5 amazing places in Indonesia beyond Bali

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5 amazing places in Indonesia beyond Bali
How many islands in Indonesia? Being the world’s largest island country, Indonesia consists of 17,508 Indonesia islands. However, only 13,466 of these islands were found as a result of research. You can see both contemporary cities and islands and tribes living far from technology. It is well-known that many tribes live in the western part of the Sumatra forests. Of the more than 100 tribes in the world, 44 live in Indonesia. Are you wondering where to travel in Indonesia or where to go in Indonesia instead of Bali? Today, whoever decides to travel to Indonesia, makes decisions undoubtedly on the island of Bali, a paradise for the honeymoon. I would even say that Bali is the only place that comes to mind of the majority while talking about Indonesia. Therefore, I decided to list the five best places in Indonesia worth discovering beyond Bali.

5. Wakatobi Islands

The Wakatobi Islands is a treasure chest with untouched natural beauty. Being Indonesia's largest reef (second largest reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef), Wakatobi is home to many corals and sea creatures. It is sufficient to say that 750 of the 850 species of coral reefs in the world are in Wakatobi, which makes this place one of the must-see destinations. Wakatobi National Park on the island protects the entire area of the island, including land and water. If you also want to have a close look at these wonders of nature, you shall definitely visit these islands while you travel to Indonesia.

4. Mount Rinjani

mount rinjani Mount Rinjani is one of the 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia. At 3,726 meters high, this mountain offers one of the best views of Indonesia. Segara Anak (Child of the sea) crater lake on this semi-active volcano, considered sacred by Hindus and Muslims, is one of the most famous temples for Indonesian Hindus. Nature promises outstanding views with its mountain, crater lake, fog rising from a semi-active volcano, hot spring for relaxation, sunrise, and sunset.

3. Lake Toba, Sumatra

lake toba After Papua and Borneo, Sumatra, with its magnificent nature and ethnic richness, is the largest island and best place to visit in Indonesia. If you walk away from the beaches on the west and north coasts deep into the island, you can see the hidden treasures. The most famous are Lake Toba, the world’s largest caldera lake, and the Batak tribe, which was cannibal until 200 years ago. The tribe having different beliefs over time reflected it in the structure, which makes this place architecturally very interesting. Seventy-four thousand years ago, as a subsequence of a volcanic eruption covering India and Pakistan with 1.5 meters of ash, a caldera filled with water, creating Lake Toba, was formed. People call this place Mini Switzerland for the resemblance of Samosir Island to Switzerland. You can explore the lake’s beauty or rest at the lake while tasting your coconut or avocados and chapati.

2. Yogyakarta

yogyakarta Yogyakarta is the most popular tourist destination on Java, with a population of 500,000. The city of Yogyakarta, 42 km from the city, home to one of the world's most famous Buddhist temples, Borobudur, has become a centre of art, entertainment, and education. Moreover, Yogyakarta has become a centre of Javanese culture, ballet, theatre, and puppetry in Indonesia. For years, the city, which was the centre of many kingdoms, became an integral part of Indonesia with its history and temples. Kalibiru National Park, located in the area, is a heaven for the nature-lovers. The tradition-bound city is lively for the festivals and events held here. If you want to experience traditional Indonesian culture, art, history, and cuisine, you can't do much better than travelling to Yogyakarta. However, I have to mention that the area is seismically one of the most active regions in Java. An earthquake and volcanic eruption in the city in 2006 destroyed 300,000 homes. In 2010, lava from Mount Merapi completely destroyed nearby villages.

1. Flores

kelimutu volcano Flores is the best place to visit in Indonesia. Flores is located east of Sumbawa and west of Lembata. The island stretches 425 km from west to east. The tropical forests on the coast, the savannas at a short distance from the beach, and the mountainous areas inside the island will encourage you to discover this mysterious nature. Kelimutu Volcano is a tourist attraction on the island rich with many natural and cultural hotspots. The volcano is popular with its three lakes inside the mountain, which are of different colours due to the changes in the water's oxidation level under the influence of volcanic gases. You can hike to the lakes with blue, red, and green colours, and even set up camp near the crater. Your holiday will be much more memorable if you watch the sunrise here early in the morning. Therefore, all these and more made Flores one of the fastest-growing ecotourism industries. You can visit the villages where traditional customs still prevail on the island, go bird watching, and hiking.

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