Indonesia retirement visa

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Indonesia retirement visa
Indonesia retirement visa. Have you ever heard about the Bali escapades? Most youngsters wake up to live in Bali and dream about spending their whole lives there. Bali is a provincial island magnificently placed in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia. Imagine if Bali was your retirement plan? We know it sounds too exciting, mind-altering, and daring at the moment. Trust us, Indonesia is all about spending your retirement in peace, prosperity, and pleasure. In this article, you will know quite a lot of information collected from various sources about retirement visa requirements Indonesia. All we do is make your search-life a little less painstakingly annoying! Come and get to the informatics right away!

Retirement visa requirements Indonesia

indonesia on the map One of the foremost retirement visa requirements Indonesia is the list of countries that can apply. We hope you find yourself in one of these countries: • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Bahrain • Belgium • Brazil • Brunei • Canada • Cyprus • Denmark • Egypt • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • India • Iran • Ireland • Iceland • Italy • Japan • Kuwait • Liechtenstein • Luxemburg • Malaysia • The Maldives • Malta • Monaco • The Netherlands • New Zealand • Norway • Oman • The Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Qatar • Russia • Saudi Arabia • Singapore • South Africa • South Korea • Spain • Suriname • Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan • Thailand • United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • United States of America The next thing you need to know is whether you can work in Indonesia after acquiring an Indonesia retirement visa. The answer to that question may disappoint you because it is no. You cannot work in Indonesia using an Indonesia retirement visa. You can work there only if you have a work permit given by the Ministry of Manpower. In that case, the visa is an Indonesian Work Visa.

Retirement visa Indonesia cost

indonesian rupiah To buy a life of low cost of living, you ought to invest in it first. For starters, the Indonesia retirement visa cost is less than 1000 USD. If you already possess it, then the renewal of the retirement visa Indonesia cost is around 800 USD. In this one bit, we would like to bless you with the cost-of-living prices in Indonesia, too. The cherry on the top, right? Read on, people: • FOOD FOOD ITEM - PRICE IN INDONESIA 1 kg of Tomato - 1 USD (Can you believe your eyes?) 1 kg of Chicken Breast Fillets - 3.35 USD 1 kg of Rice - 0.91 USD 12 Eggs - 8.19 USD 1 Litre of Milk - 1.33 USD 500 g of White Bread - 1.15 USD 1.5 Litre of Water - 0.46 USD 1 kg of Potato - 1.27 USD 1 kg of Cheese - 8.19 USD • PUBLIC TRANSPORT MODE OF TRANSPORTATION - FARE Local Bus (one-way) 0.36 USD Local Bus (monthly pass) 14.24 USD Starting fare of Taxi 0.50 USD 1 km distance of Taxi 0.36 USD • HOUSING TYPE OF HOUSING - RENT PER MONTH 1 Bedroom (major city) 276 USD 3 Bedroom (major city) 693 USD 1 Bedroom (located outside city) 276 USD 3 Bedroom (located outside city) 431 USD Does the affordable-to-your-pockets kind of cost of living of Indonesia drive you closer to it? Let us go back to the chapter on Indonesia retirement visas, shall we? In particular, the part where you get to know how much is the Indonesia visa fee?

Single entry retirement visa Indonesia

passport rupiah and wallet This one is for those folks who never want to leave Indonesia and plan to settle their second innings in Indonesia. A retired or senior citizen visa is for people who wish to stay longer than 60 days in Indonesia. It is valid for one whole year. Extension of a single entry retirement visa Indonesia is up to five long consecutive years. After that, you get entitlement for applying for a KITAP- a permanent stay permit. KITAP is a multiple entry visa. You can leave the country as many times as you want. Here are some benefits that you can acquire on getting an Indonesia retirement visa: 1. You can open a bank account. 2. Get discounts for medical assistance 3. Permanent stay in 5 years 4. Obtain a driver’s license 5. One whole year of stay permit in Indonesia The documents required for applying for this visa are below. These countries cannot apply for the single entry retirement visa Indonesia: 1. Afghanistan 2. Guinea 3. North Korea 4. Israel 5. Cameroon 6. Liberia 7. Niger 8. Nigeria 9. Somalia The foremost requirement for a single entry retirement visa to Indonesia is a sponsor or guarantor. They can be an Indonesian citizen or a company.

How old must person be to get retirement visa in Indonesia?

couple watching sky Retirement begins at different ages in different countries. So, how old must person be to get retirement visa in Indonesia? For applying for the retirement visa in Indonesia- you must be above 55 years of age. Second inning begin after the age of 55. That’s when you need to visit a place close to the sea, sun, and sand. These three can extend your lifespan like nothing else.

How to apply for Indonesia visa?

embassy of indonesia Now the only thing coming to your mind must be how to apply for Indonesia visa? Here are six steps to bolster your worrying nerves: 1. Handover all the necessary documents relevant to the Indonesia retirement visa to a registered travel agent/local sponsor. 2. The registered travel agent/local sponsor will verify all the documents to ensure a successful visa application. 3. These documents get uploaded to the online immigration system. 4. Then, the visa applicant receives an e-Visa (electronic visa) once you get authorization. 5. You need to print the e-Visa. 6. You can now enter Indonesia with the e-Visa. 7. Upon arrival, you will have to do a biometric. Here, the authorities create a profile photo for you and save your fingerprints. 8. The Indonesia Retirement visa is then issued and given to you within three days. 9. After you receive it, within the next 14 days, you need to get hold of the Certificate of Family Formation of Temporary Residence and Police Certificate.

How much is Indonesia visa fee?

coins spilling out of jar Before we get to the heart of this article- documents required for applying for an Indonesia retirement visa- you better well know how much is Indonesia visa fee? TYPE OF VISA - FEE Single entry visit visa 50 USD Multiple entry visa 100 USD Limited stay visit- 6 months 50 USD Limited stay visit- 1 year 90 USD Limited stay visit- 1 year 90 USD Limited stay visit- 2 years 160 USD Diplomatic/ Service visa FREE Visa on Arrival 35 USD

Documents required for Indonesia Visa

man signing One of the Retirement visa requirements to get to Indonesia includes the dire mention of documents. Without the documents, it is like traveling to an island through the sea without a ferry! Here we are going to enumerate the list of documents that you must possess as one of the means of knowing how to apply for Indonesia visa: • Passport with 18 months of validity from the date of arrival in Indonesia. Make sure the passport has one blank page. • Two recent most passport-size photographs clicked with a white background on a good picture quality paper. Here, bear in mind, you should not staple the photographs on the form. • Filled and downloaded the application form of the Indonesia retirement visa. • Proof of health insurance • Proof of life insurance • Proof of third party liability insurance • Proof of accommodation during the stay in Indonesia • Pension fund statement or the bank statement from the country of origin • Designation letter of an authorized Indonesian travel agent who helped you with the process of retirement visa application. • Limited Stay Visa Authorization Letter from the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration. • Payment in money order, company’s cheque, or cashier’s cheque. • Copy of marriage certificate only if married • Statement of employment declaration of Indonesian domestic helper and or driver when living in Indonesia • Statement of agreement of not engaging in business activities or any work while living in Indonesia • Statement of living accommodation in Indonesia. • Curriculum vitae • Proof of income via a pension or bank deposit of minimum 1500 USD per month or 18,000 USD per year. Never forget how old a person must be to get a retirement visa in Indonesia. • Statement of no travel visit to any of these countries 14 days before entering Indonesia- China, Iran, South Korea, Italy, Spain, France, Vatican, Germany, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. • Approval letter from the Indonesian Authority in Jakarta • Document that suggests you do not have any initial symptoms of Covid-19 and are fit to travel.


indonesia We hope you have a pleasant stay in Indonesia. If retirement is on your cards, you should go to Indonesia without blinking. It is the best place to live in peace, heaven, and paradise.

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