you decide to do, just make sure you have all the necessary information and papers to enter the country problem-free. As I said before, currently the travel statuses change frequently, and so do the requirements for entering any country in the world. Check with the officials and preferably arrange your visa before leaving for this beautiful country. What else is there to say? I wish you a successful business trip, filled with great outcomes as well as unforgettably time in Indonesia. After all, it doesn’t hurt to plan a little downtime in a location that resembles paradise on Earth, too. Bon voyage!

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